Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ice Williams is Confident going into No Limits Title Match...

Photo: FSW

On Saturday Night July 20th at the FSW Arena Ice Williams has his chance. Many have been clamoring for the rookie to get a one on one shot against “The New Age Daredevil Damian Drake and his Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) No Limits Championship. BELL TIME 7PMish. Williams has had opportunities that many in his position only dream of. He is one of only three to compete this year in the No Limits Scramble, Limitless Tournament, and Cash in the Case (Matt Vandagriff & "Chief" Owen Travers). Both these guys had one on one Title shots against Drake and since Travers is the former Champion there are various rematch clauses with him, but the “Flip Artist” has also had his chance at the Gold.
While it’s impressive to qualify for those bouts as a rookie Ice isn’t looking just to be in a Title Fight. He wants to win the big matches  and loves the spotlight which was obvious with his monumental ring entrance at FSW10. Williams made the challenge and as expected the fighting Champion Drake accepted. Be careful what you wish for right? Not necessarily.
The challenger comes into this contest with a lot of confidence and why shouldn’t he. Ice is a matchup nightmare with his size, speed, and well-crafted counter-attack. The rookie is acute at setting traps and baiting opponents into wrestling his match keeping opponents at range with disciplined aerial strikes. Williams knows when to jump and when not to. He doesn’t fall in love with his air attack to the point of overuse and disguises it well when necessary. Ice loves to keep his distance, strike using his range and surprising opponents with the speed. This isn't the first time he's called his shot. 
After the Limitless pairings were announced he boldly predicted a Final including himself and FSW Heavyweight Champion “Ultimate FinesserChris Bey…he was summarily bounced in Round 1 by Funny Bone. There is no one to look ahead to or look past this time as the Champion will be right in front of him. Damian Drake is also coming in with confidence after winning again at Sam’s Town Live. He’s won all three times at the Casino shows in 2019 and you could easily argue they were three of his best performances considering who he shared the ring with. The Challenger called out Drake on Social Media again last week saying he’s gotten under his skin. That could be the case and Ice likes to play the mental game, but here’s the problem. Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti got under his skin for months and Drake responded by vanquishing them with a decisive victory at FSW10.  
Some people don’t perform well when angry, but Drake does. He responds best when there is a perceived disadvantage. Although if he got caught looking ahead you could understand with potential big money Casino Fights with TJ Perkins or Douglas James (or both?) on the horizon. Yet if he doesn’t win Saturday there’s none of that and even those closest to the Champion has acknowledged how tough the Challenger will be for him speculating it’s his toughest defense yet. That’s bold considering he beat Vandagriff, Jake Atlas, and won the 3 Casino Shows, but we’ve unpacked why Ice is dangerous.  However, nobody believes in Ice Williams more than Ice Williams and he will be ready Saturday night. This should be the Main Event. Can’t Wait.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

All Eyes on Hammerstone Saturday Night at FSW Arena?

Saturday night July 20th all eyes will be on Hammerstone and that’s right where he wants them. The new Nevada State and Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Tag Team Champion will address the Arena crowd for the first time since the stunning turn of events at FSW10 June 23rd. However, he’s not the only one the FSW Fans want to hear from. Why did Graves turn on former Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu? We certainly understand why he would want to win tag gold but why would he reunite with Your Boy Hammer who double-crossed him just a couple years ago.  
Let’s take a quick trip back in time to the end of Gods of War. On March 31st, 2017 at Collision Course in the Silverton Hotel Hammerstone Cashed in the Case for a Heavyweight Title shot against Eli Drake. After winning his first FSW Title, Kevin Kross congratulated him in the ring and shared a hug with his Gods of War Tag partner Graves. Then in the midst of the feels and the cheers he made this fateful statement: “It’s just a shame you’ve outlived your usefulness,” and gave Graves a jump kick right on the button. It was the first day of 602 as FSW Heavyweight Champion split into 2 long Title reigns and the official end of their partnership. Or so we thought...
The dissolution of their partnership didn’t stop Graves from FSW success. He was the first Nevada State Champion and held it until Sefa took the Blue Belt at No Escape January 25th. There was no evidence of friction and Fatu made a turn in a different direction as a babyface after the match. After 
Hammer and Sefa’s MECCA IV classic, Graves teamed with Fatu against Hammerstone and his new FSW confidant Hell Hound Gabriel Gallo. The victory went to WAR! and “The Problem” when Sefa hit the frog splash on Gallo.
Graves beat Shogun Jones to qualify for CITC and there was no doubt he was a major favorite to win the case. We even discussed his chances here prior to the Tenth Anniversary. My buddy and I had this conversation before driving to Sam’s Town Live for FSW10:
Me: If Graves wins CITC he could cash in on the Sefa-Hammer winner.
My buddy: Or Hammerstone could win and Graves could cash in with Hammer and turn heel.
Me: That’s not going to happen.
Later that night when Graves and Hammerstone stormed the ring to cash in on One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) and win the FSW Tag Titles:
My buddy looks at me: I told you they would do it.
Me: *Thinking- With the crowd screaming would anyone notice if I punched him in the face?
Now Graves and Hammerstone are reunited as Tag Team Champions and they could hold the straps for the foreseeable future. We fully expect One percent to return and get the rematch they have to be clamoring to the FSW Championship Committee for. In fact, they were nowhere to be seen by the merch tables after the final bell rang where Isaacs and the former JNeez are a staple. Sefa was there and just a few tables from his nemesis who gloated with the Blue Belt. We know Fatu wants a rematch, and hopefully has found some friends because he will need backup because one person you can’t sleep on in this equation is the Hell Hound Gabriel Gallo. He helped Hammerstone beat Fatu in the first place when he lifted him up at the count of 8 and has been by his side for the duration of Hammer & Sefa’s feud of the year. There were discussions and matches to determine the best faction in FSW history during the anniversary, but if these three monsters manage to stay together that conversation in the future may only include this group.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

BVW Post Fight: Frank Retains, gets Funny Bone Next...Sky High Title Shot?

Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) Heavyweight Champion Frank the Tank retained his BVW Title Sunday afternoon after an F5 on Da Shade and the resulting pinfall. Da Shade you ask? The match was scheduled to be Frank and Sean Black, however, earlier in the card the Champ came to the ring and called out the most well-known thrower of Shade in Southern Nevada. Shade was added to the Championship match and it was turned into a Triple-Threat.
The match was all over the place and with Sean Black outside the ring, Kevin Ducqets got revenge on an unprovoked attack by Black earlier on the card. Ducqets successfully defended his Las Vegas Championship over Tommy Purr who challenged his manhood following their interview. BVW Commissioner Rocky T was scheduled to appear but there was a change of plans unbeknownst to Purr. After the contest, Sean Black stormed the ring and attempted to take out the Champion. This proved a mistake as Ducqets 
was quick to capitalize and even the score. It’s easy to see the Big Valley Championship Committee putting this one together in the future. July 28th?
With Black out of commission, Frank took control and got the victory. After he dispatched Da Shade the announcement was made that Frank the Tank will defend the Big Valley Gold against the DEMIGOD of DEATH Funny Bone on July 28th. This just got a lot tougher for the Champion. Bone creates a million matchup problems with his versatility and toughness.
Prior to the announcement, it looked like Big Dirty could be next for Frank but to no avail and he may have been left out of both Title pictures so what about Congo Crush? Bobby Bemer’s new “wrestler” made his presence known with the demolition of Bad Boy Brady in his Big Valley debut. Crush had no trouble with his smaller opponent and Big Dirty would be a major step up in competition for him. Let’s see if Bobby Bemer is willing to put his new man in against someone of Dirty’s caliber. Big Dirty collected a win over Captain Buggy in a bout that was tougher than expected. The pirate clown was able to keep his larger on the mat taking his leverage away. However, it wasn’t enough as the Big Valley stalwart prevailed.
Sky High (Robbie Lit & Mondo Roxx) and former BVW Tag Team Champions Exceptional and Tenacious battled to a double-count out. Nothing was resolved in this highly competitive contest. E & T wants to continue to prove they're “The Best around” using crisp well-executed double-teams to wear down the recently returning Lit. They kept him in the corner tagging in and out cutting the ring off. Once Roxx was tagged in the melee continued until all four men were outside the ring and the double count-out was the result. The BVW Tag Team Champs Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-Mattic & Mondo Dinero) came to the ring again after a Six-Man win (w/Santana Jackson) earlier and attacked Exceptional and Tenacious. It doesn’t look like Fresco-Dinero has interest in E & T and openly challenged Sky High. That’s a great bout, and hopefully, the young Aviation brothers work out the kinks before a potential Championship match. If they do…

Friday, July 12, 2019

Big Valley Wrestling Presents: Fight To Fund

Sunday afternoon July 14th Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) presents Fight To Fund a Fundraising Event for
BVW Champion Frank The Tank’s family in an effort to return his deceased mother in law Sheila Olive home to Kentucky. The card takes place at the home of BVW since Day One the Sahara Event Center. BELL TIE 2PM. It will be an emotional night for everyone as BVW reaches out to help one of their own. Lots of questions to answer as BVW heads into the second half of 2019 and the Heavyweight Title will be on the line in the Main Event.

BVW Heavyweight Championship – Frank The Tank vs Sean Black –Great Champions compete regardless of the situation and 300-day BVW Champ Frank The Tank wrestles with a heavy heart Sunday against Sean Black. The great athletes say during times of tragedy that once the bell rings they forget everything that’s going on around them and focus. Frank will be in that situation on Sunday. For 10 months he’s had a stranglehold on the Championship and Sean Black is a nice guy but this is business, and he wants to be Big Valley Champion. We know where Frank’s heart will be on Sunday and unfortunately for Sean the rest of him will be in the ring and is a force to reckon with.

Exceptional and Tenacious vs. Sky High (Mondo Rox and Robbie Lit)- The winner has to have dibs on a Tag Team Title Match right? These two teams do not like each other and the tensions will be high for both at the Sahara Event Center with so much on the line. Robbie Lit returned from injury to a giant pop and pairs with his brother again in pursuit of Gold. Will the former Champs get back to their winning ways and regain the BVW Tag Team Titles? They have to beat Sky High first.   

Primo Pulpo the Manager of BVW Tag Champions Fresco-Dinero (Mondo Dinero & Fresco Mattic) took to Twitter saying the Champs will be “ready to defend” against whoever comes out of the E&T-Sky High matchup Sunday afternoon. Fresco-Dinero Cut the Check on The Ballards two weeks ago and Pulpo has them rounding into form as they begin the second half of 2019 as Champs. Pulpo isn’t the only Big Valley Head Coach busy right now. With the collection of quality managing in BVW like Pulpo and Toom E. Gucci around Bobby Bemer is constantly fine-tuning his Dealership this time adding Congo Crush to the fold. Bemer says he went on “safari after safari” to return with Crush. The Monster from parts unknown has been recruited by Bemer to take hold of the Big Valley Heavyweight Division. He’s a throwback to Kamala the Ugandan Giant and Abdullah The Butcher so we’ll see if the Dealership Boss can guarantee he can keep his “new discovery” under control. If he can, then Crush is a legitimate threat to either Frank or the new 2X Las Vegas Champion.
Kevin Ducqets ruined the Sucka Free Parade by regaining the Las Vegas Gold and defeating Leon Hater. As Ducqets goes into the Second half of the year he’s certainly in the conversation for BVW Wrestler of the Year and is more confident than ever after once again beating his nemesis. He proved his loss at the Gold Coast was an aberration and now looks to stamp his name among the great Champions in Big Valley history. What’s next for the New/Old Las Vegas Kingpin?

The Cockpit w/Tommy Purr and Special Guest: Rocky T

Plus! Big Dirty, Captain Buggy, and newcomer Otto Von Clutch.

The second half of the Big Valley year begins Sunday!

From Facebook: "Shelia Olive was an incredible person. Anyone who knew her knows she was an angel here on earth. She was kind, loving, sweet, funny, and just the best person to get to know. She was very easy to get along with and was just an awesome person to know. She transitioned from this life to eternity on 6/26/2019. When we contacted her life insurance company, we were informed that her policy lapsed late last year. We now reside in Nevada and need help getting her home to Kentucky to rest with her mother and sister. If you have it in your heart, please help us by donating whatever you can. We appreciate any help. If you can't donate, please share, and ask others. Everyone deserves to be laid to rest. Please assist Shelia in being able to do so. We thank you in advance.
The family of Shelia Olive."
R.I.P Shelia Olive
From Big Valley Wrestling: Shelia Olive was the mother in law of BVW Heavyweight Champion and Co-head trainer of the BVW Training Academy, Frank The Tank. We here at Big Valley like to help our wrestlers in times of need because the bond of wrestling does not stop after you've left the ring. It continues, because we are family, and Frank's family is like our extended family! His family is in need of financial support for the extensive expenses of Shelia's funeral. On July 14th, we're going to present a special fundraising wrestling event where the proceeds will be donated to helping The Family of Shelia Olive.
Donations will be accepted at the event as well.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

FSW Champ Chris Bey on John Morrison: "Payback is a Bitch."

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Heavyweight Champion the “Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey has had a 2019 many wrestlers would only dream of. He beat Killer Kross at FSW 10 to continue a dominant run as Champion and things go his way there will be even more dream matches on the horizon including two former WWE Champions and the current FSW MECCA Grand Champion.  
I asked the Champ his thoughts on his Title run so far, “If we’re being honest, I didn’t come to Vegas with the plan to become the FSW Heavyweight Champion, the facts are, when you’re the best this is what happens. I started it off by beating Hammerstone, I’ve defended it 6 times in the past 208 days and I wish I could defend it more.”
During his Reign, he’s faced “Iron Heart” Douglas James, “Uptown” Andy Brown, Shogun Jones, and his brother Suede Thompson. He also debuted with IMPACTWrestling and Ring of Honor (ROH) and while the 23-year-old is pleased with vanquishing Killer Kross at FSW 10 makes it clear he is far from finished in 2019. “I am a fighting champion and the proof is when I just made history and became the first FSW superstar to beat Killer Kross clean in that ring and I did it at our biggest show ever in the main event. A man that Moxley just came after (in Killer Kross), so does that not imply that I am next or should I just go sign my name on the petition?” Bey made it clear “I’ll find him (Moxley) if he don’t come for me.”
Who else does he want in the second half? “Regardless, I have submitted my legacy as a Living Las Vegas Legend and no one can ever take that away from me. As for who am I looking at in the second half? I want everyone who wants to prove they’re the best. Whether that be TJP, Ice Williams, or anyone outside of Vegas who wants the opportunity to submit their legacy by defeating me.” What about his old friend Johnny MECCA/Morrison who was very much a part of the MECCA assault with Kross? “Ahhh how could I forget. I owe him an asswhooping. He tried to make an example out of me, and he may be off doing his other things but rest assured that when I see him, it’s on sight. Payback is a bitch.” MECCA V?
Any of those opponents would be a great match for Bey as his stock rises and the legacy grows. The Champion returns Saturday, July 20th for High Octane and it’s a safe bet he’ll have a lot to say at the FSW Arena.