Monday, November 26, 2018

First you jump....then you RUN!

You will not get many opportunities to make the jump and do what you love to do. I did it and still struggle with coming to grips. The issue for me is defining what work is. For me it was always going to a place, clock in, and get to work before the boss says anything. Sound familiar? Now it's up to me.
I don't have motivation issues. My issue is upstairs in my head. Trying to tell myself that watching wrestling videos is work because I'm researching an article and not screwing around. When I had days off from my job this was what I did. Trust me I love doing this, but it's not work. Setting up the store, writing posts, none of it is work, but I've also made no money.
This wasn't one of the problems I anticipated, and maybe classifying it as that is an overstatement. However, it has brought unnecessary anxiety and I have enough of that right now. Worrying about what you're doing and whether or not it's acceptable as work is fruitless.

Where is the fix? You run with it. Run until you can't run anymore,. Until your last breath is exhausted. I spoke to a friend last week who drives for Uber, and has some small investments. He was considering taking a job in another state because he wanted the comfort of a regular job. My advice was simple; You're already working on your own. You are paying your bills and doing good for yourself. I also said that you work for yourself now, and there is no set schedule with a nagging boss who sets unrealistic expectations.
I told him that this is something you may never have again. Making the jump and running isn't an opportunity you will always take, so when it's there go for it. You can always go and get a job. Now I try to enjoy it each day. I'm sure it will get easier, but right now I think of what I said to my friend that this is the time. First you jump....then RUN!


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