Versus Pro Wrestling Presents: PRESS START - March 23, 2019 FSW ARENA

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Versus Pro Wrestling Press|Start - Vandagriff-Drake III

photo: Versus 
Tonight at the FSW Arena Versus Pro Wrestling presents: Press|Start as “The Flip Artist”
Matt Vandagriff defends his Level Up Championship against “The New Age Daredevil” Damian Drake in the rubber match of their budding rivalry. BELL TIME 5PM Saturday’s Main Event features two of the top young stars in the Wild West as Drake won the first here in Vegas and Vanda got the second in Cali at Ground Zero March 9th. The winner faces Versus Champ Sledge at the Level Up Expo at the end of April.
Not only is this the third singles match, but these two have also competed in multiple scrambles for the No Limits Title, so they certainly know each other. Regardless of who wins tonight where do they go from here? The Limitless Tournament is next month, so it’s possible these two will see each other again, and there are plenty of other contenders for the No Limits belt in FSW. In a short time, Matt Vandagriff has amassed a strong following with his “Flippy shit” arsenal.  
I would like to see both men let it all go as they’ve settled for slugfests in their previous matches. This match settles it….for now.

Another prospect on the card is Kyle Hawk of Arrow Club. He’s one of the young wrestlers who understand what being a heel means. Hawk gets a lot of heat and does nothing to make the fans cheer him. Being a heel is a lost art form. Once I tried to talk to him after a show and he was a complete jerk, then asked me to buy merch. I didn’t, but I was impressed. He was the same way outside the ring and rarely do you see it. Don’t be nice to me at the merchandise table after you flipped me off and called me fat. I expect you to still be an asshole because that’s what I came to see. (Yes I'm comparing them) MJF is the standard bearer for heels in my opinion because he never changes. Neither does Hawk. He’s always in a bad mood and takes great enjoyment in the displeasure of the fans by beating down their Babyfaces. He’s improving in the ring and is winning more often which is obviously good.

Hawk recently got a tag win with Ricky Mandel who faces another fave in Sandra Moone. I forget sometimes that Mandel was Hollywood Heritage Champion five years ago, but he’s still young in the business and has a bright future. He’s become a regular in 2019 with FSW and getting a win over another top prospect in Versus continues the upward trend. With the early success, we may see more of Hawk and Mandel together in the future.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Killer Kross Needs No Introduction...

Photo: FSW

MECCA IV at Sam’s Town Live saw the return of IMPACTWrestling star Killer Kross to Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Sunday night. Unfortunately for FSW Champion Chris Bey, it was at his expense. Kross returns to Las Vegas in pursuit of another FSW Title run, and to show Bey where he falls in the “Pecking Order.” He also competes with, LUCHA LIBRE Worldwide AAA, LUCHA UNDERGROUND, and now he’s back where he set standards that may never be reached. It’s very simple the conversation about the greatest wrestler in FSW history begins with Killer Kross.
The man who began his training in Las Vegas with FSW exploded to the top with rapid aggression. He was 2014 FSW Rookie of the Year and 3X FSW Wrestler of the Year. A quick note about the 3X Wrestler, I was told he won it twice, but on Kross’ website, he says it was three times and I’ll go with what he said. Moving on, he was 2X FSW Heavyweight Champion (1-FSW Universal), 421 consecutive days (FSW Record) as Champion, and a streak of 923 days (FSW Record) without being pinned or submitted, and has another streak in Mexico of three years without being pinned or submitted. What’s impossible for some is normal for the “Toll Man.”
Kross competed in various tag matches upon his arrival in Southern Nevada and was entered in the 20 Man Against All Odds Rumble in 2014 (won by Lance Hoyt). He was the Assistant to FSW boss Joe DeFalco until Kross went out on his own.
In early 2015 he beat Chris Masters and his career continued to skyrocket. He lost a 4 Way to Brian Cage in June 2015 in his first bid for the FSW Title, but regrouped and beat Kenny King for the Number One contender spot in a Steel Cage Match to earn another shot at the Gold. 
Then on September 25th, 2015 he beat Brian Cage for the FSW Championship. During the longest title reign in FSW history (421 days) he defended against guys like Kenny King, Timothy Thatcher, Ryan Taylor, Brian Cage, and Hammerstone. After abruptly leaving Las Vegas in a dispute, he returned in August of 2016 to beat the FSW Interim Champion Matt Hardy in a cage to become FSW Universal Champion. Hardy beat Kenny King to become Interim Champ during Kross’ absence.
The 6-4 249 pounder from Las Vegas makes his opponents suffer from grinding submissions like armbars, ankle locks, and heel hooks. He has plenty of slams and suplexes at his disposal, but Kross is fine with the long game. There is a level of suffering everyone faces that get in the ring with him as he stretches and frustrates them with various limb manipulations. There is nothing Kross won’t do to assert his dominance.
Killer held the FSW Title until his bitter enemy Eli Drake took it from him at the Against All Odds Rumble in January 2017. The last time we saw the “Time Collector” in an FSW ring he was in a Cage with Young Boy Jody and Hammerstone in which “The Business” regained the FSW Title in January 2018.
Why would Kross want the FSW Belt again? He has done more than anyone probably ever will with that company. Bey recently competed with IMPACT, and was the talk of the weekend. Based on Kross’ in-ring comment about the “pecking order” leads me to believe he doesn’t want to hear about the FSW Champion anymore.  When diplomacy fails, violence is always the answer.” – Killer Kross at MECCA IV

Monday, March 18, 2019

More MECCAIV post Fight: Sefa Fatu Retains by DQ and Damian Drake Wins Wild Scramble.

Sefa Fatu retained his Nevada State Championship last night by disqualification against Hammerstone last night at MECCA IV. The match had the potential to be a war and it was. Both men used everything in their offensive arsenal to get the win. It looked at one point that Hammerstone was going to close out the match. He started taunting the Champ with “you’re not ready for this.”
Unfortunately for Hammerstone the Uso was ready. He fought back and gained control of the contest with quick strikes and a Superkick that put “The Business” down. After some back and forth Hammerstone took the Nevada State Title and knocked out Fatu. However, the Champion recovered and did damage of his own before the former FSW Champion scrambled down the ramp. The FSW faithful have embraced Fatu in his title reign and he’s even beginning to warm up to the fans. Nothing is going to change the young Uso’s intensity and he needs it because the FSW Championship Committee isn’t keen on granting easy title defenses in 2019, and
Fatu ain't looking for them.

Speaking of young Champions “The New Age Daredevil” Damian Drake retained his No Limits Title in the opening match Scramble that set the bar high from the jump. Douglas James, Matt Vandagriff, and Trey Miguel put on a display of high flying athleticism Sam’s Town hasn’t seen in a while. As usual, the Las Vegas crowd was slow to arrive and too bad so sad for them cuz this one was awesome. Drake got the pin and now will be able to focus on next month’s Limitless Tournament. Two more qualifiers will take place April 12th for the 16 man Two City, Two-night tourney. Drake made his Ring of Honor debut Saturday against Chris Bey, and I saw Drake Friday the night before his debut. He sat alone and watched all the matches very intently. He was probably going over in his head what he would do the following night, and it reminds me of the story Stone Cold tells about Dutch Mantell. Mantell told Austin to look through the curtain and watch every match. He did and the rest was history. Drake is passionate about his craft and it shows as he keeps piling up impressive win after impressive win.

Future Stars of Wrestling MECCA IV Post Fight

Bey Krosses paths with a Killer
MECCA IV at Sam’s Town Live closed out an incredible weekend of Professional Wrestling in Las Vegas Sunday night. Former Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Champion Killer Kross made a triumphant return to the Fight Capital at the expense of current FSW Champion Chris Bey who was on the receiving end of a power slam through a table.
Jack Evans was Bey’s scheduled opponent but was unable to make it to Las Vegas, the Champ issued an open challenge answered by Johnny Morrison (I know, it’s easier) the MECCA Grand Champion. Morrison informed Bey that he would be taken to SlamTown and called out his scheduled opponent Teddy Hart. Teddy responded with choice words for both Bey and Morrison and the match turned into a Triple-Threat.
The Major League Wrestling (MLW) Middleweight Champion Hart stayed outside and let Morrison and Bey collide for a large portion of the match. The strategy worked because Hart got his opportunity and connected on multiple aerial moves, and slams.  Chris Bey got his own offense in and never looked out of his element. He made his Ring of Honor debut this weekend and the stage is never too big for him. During a late match scrum former FSW Champion Killer Kross returned and took out his anger on the current FSW Champion. Kross put “The Ultimate Finesser” through the
aforementioned table and Morrison got the pin.
Kross calmly explained to Bey, “I think the world of you, but there’s a pecking order here.” It’s safe to say the FSW Champ would love to get either man in the ring, but the big money fight is Kross. He’s been the talk of wrestling the past year and a high profile win over Kross would be career defining at this point. Bey has wrestled and beaten Kross before, but it was a different time, different man, and different monster. For Bey to take a fight with this monster he needs to go to that dark place, and it changes people. Look at what happened to Morrison and Valkyrie.
It will be good to see where Bey’s head is at when he returns to the FSW Arena. The stakes have just gotten a lot higher with a Killer in town, but don’t underestimate the man from Virginia. He’s risen to the challenge every time regardless of the opponent’s size, (Shogun), strength (Hammerstone), or speed (James). He’s poses many obstacles in the speed game against a guy who doesn’t possess great footwork, so he can keep him off balance. Inside the ring is the easy part and how he handles the mind games outside of it would be the difference.
One Percent retained their tag team Titles with another impressive win of the Triple-Threat variety over The Rascalz and former FSW Champions Reno Scum. Nelson pinned Dezmond Xavier after they connected on Hush Money. The Champs solidified their position at the top of the heap this weekend against All Elite’s SCU in Fresno and last night. Who’s next for the Champs is tough to project. Either the Scum or Rascalz would be very tantalizing, or another tussle with the Bonus Boyz. No matter who it is they’ll be dealing with a team that’s getting better every time they step in the ring.

Brian Cage won a competitive match with Shane “Swerve” Strickland in what may be the man from Tacoma’s final Indie matches. Strickland is rumored to be going to WWE, or Ring of Honor since they’re the only exclusive companies. Cage returned from his quest to win the IMPACT World Championship to turn in a strong performance. It stuns me how athletic cage is for a man his size. It’s not even the moonsaults and flips. It’s his speed into transitions and the quickness in his move execution that puts him in the right position. “Swerve” had the right game plan and took the “EF’n Machine” off his feet and worked his enormous leg. Unfortunately for him Cage was just too much. Cage is not only the top contender in IMPACT he holds the Warrior Wrestling Title in Chicago and has looked dominant anywhere he appears.

Sinn Bodhi became the special guest referee during Nick Gage and Funny Bones match when referee Cody was unceremoniously knocked out by the two competitors. Bodhi turned the match into a street fight and both men went and grabbed extra tables and chairs under the ring. Sinn turned on his Tag Team partner knocking Bone off the turnbuckle which led to a Gage pile driver through a table to get the pin.
There wasn’t a bad match at the card and the crowd was in it the whole time despite the potentially energy killing intermission. Great weekend and a fun way to wrap it up and FSW is back at the Arena Saturday March 30th. BELL TIME 7PM.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

FSW Stars Compete with Ring of Honor...

Photo: FSW
Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) had a big weekend with 7 stars competing with Ring of Honor (ROH) Friday and Saturday night at Sam’s Town Live. FSW Heavyweight Champion “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey made his Ring of Honor debut against a familiar foe. A foe so familiar they were 2018 FSW Match of the Year. His opponent was none other than No Limits Champion “New Age Daredevil Damian Drake. There’s comfort in familiarity and these two men have wrestled and trained together the last few years. Suede Thompson, FSW Tag Team Legends (No Pun) Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend), Mazzeratti, and Katie Forbes also appeared.
Las Vegas native Damian Drake did the proverbial double just like Bey, and competed on the IMPACT tapings in February and made his ROH debut last night. 

Drake has seen success come rapidly since winning the No Limits Title in a grueling Cage Scramble at No Escape January 25th. The muscle Drake has added to his frame is paying off with a couple of hard-fought wins against Matt Vandagriff and “Superstar” Jake Atlas. Those were tough fights and Drake finished both with devastating knees to the back of the head.
Reno Scum are 5X FSW Tag Team Champions and the most decorated tag team in Las Vegas Independent Wrestling History. Some think they’re best days are behind them, but when IMPACT and ROH come calling you clearly are still doing something right. These two guys compete every time they get in the ring with quality matches. Happy to see them back.

Chris Bey has been on fire since last summer winning the Best of the West Title, FSW Title, and his second consecutive Against All Odds Rumble in December. "The Ultimate Finesser" beat Douglas James, Owen Travers, and Shogun Jones in his title defenses, so he hasn’t ducked anyone... Bey is a gifted wrestler who can compete with athletes of any size. He faced Luchasaurus at IMPACT and Damian Drake at Ring of Honor and had a good match with both. It’s only a matter of time before Bey departs his second-home in Southern Nevada for the greener pastures of the “exclusive deal” and either ROH or IMPACT would be lucky to have him.

Bey’s brother, best friend, and Tag Team partner Suede Thompson made his debut on Friday night and proved why it’s always good to keep ring gear with you at all times. Thompson confirmed after the show he dislocated his shoulder four minutes in when he got pulled off the turnbuckle by his opponent Brian Johnson, but you couldn’t tell and Suede had an entertaining match.
Mazzeratti made her triumphant return with L’s to the forehead at the FSW Arena in February with Nick Bugatti. She teamed with Katie Forbes against ROH Talent. We last saw Forbes face FSW Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie at No Escape in January. Forbes competed with Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) in India, Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW) in Australia, and WOW Women of Wrestling in Los Angeles (as Khloe Hurtz). Mazzeratti has competed in Southern California and throughout the Indie Scene and her potential return improves the FSW women’s division and she certainly will want to be in line for a shot at the Title.