Saturday, January 27, 2018

What's Your Excuse?

I was watching a documentary on ESPN Classic about a basketball team from Morningside High School and how their lives are 25 years later. This team won the state championship the year before, but lost the next. What's interesting is what happened to these superstar players. The first two players they spoke to had excuses about why things didn't work out. The second player blamed everything on all the coaches he had. Nothing was his fault.
That was where I stopped watching. It made me think of times when I made excuses or blamed someone else for mistakes I made. Is that you? Has your life worked out the way you wanted it to? If not, why? Are there any patterns? Do you make excuses anytime something doesn't go your way? Is it always someone else's fault?

Jim Rohn said the day you reach full maturity is the day you take 100% responsibility for your life. That means no excuses. If something goes wrong fix it. Where you are today is because of you. Nobody else. The decisions you make put you exactly where you want to be. You say, "hey not me bucko". I say ya, you, bucko because if you didn't want to be where you are you would've made different decisions.
Once you decide that you will own your life and say that no matter what happens I'm responsible for it. Darren Hardy said, "if it's to be it's up to me." That is a very true axiom. It is up to you. You're the only one who can make your life work. You're the one who opens the doors of opportunity.
That happens when the excuses end and the responsibility begins.

Look at yourself and say, no more excuses. Don't be like the others who blame everyone else for their problems. Take responsibility. Accept what happens. Move forward.

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