Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Burn Your Ship...Telling Your Family about the Jump

I have started telling my friends and family about my jump. It feels different for me. A great friend of mine texted me last night and asked how I was doing. He hadn't heard from me in awhile so I made sure I responded quick. Not always a strength of mine. He checked in because in the past you never knew what pile of shit I would step in. It was either money issues, losing jobs, or whatever.

 I told him that I was leaving my job to start a business. He was very happy to hear it which made me happy. Once you put yourself out there and make a commitment to do a business, or a project nobody wants to turn around and say you didn't do it.

I certainly don't want to be that guy. I didn't tell family until I was sure I was ready to do it. Now that we have several cards designed and a game book written I feel comfortable taking that step. It's funny that I gave my job notice before I had told many family members.

The more pressure you put on yourself to make the jump work the better. If you are serious about starting a business put yourself out there because it makes your more focused. At least it should. Unless your word means nothing and then nobody will believe you anyway. There is an old story sometimes equated to Alexander the Great that he invaded a country and ordered his army to burn the ships. He said that either we win the battle and leave on their ships or we perish.
That's a story that has helped shape decisions I have made that have worked for me. Even small decisions. Leave yourself no choice but to succeed.


Friday, August 24, 2018

The jump has begun....

I enjoy watching ski jumping. I have always admired their courage to go so fast and jump so high. When I was a kid I just sat in awe and their ability and still do today. The ski jumpers jump doesn't beging when they get airborne. It begins all the way back when they were preparing to go airborne. They get ready mentally, look at the jump, get into position and go down the jump. There are probably steps I missed but you get the point. The jump isn't the result. It's where you land that matters.... Everything goes into preparing for it. The process of jumping is where the biggest obstacles happen because once you jump, you jump.

I have told my boss and I know when my last day is. I am in prep mode now. The pieces are being put together as I get ready to go down the ramp. That is how I feel. It's an emotional day but this is just a step in the process, another hurdle to overcome. There wasn't a moment of elation like Leo on Titanic. In fact I cried this morning, but I think I was tired. The mental preparation isn't done even after giving my two month notice. All the steps and disciplines need to be followed in order to get the next process of entrepreneurship off on the right track.

I am doing my best to just stay focused and not get caught up in the hoopla of it. Not telling everybody as if I was already Jeff Bezos because I am not. I need to be humble and it's not always easy.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

So.....I'm jumping!

I have been working on Honor Battle since January and now I hope Tom Filsinger loves it half as much as I do. In October I  am leaving my job to set out on my own. My online store is being built to sell wrestling games, and other merchandise. My company is called Armchair Promoter giving fans of wrestling the chance to run their own wrestling promotion.

Champions of the Galaxy was how I got started when they were black and white. Over the course of a couple moves, maturity, and marriage not necessarily in that order the game was gone. The reason I was intrigued by COTG in the first place was to create your own promotion. When I was young I had the old AWA action figures and created my own promotion. I had notebooks and signs with the matches of my pay per view on it. I loved it.

My mom hated it. She didn't know why a kid my age played with toys and her friends would ask her why she let me play with toys. Mom told me every time these encounters happened to maybe guilt me into stopping. It worked. I figured I was too old. I was early in high school. For years it bothered me thinking I was real immature then to play with wrestling toys, GASP! in high school where all teenagers do everything right.

Then after divorce and now in my early forties I bought, GASP! Champions of the Galaxy and loved it. I just didn't really tell anyone. I was way too old to play some wrestling game. Then I read Tom Filsinger's book. He talked about creativity and made me realize that when I was in high school and now at 45 I am just expressing creativity. That made me feel amazing. It gave me the freedom I needed to create my own addition and a store.

This is not the business I expected to own, but it's the perfect one. I want this game and future wrestling games to teach people how to tell stories in different ways. It doesn't have to be in the typical format like a book, movie, or television show. I want parents and kids to know that creativity is our future. It is what turns the world and we need to inspire one another to create and tell stories.

I discovered When to Jump by Mike Lewis and sat in Barnes and Noble and read the first fifty pages. I knew when I walked out that I needed to jump. As I read the stories about jumpers some were inspiring and some I had done already in my career. Regardless it was people who had the same fears and concerns I did. Now I'm ready.

Tomorrow I am telling my boss that I'm leaving in October. He knows this is coming, but maybe he didn't take me seriously. We shall see. I hope he doesn't remember that I told him I would stay until January, but I really can't wait. It's time to move.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Don't stress the Future..

One night when I was in retail I stayed awake stressing out how I where I was going to put my team in the morning. I needed to focus on making sure thegrocery freight was stocked to the floor. However, I knew I was going to be short staffed and I wanted to think of a viable strategy to maximize the efficiency of the team and be sure they got a win for the day...unfortunately my brain decided to do this in the middle of the night well before my alarm would go off.

I laid awake pondering what to do and who would go where. My sleep was over at that point as my mind rattled back and forth. I got up eventually, dressed and went to work. When I got there I gathered my team to tell them my brilliant, sleep deprived strategy. Then my store manager said he needed my entire team to go and zone (organize) the back to school section in the store. We didn't even start our day in grocery. It was the first day of school and that was the focus.

All of my dwelling and strategizing was pointless. It did me no good to try and figure out what to do. This doesn't mean I shouldn't have a basic plan in place for the morning, but to stress all night about it was silly.

You never know what the day will hold and what surprises will be in store for you so it's just a waste of time. There are certainly times when you will worry about the future. However, you have no control over what is going to happen. Figure out what you have control over and focus on that. Everything else is bullshit.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

You wanna be a Wrestling Promoter?

That's the tagline for Armchair Promoter. That is the name of the pro wrestling game company I'm creating. Honor Battle is the first release. The name Armchair Promoter fits exactly what we're looking for. The game is designed to allow the player to create their own wrestling promotion. When the website is complete the player will be able to design and create their own promotion and stock their roster with current wrestlers or one's they created from scratch.

The Shopify store is under construction and it's a work in progress. We are recruiting another artist or two to help with the demand for wrestlers to draw. It's a demanding schedule, but I know we can do it.

We are a team of three now as my buddy and wrestling rainman Travis has jumped on board. I'm very happy to have his passion and expertise. The scouting reports are done by Travis and I while Cassie brings these wrestlers to life and she's pretty damn good at it.

This is an exciting time for us. We have worked hard and I'm proud of everyone.

DO more than you're Paid for...

I talk to people all the time that complain about how much money they make. They don't think they get paid enough. What they don't realize is they make the exact amount of money they want. If you want your pay to improve then your work needs to exceed your pay. Rarely does someone fall into a great paying career without a lot of hard work.

 How many hard workers have you met who make a lot of money? Probably the same amount I have. None. Jim Rohn said, "do more than you get paid for to make an investment in your future." Some people discover well paying careers, but if the work isn't there they won't make that money anymore. The higher your pay the greater the expectation. So many lazy people believe if they got paid more they would work harder and that simply isn't the case.
 In Las Vegas I meet people between jobs. Especially in construction where they have layoffs. The hard worker finds a spot quick. Rarely does the good worker get laid off or fired.

If you read this and think you're underpaid then you need to change jobs or work harder to increase your pay. It sounds simple because it is. Hard work leads to more pay. Period.