Sunday, January 21, 2018

On Writing by Stephen King

This is the best book about writing I have ever read. I was a big fan of King's work anyway, so it was natural I would read On Writing A Memoir of the Craft. King helped me immensely with my storytelling and not feeling the need to control every aspect of my story. He also helped me see how characters truly become real in your work. They develop their own personalities many times without your permission. There have been times when I have leaned back after writing a character and think, "Well he's an asshole," I didn't expect that. It was King who said that to me in his memoir and helped me see the beauty in it.
He also talks about not deciding the end and being a control freak. Once again this helped me immensely by coming up with a plot and then letting the characters tell the story. These are just a couple of examples of why this book is great. King also gives the reader some autobiographical content about his life growing with a single mom and brother. Some of the stories had me laughing so hard like the one about poison ivy. I won't ruin it. If you want to write I would get this book. Thank you Stephen!

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