Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Do it Because You Think it's Cool...

“Do it because you think it’s cool”, my friend Jerry said as I pondered the legitimacy of my maturity while playing a wrestling card game. This game was great. It’s called Champions of the Galaxy. It’s a pro wrestling card game geared towards science fiction, and the idea is to create your own wrestling promotion. I fell in love with it however, I felt stupid playing it. You see I’ve been the person who judged unfairly people who played video games, or card games like this, so I was a total hypocrite. Over the years since my divorce I grew more open to the value of these games.
Working in retail I’ve met a lot of people who play a variety of games. As I got to know and respect these folks it made me realize that not everyone who played them was a total loser. That was really how I felt and I feel a level of guilt about it.
What I enjoy the most is the creativity that goes into this game. I love pro wrestling and when I was a young kid I had wresting action figures and I created my own promotion with them. Unfortunately in the eighties things were a little different. My Mom’s friend’s and our family asked why a teen ager was playing with toys. I thought something was wrong with me. I stopped playing and it was something that bothered me into adulthood. Fast forward I bought COTG and fell in love. I was going to have my own promotion again.
With the negative voices of the past in my head I fought with the idea of a 43 year old man playing this game. When my friend Jerry said do it because you think it’s cool made me realize I had to stop worrying what others thought. I get so much value from the game for so many reasons which I will share on my blog. If something you enjoy doesn’t hurt you or others then have fun with it. Use it to make you a better person, and to impact the lives of others.

Who do you become when you do it? If you’re honest with yourself then the answer is easy. My message is to do what you love, take risks, and believe that you are the best person to do what you want to do. It’s good to be confident.

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