Friday, August 24, 2018

The jump has begun....

I enjoy watching ski jumping. I have always admired their courage to go so fast and jump so high. When I was a kid I just sat in awe and their ability and still do today. The ski jumpers jump doesn't beging when they get airborne. It begins all the way back when they were preparing to go airborne. They get ready mentally, look at the jump, get into position and go down the jump. There are probably steps I missed but you get the point. The jump isn't the result. It's where you land that matters.... Everything goes into preparing for it. The process of jumping is where the biggest obstacles happen because once you jump, you jump.

I have told my boss and I know when my last day is. I am in prep mode now. The pieces are being put together as I get ready to go down the ramp. That is how I feel. It's an emotional day but this is just a step in the process, another hurdle to overcome. There wasn't a moment of elation like Leo on Titanic. In fact I cried this morning, but I think I was tired. The mental preparation isn't done even after giving my two month notice. All the steps and disciplines need to be followed in order to get the next process of entrepreneurship off on the right track.

I am doing my best to just stay focused and not get caught up in the hoopla of it. Not telling everybody as if I was already Jeff Bezos because I am not. I need to be humble and it's not always easy.

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