Friday, August 17, 2018

Don't stress the Future..

One night when I was in retail I stayed awake stressing out how I where I was going to put my team in the morning. I needed to focus on making sure thegrocery freight was stocked to the floor. However, I knew I was going to be short staffed and I wanted to think of a viable strategy to maximize the efficiency of the team and be sure they got a win for the day...unfortunately my brain decided to do this in the middle of the night well before my alarm would go off.

I laid awake pondering what to do and who would go where. My sleep was over at that point as my mind rattled back and forth. I got up eventually, dressed and went to work. When I got there I gathered my team to tell them my brilliant, sleep deprived strategy. Then my store manager said he needed my entire team to go and zone (organize) the back to school section in the store. We didn't even start our day in grocery. It was the first day of school and that was the focus.

All of my dwelling and strategizing was pointless. It did me no good to try and figure out what to do. This doesn't mean I shouldn't have a basic plan in place for the morning, but to stress all night about it was silly.

You never know what the day will hold and what surprises will be in store for you so it's just a waste of time. There are certainly times when you will worry about the future. However, you have no control over what is going to happen. Figure out what you have control over and focus on that. Everything else is bullshit.

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