Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What is Elon Musk's "compensation plan"?

I'm not sure that's what I would call it. I am a fan of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. As I said in my post the other day I believe he will take Tesla to new heights. I believe the electric car will take more market share every year. Many major car manufacturers either have an electric car, a prototype, or are thinking about it. When more competition arrives it will make Tesla a better car company.
Dealbook's Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a great piece about Musk's new compensation plan. Sorkin writes that Musk only receives, but doesn't cash $37,000 a year which is the minimum allowed under California state law.
Becky Quick debated with Sorkin this morning on Squawk Box sais, and I paraphrase that productivity should be tied into it, and that market cap isn't the best way to determine success. I agree with her. I believe Tesla's biggest issue has been meeting productivity goals. They will do that as technology improves and they obtain more efficiency.
I am so interested to watch what happens with Elon Musk and Tesla. It will be eminently fascinating.

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