Friday, January 26, 2018

How do you deal with Writers Block?

I am sitting here asking myself the same question. What do I write about? Many times I have something I read about or happened at work that sparks an idea, but today, nothing. I don't have anything. I'm not really sure if there is a cure for writer's block. Is writer's block even real? I've always believed it was an excuse not to write. Trust me there are challenging days like today, but you can come up with something if you just get creative.

Even if the idea doesn't just jump out at you all you need to do is just start hitting the keys and wait for the muse to sprinkle his or her magic on your work.
I don't know how your muse work so please forgive me muses if I insulted you in any way. I know when I used to write about cancer it could be very difficult especially if there wasn't any news, or breakthroughs. Today was more challenging. Two times I had work written down that I deleted and these were two different posts. More like two different poops.
So this is the result of not being able to think of anything today. I just posted about having writer's block. The point is that even if you have nothing to write about you can still just go and have fun with it.
If you're working on fiction and the story you're working on has you stumped try writing something else just for the hell of it. My book is going well but I was a little burnt with it the other day. I wrote a short about a slasher killer. The difference is the short was from his perspective. it's been fun to work on. A nice change from the book.
What was cool is that after I worked on that in the morning it opened my creative door and I wrote a bunch of pages on my book. It looked like it was going to be an unproductive day and turned out great. If you feel blocked on what you're currently working on, but have another idea then write it. At the very least just brainstorm it. Get that bad boy out of your head. A helpful tip.

So much for having writer's block. Thanks Muse.

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