Friday, November 2, 2018

How to be an

When I was getting ready to leave Walmart I had different ideas of what it would be like to work for yourself. The first two weeks I learned that you have to re-learn everything. At least from the standpoint of my workday. When I was at the store I had a routine. I always knew what I had to do. Despite the fact I've been planning this and know what my plan is I sit at my desk and ask "where do I start? Then I go through this freak out moment and think "WHAT THE F*** HAVE I DONE!" I don't know where to begin and I stress out. OK, freak out is fair. My heart pounds and I worry.
The positive self talk begins and I do my best to fight the demons away for as long as possible. In those situations I just put my head down and chop. I just keep chopping. You have to love the process of building.
Once I'm moving at a normal clip again there was another thing I didn't expect. As I work blogging, making videos, researching wrestling, and such I have to tell myself what I'm doing is work. What I do now is what I always did on my days off. I never considered it work. I've caught myself thinking I was goofing off the last few hours reading and writing about wrestling. The thoughts and feelings are so different than I expected. I know the routine will come as they develop. It's a different experience that is taking more adjustment than I expected.

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