Monday, April 20, 2020

Brock's place in WWE history...

Photo: Online World of Wrestling

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bobby’s Big Night...

Bobby Bemer made a massive statement tonight as his team of Congo Crush, Frank “”The Tank,” and Kyle Hawk beat Fresco-Mattic, Bushido the Bear, and Santana Jackson who ate a knee from “The Savage” he won’t remember tomorrow. Is this the new Dealership we’ve heard whispers about? We interviewed Bemer last summer ahead of Congo Crush’s Sin City Survivor Match September 1st about possible Dealership expansion:

“The dealership is always ready to expand. Right now the main focus is in this match and Congo once we get a strap and control people will be dying to join the dealership. And I do have my eye on a few prospects but that is for the future right now it's all about the Sin City Survival match.” Bobby has cornered for Frank recently, and he has a history with Kyle Hawk and has great respect for him as he said in the interview, “gotta send some love to my brother Kyle Hawk working with him was awesome on the Lucha shows I feel we have the same picture and ideas on being a heel and getting over it just drove people crazy.”
Not surprisingly Bemer was the picture of confidence when he brought Congo and Frank out to help Hawk this afternoon at the Dahara Event Center against Fresco and Primo
Pulpo. We asked him after the show if this was The New Dealership but he was non-committal about it,  but was hopeful he would work with “The Savage” down the road. If these four join forces it would send shockwaves throughout BVW. Either Congo, Frank, or Hawk are capable of winning Bemer his first BVW Gold and then some. This is a lethal unit and it was a big night for them and their Manager. #lasvegaswrestlingscene #hesbobbybemerandyournot 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Big Valley Wrestling Preview: Fighting Against Graffitti

Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) fresh off their Fundraiser for the Rancho High School Wrestling Team they present Fighting Against Graffitti: A Fundraiser for the LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada. Several top stars are scheduled to appear again as BVW Heavyweight Champion Frank “The Tank" and his opponent for the BVW 5TH Anniversary show November 24th Big Dirty will be there with their match scheduled 8 days later so something might give. Sean Black who fights SGT Major in a Last Man Standing Match at BVW5, and we could get a preview if they find their way into the ring together. Flag Match: Las Vegas Champion Kevin Ducqets vs Tommy Purr – This Non-Title Match is certainly a match about Pride and Belief. The Champion has taken verbal shots at the “Man Diva” and attacked when given the chance. Purr hasn’t backed down though. He went after “The Delinquent" at Tricks, Treats, and Turmoil then demanded this type of match. Tommy Purr will be at home for this one, but rest assured Ducqets doesn’t care. He will bring the fight, and pressure his opponent from the bell. Tommy is tough and he will have nearly full fan support with a chance to make a big statement with a win tomorrow night. Ricky Tenacious & ??? vs Sky High (Mondo Rox & Robbie Lit) – Who will be Ricky Tenacious’s partner. Exceptional will not be there, so there must be an alternative. Frank The Tank would be a great choice and could be the pick. We know Jace and Jody wont be, and Mondo Dinero would be just as big a surprise. Whoever it is will face one of the hottest young Tag Teams on the #lasvegaswrestlingscene Sky High. The brothers have hit a couple bumps in the road, but are certainly on the cusp of becoming BVW Champions. SGT. Major vs Santana Jackson – Santana has shared the ring with some of the biggest names in wrestling this year including Joey Ryan, Disco Inferno, Stephan Bonner, but now he faces maybe the biggest athlete in Pro Wrestling SGT. Major. Jackson will need all of his speed and aerial skills to steal this one, but its hard to see the monster going down. Hes days away from arguably the biggest match in his BVW career and will look to walk through one of Las Vegas' most popular. Can Santana do it? Does he have a Moonwalk DDT with SGT. Major's name on it? Who ya got? The Sour Boys (Shade & Dad Bod Dave) team with Elemento in Six Man against Anerican Oni, Louie 54 and Jay Vidal. Great card for a great cause.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Who Will Bleed First? Greg Romero vs Kyle Hawk

Greg Romero returned to the FSW Arena to chants of “welcome back" but he wasn’t looking to celebrate, he was looking for blood. “The Bridge Burner” had been on the shelf the past several weeks with a broken jaw administered by a knee from Kyle Hawk. The Leader of the Arrow Club connected as Greg attempted a moonsault early in their match Labor Day weekend. The assigned official Cody stopped the contest immediately and we hadn't seen him since. At High Octane this past Saturday Romero challenged Hawk to a First Blood Match November 15th at the Against All Odds Rumble at Sams Town Live. The rules are simple, first to bleed loses. First Blood matches have been part of wrestling for decades. One of the most famous was in 1986 when Tully Blanchard beat “The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes at Starrcade, and legends Ric Flair faced Hollywood Hogan at WCW Unscensored in 1999. The WWE has had 9 recorded First Blood Matches beginning in 1998 when Kane beat Stone Cold Steve Austin at King of the Ring after he said he would set himself on fire if beaten. Our resident WWE Historian and co-host of the pop culture show Morning Woodruff, Travis Woodruff lists his top 3 First Blood matches as the aforementioned Kane-Stone Cold, the 2006 match on RAW between John Cena and Kurt Angle, and the last WWE First Blood encounter in 2008 between Cena and JBL. Woodruff also made it clear “There arent any really good First Blood matches, but these are the best. We wont have that problem November 15th.

This match could steal the show and Romero get his chance at revenge against one of the top heels in Las Vegas and the fans wont have to choose sides for this one. Don’t be fooled by Hawk bringing security to ringside. He's not afraid of Romero and welcomes the opportunity to injure him again. Since their match in August we've seen a more violent side of Hawk who has arrives and just assaulted wrestlers before matches with a more surly attitude than we've seen before. There will be no catch wrestling in this so don’t expect anything resembling a grappling hold and this one may start before they hit the ring. This match is must-see. Who ya got?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

BVW Announces Kevin Ducqets vs Santana Jackson

In case you thought Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) doesn’t bring their top stars to the fundraisers think again. Minutes ago BVW Officials confirmed that Las Vegas Champion “The Delinquent" Kevin Ducqets will take on “The King of Pop and Elbow Drop" Santana Jackson at Thursday Night Throwndown inside the ROTC GYM at Rancho High School. The event is to benefit the Rancho Wrestling Team. BELL TIME 6PM. Officials confirmed this is a non-title match. With two big defenses coming up in November it makes sense for him to keep this match without Gold on the line. However, The Delinquent does whatever he wants and is cocky and brash enough to put the belt on the line anyway, so you never know. The Las Vegas Champion is the favorite to win BVW Wrestler of the Year and is taking on all opposition. He has Tommy Purr set for November 16th and on the horizon a November 24th Title defense against Funny Bone at the BVW 5th Anniversary Show.

 The speed and quickness of Jackson could frustrate Ducqets who prefers opponents who will stand toe to toe and trade strikes. Santana doesn’t want a scrap. He will look to create space and use his unique style to take Ducqets out of his game. Both Jackson and Ducqets picked up wins at tricks Treats and Turmoil, but this match is big for SJ. Hes been a regular on the BVW scene most of the summer and any win over Ducqets would be career changing. Whether he fights his best friend, Sefa Fatu, Sean Black, or Funny Bone the Las Vegas Champion stays composed, understands the mental game and is an expert at playing it. What makes Ducqets successful is the Broken Glass Cutter. He can hit the finisher anytime he wants and constantly sets traps to lure his opponents in. If Jackson gets caught up in the crowd and overconfident his face will hit the mat faster than you can say “Billy Jean is not my lover.”  Who ya got?