Thursday, August 2, 2018

DO more than you're Paid for...

I talk to people all the time that complain about how much money they make. They don't think they get paid enough. What they don't realize is they make the exact amount of money they want. If you want your pay to improve then your work needs to exceed your pay. Rarely does someone fall into a great paying career without a lot of hard work.

 How many hard workers have you met who make a lot of money? Probably the same amount I have. None. Jim Rohn said, "do more than you get paid for to make an investment in your future." Some people discover well paying careers, but if the work isn't there they won't make that money anymore. The higher your pay the greater the expectation. So many lazy people believe if they got paid more they would work harder and that simply isn't the case.
 In Las Vegas I meet people between jobs. Especially in construction where they have layoffs. The hard worker finds a spot quick. Rarely does the good worker get laid off or fired.

If you read this and think you're underpaid then you need to change jobs or work harder to increase your pay. It sounds simple because it is. Hard work leads to more pay. Period.

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