Saturday, December 30, 2017

I found my Radio...

I wear a radio at work to communicate with other people during the day. The radio has a sticker of Olaf from the movie Frozen on it. Most people in my store know that my radio has Olaf on it. I was the Frozen Foods manager at the time, so it fit. Anyway, the other day I lost it at work. Not sure how. I didn't hear it fall, and couldn't remember a moment when it could have disappeared.
After I realized it was gone I mentioned it to a few people to be on the lookout for it. One of my associates, Tony, told me he wasn't going to bother looking for it. If you know Tony you would understand. He was being funny. Regardless, I mentioned to him that he would end up finding it because he wasn't trying to. Well today when I went to eat lunch my radio was sitting in the UPC office window with Olaf smiling at me. I wasn't bothering to look for it.

Thanks Tony.

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