Monday, February 12, 2018

Title Doesn't Matter...

Because once you establish who the leaders are their title becomes irrelevant. Recently at my store my title changed and I had to change my badge backer. The backer has my title on it. My title changed for some reason so I had to change that. I didn't care because it wouldn't change anything for me at the store.
One of my peers whose title changed too was upset about it. I told him it didn't matter what the backer said. They would get the same people to do the same jobs regardless of what their badge backer says.
I gave a speech to employees at a large insurance company about being a leader wherever you are. I explained to the team that regardless of what your position is your leadership can shine through. My mother never had a big grand title during her career, but you best believe everyone knew who ran the office.
Early in my career the title was so important. I wanted to be able to tell people what my title was. What I did for a living so they'd be impressed by how great I was. It needed to sound flashy and important. After a few terminations for poor performance I realized that my work would matter more than a title.
Keep your focus on producing high quality work, not on what your job title is.

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