Monday, November 5, 2018

Billy Corgan's 20 Year Plan for the NWA

In Ten Pounds of Gold #13 Billy Corgan answered critics and said he has a twenty year plan for the National Wrestling Alliance. Pundits have asked why the Smashing Pumpkins front man purchased the National Wrestling Alliance last year. If you watch Ten Pounds of Gold you see why. Corgan loves wrestling and he has a bitter pill to swallow with Impact Wrestling and how he was sent away.
I think he wants to prove he's a legitimate wrestling guy and not some rock star who wants a toy to play with. Ten Pounds of Gold proves otherwise.

Corgan said that wrestling returning to the wild west is what's best for fans. He wants to see wrestlers from all promotions competing on other shows. Including WWE. With what we've seen in 2018 I don't think it's far fetched with Impact vs Lethal reports and Cody vs Aldis 1 & 2. Another is the show itself.

The documentary series Ten Pounds of Gold is very well done. It's a series about the championship, the man who holds it, and the title defenses. It takes you back to what happens in the ring which is the place we all became fans. We became fans from watching the matches. Too many promotions build their stories outside of the ring with drama that has nothing to do with wrestling.

The NWA is trying things and taking risks. They're trying unconventional models, and I think it's good. They are highlighting the tremendous history of the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship and it's relevance on the big stage. This is all well and good, but not without some drawbacks.

Seeing the "worlds" champ defending the title in high school gyms and Theaters doesn't make the belt look important. You expect the worlds champion defending the title in a larger venue than that. The level of competition isn't real strong with a couple exceptions.

Nick Aldis certainly looks the part of heavyweight champ and his in ring skill is strong. The quality of his competition improved when he faced Cody at All In. Aldis is using this title run as a stepping stone. He could end up on NXT or even WWE in the next couple years, and age is still on his side.
The NWA worlds heavyweight title is going to be a stepping stone for the immediate future as they regain their footing. Is it possible? Now I believe it is.


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