Saturday, February 10, 2018

How do You Chop down a Tree?

One chop at a time. Many times you feel as if you will never climb out of the pile. You will never get from under the work you have. Whatever it is? Keep chopping. Rarely does something change immediately. It takes time. The bigger the tree the longer it's going to take to chop it down.
Each day you move forward. Find small gains. When I lost weight I rated myself in five pound increments and sometimes less. If I was down two pounds I was happy. I knew I had to keep chopping.
When you are in a situation that seems insurmountable with you to start at the beginning. Almost every swing gets the same result, so the key is to chop as many times as you can. If that's in the small details of a project or working all the freight from the backroom. It could also be if you're seeking promotion and wonder if it will ever happen.
You just have to keep going. Many times you have to keep chopping even when others say they don't want you to.
 Find the small things you do that work and keep doing it. Sometimes we try to change it up when routine helps more than anything.
Once you find the groove the tree will begin to go down. As you get closer you'll find that second wind you didn't think you had and down goes the tree.
Project finished. Backroom clean. Promotion earned.

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