Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ambrose Heel Turn was a Classic

A real good heel turn is tough in the internet age. Wrestling fans watch for them and try to sniff them out months before they happen. Guilty. Internet spoilers give you so much advance storyline that you know when the turn is coming before the promoter does. The Ambrose heel turn is top 2 behind Hulk Hogan’s and I don’t know how that one will ever be topped. This was close.
Here’s why. We knew it was coming and still got fooled. I was waiting for this turn before Dean got hurt. Then Roman comes out. Leukemia! WTF! The Shield with a nice moment on the ramp and I looked at Dean and said, “well he isn’t turning heel tonight.” Boom!
 Didn’t see it coming…. AT ALL. Not on Roman’s night. If we honestly believed that in our hearts, then we don’t know Vince McMahon. He worked with Eric Bischoff, after Bischoff tried to destroy his company. I remember the Monday Night Wars. It was Roman’s night? How stupid are we? Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been stunned, hit with chairs, frogsplashed, punched, and busted open. Do you think he cared about Roman’s night? For McMahon it was perfect and Ambrose delivered.
The only clue I had was when the victory hugs continued a little long, but then it happened. Dirty Deeds. Down goes Rollins. What made the turn incredible was how much heat Ambrose was getting and he had the audacity to walk through the crowd. Fantastic! The surprise and the delivery were outstanding. Now let’s see what happens. Will the WWE Universe come back and cheer for him or will the heat continue?

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