Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Washington Capitals Hockey - It's Pure Hell...

Yes Cubs fans I get it. Trust me we heard about it. Forever. A hundred some odd years since you won a pennant, or a world series, whatever it was. Who cares. Thank goodness it's over so we don't have to listen to them complain. One of my best friend's Joe is a White Sox fan and I think his hatred of the Cubs rubbed off on me. When they won in 2016 I thought, good now they'll shut up.
After losing for the second straight year to the Penguins, and since we still haven't reached the Eastern Conference finals in the Great Eight era it's hard to get excited anymore. The regular season means nothing to me. I don't worry about it at all anymore because winning the Cup is all that matters. In fact I don't want a high seed. The Capitals won the dreaded President's trophy for the second year in a row. The Presidents Trophy is accursed to the NHL team with the most points at the end of the regular season. This team is the top seed in the playoffs. It's an albatross. The Capitals have won it three times in the Great Eight era.

 3 trophies, 0 Cups.

When a hockey fan says, "hey congrats on winning the presidents trophy," they're saying, "hey your team isn't winning the cup. Haha asshole!". Maybe that's just me. I'm sick of complaining about this team. I have loved this hockey club since I was a kid. When Dale Hunter scored the overtime and series winner against Flyers goalie Ron Hextall I was hooked. Thanks Dale. Thanks for making me think so many times that this year is different.
I said that a couple years ago to a Caps fan they day we started a second round series with the Lightning. I said to a Caps fan buddy, "I don't want to say it, but this team just feels different."
 We got swept 4-0. I was wrong.
Here's a real slap in the face courtesy of the Hockey News magazine. They offered a free team pin if you bought a subscription. They were real nice. I was ready to buy it and I looked for the Capitals and we weren't on the list to choose from. Then I saw the fine print. Stanley Cup winning teams only. Ouch. I leaned back from the computer and said, "that's bullshit!"
I was pissed off. Really, Hockey News? A free gift only if your team has won a Cup. Sonofabitch.  I'm truly wondering if I'll ever see us win the Stanley Cup. It's the only pro team championship I really care about. These next couple months I'll be writing about dealing with this team. The Washington Capitals are a great source of anguish. I'm waiting for another Dale Hunter moment. If the Vegas Golden Knights win it before us....

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