Thursday, January 18, 2018

Nobody thinks YOU can do it...

That's what you will think when you tell your family and friends about starting a business, writing a book, creating a website, or whatever it is that you want to do. When you tell people about your big idea the reaction will be less than enthusiastic. Some will say it's a good idea, and some will do nothing but poke holes in the idea to the point you second guess.
When you get excited about a project it's difficult not tell people you care about. Don't let yourself get caught up in the reactions of whether or not they like it. Listen to what they say whether it's good or bad and find what you can glean from it. Jim Rohn said if you have an idea tell ten people this way ten people hear it, and you get to hear it ten more times. You can bet the story you tell changes each time.
Always keep in mind who you're talking to when you share ideas. This makes a difference in the response sometimes. In my experience negative people won't support anything you do no matter what it is. You have to keep in mind not all ideas are good and sometimes the point a negative person makes could keep you from losing money, or other things so it's not always bad. You should hear both.
I used to tell people about every idea I came up with. Their opinions would make or break what I did. Sometimes, or rather most of the time the ideas just weren't good enough. Unfortunately I had the reputation of never finishing anything which to be honest was fair. Now I don't tell anyone until I'm ready to do a project. I make my best effort to nitpick the idea as much as I can, and that I've answered the questions the naysayers may have. This way their issues have little or no affect on me.
Here's the thing; you can do it!
For example, just because a person may read a lot of books doesn't mean they know about publishing, whether you can write a book or whether a book idea will even work.
Stay focused on your work. Have the faith that you will make it happen. It really is that simple.

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