Thursday, February 8, 2018

What is the Leadership Balance?

It's when you are approachable, friendly, and take care of your associates, but always put the business first.

Always think of what's best for the business when ever you make your leadership decisions.

Here's what I mean. My manager is very friendly. We've bought coffees, lunches, and he will choose me whenever a big project needs to be done. In my time in the store he is by far the best leader I've had. I can joke with him, and he never loses his cool under pressure. As well as we get along and as much as he trusts me if my performance dipped he wouldn't hesitate to let me know. I'm just as apt for an ass chewing as anyone else who reports to him. In some ways more so because the expectation is higher.
You want that in a leader. My team knows that about me too. I will joke with them, but if we don't produce at the level I expect they will know. I won't hesitate to change my narrative.
Every decision you make should always come back to what's best for the business. If you lead a department then it's what's best for the department. Sounds overly simplistic, but you would be shocked how many leaders put everything else first. They worry about feelings, help, gossip, breaks, and anything accept the business. Some of those things matter, but they shouldn't impact your decision.
Recently I had to tell my team their hours were getting cut. Some of them were glad, but most weren't. So I did consider their feelings before I told them, but it didn't change that I was going to. Our company recently restructured the senior managers at the store level affecting thousands of jobs. It was the right decision for the business. We had way too many chiefs and bureaucracy infested everything. Decisions never got made. If they worried about feelings it never would've happened. I've been on both sides and neither are fun, but it's the way business operates sometime.

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