Monday, February 5, 2018

Britannia on Amazon Prime...

I watched the beginning of this show last night. I've talked about Man in the High Castle before and this is the second Prime original I've watched. I only saw the first ten minutes and it was a great study in story set up. Spoiler: It begins with four men bound by the hands above their heads to a rope.
The general of the roman army (I think) refers to the men as traitors. Then three of the men start talking about how terrible Britannia is because of the druids and all this wacky, spooky stuff that happens (Hmmm really?). One of the men doesn't speak and the general notices. The general said that instead of killing all four of them he will let one of them slit the other three's throats. Three of the men beg for the knife. He unties the man who doesn't speak, and he kills the other three and is allowed to come back to the army. Then it's "on to Britannia", when the killer (is that what I call him? I don't know.) walks out covered in blood.
The opening scene itself is great because the traitors tell us about Britannia. Then we see the quiet guy. Then he murders (Is it murder or self defense) the other three. Now I want to know who this guy is who killed the other three. DO I like him or hate him? I don't know yet. That's how you grab a reader or viewer in the beginning. Right now, Britannia and, the killer murderer guy are really interesting. We'll see. My attention span for any scripted shows is slim.

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