Monday, October 29, 2018

Walmart is done now...

I posted last week that I left my company. I didn't do it the way I wanted, or the way I would advise someone to. My intent was to make the transition as smooth as possible, and did the exact opposite. I love my team, enjoy the work, and the people I work with, but it was time. However, I was also very comfortable and the job was no longer challenging and exciting like it used to be. I was ready to make the jump.

My notice was given in August and I didn't tell my team until the day before I went on vacation. The people on my team were not very happy with me. When I came back from vacation it was like I was already gone. One of my associates said as much to me. She was upset because I had confided in her before and I knew I could trust her. That is true. Unfortunately saying goodbye has never been a strength of mine and this time was no different. 

There were two things I hadn't returned; the blue vest and my radio charger. What I couldn't understand was that I couldn't get the store out of my head. While I lay awake last night, or rather early this morning I realized I hadn't ended it at the store. I had people to say goodbye to even if it was going to be difficult. Even if Brian Ronovech might be uncomfortable or sad he had to do it. 

I grabbed the stuff and took care of the unfinished business. I walked the store and said hello to as many people as I could. There was no way to move forward until I had gone back. When I walked out again this morning I felt so much relief. The people that mattered the most were there. Working at a job for a long time is like a relationship that can be tough to end, but like many relationships it was time.

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