Monday, January 8, 2018

Championship Game Pick...

I have racked my brain all week about this game. I really believe that Georgia has a great chance to win. Their running game is tremendous, but a lot of people don't believe in Jake Fromm. This freshman made every play he had to and never got rattled even when he missed throws early in the Rose Bowl. I think he can throw the ball enough even though Alabama's defense is significantly better than Oklahoma's. As long as he doesn't turn it over he'll be fine.
I'm not going to make the same arguments for Georgia I already made this week. Alabama has great talent and great players. They're banged up on defense, but what they have healthy is better than most. The Tide defense looked possessed against Clemson. There was also extra motivation for that game after losing to the Tigers last season. Although SEC teams never need motivation to beat each other it's not the same this time.
 The difference for me is Alabama coach Nick Saban. Saban's the greatest coach in college football history for me win or lose. I admire him a great deal not just as a great leader, but even as a flawed individual. Remember his time with the Dolphins? Anyway I think Saban will push the right buttons when he has to and get his 6th national title and cement his legacy. I'll take Alabama 24-20.

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