Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Out of the Stone Age...

I decided to purchase YouTube Red ($9.99/mo. no ads, commercials and you can close the screen without shutting it off) recently and came upon YouTube Music. When I look up a song I go there anyway so I downloaded it. I was so excited when I saw how it organizes the music you pick, and how it knows what songs, or artists I've chosen before. There were full albums I could download from all my favorite artists and bands. Amid my joy and happiness I realized something...

I was the last person to find this out.

I walked out of the cave and threw my club in the lake. It was time to come out of the stone age. That was honestly how it felt. Like I was the last person to understand technology. I know I'm not, but I study business. I know what artificial intelligence is. Trust me if you listen to CNBC's Jim Cramer more than five minutes you've heard of Nvidia. What was wrong with me?

I was excited about it and still am. I certainly forgot how nice it is to listen to music when I write. Now I want to check out the other music platforms. I'll keep you posted.

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