Thursday, January 31, 2019

Isaacs Retains UWN TV Title against Vanjur Tonight in Denver...

UWN TV Champion Royce Isaacs returned to his hometown of Denver, Colorado tonight and successfully defended the Crown against his old rival “Sugar-Free” Mario Vanjur. The bout took place tonight on RMP Charged which airs live on Twitch TV. It was the first time the United TV Title had been defended in Colorado and could be the beginning of a long relationship between CWFH and RMP.
 Isaacs dominated the match in the outset and looked to be on his way to an easy win. However, a desperate swinging neck breaker by Vanjur turned the tide. The match went back and forth with each landing big moves to no avail. “Sugar-Free” connected with an Insulin Spike only to have the Champion kick out at 2.99. Isaacs landed a power move of his own with a deadlift into a Falcon Arrow with Vanjur narrowly escaping.

In a finish that made the crowd gasp both guys competed in the center of the ring when Isaacs caught Vanjur perfectly in Hush Money, executed it with devastating power, and this time got the pin. It was a great win for Isaacs. This was his first match back in Rocky Mountain Pro and he delivered the goods. In a show of great class and sportsmanship, Royce shook hands and exchanged a hug with his former bitter enemy. That was another day, and maybe another time as this was Isaac’s night in the Mile High City, and you can hang a dollar sign on that.

Brandon Cutler and Danny "Limelight" Rivera Impress in PP3 Action.

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH), Brandon Cutler and Danny “Limelight Rivera advanced into the next round of the 2019 Percy Pringle III Cup (PP3)The story of Brandon Cutler is quite remarkable. After garnering success in the tag team division with his brother, he left the sport for seven years. Not wanting to have any regrets, he returned triumphantly in 2018. His new year began with an opening round PP3 contest against Steven Tresario, a fairly rugged opponent as he found out. Cutler’s has a move set that combines power, but also an even better aerial game. In a good way he’s capable of “wrestling smaller” with his high flying ability. Cutler performed a backflip off the turnbuckle early in the match, and baited his opponent to deliver a perfect back body drop.
Tresario took control and showed off impressive power combinations, but this only showed the metal of Cutler. He took several of these power shots including a vicious double-stomp to the back of the head. Once again the size became a factor when Steven inexplicably decided to slug it out with chops and Cutler quickly took over before a picture perfect drop-kick had him on his back again. Unfortunately for Tresario that would be it. Soon after Brandon would connect with a springboard elbow, and transition into a Diamond Cutler for the pin.
Danny “Limelight” Rivera is a very impressive young talent. The young man from New York City returned to Hollywood and qualified for the PP3 with a tag team win (with “D-Man” Dan Parker). His opening round opponent was the unpredictable Fidel Bravo who commentator Dan Joseph expertly pointed out didn’t bring Pinx to the ring. This was acute analysis because Bravo isn’t quite as tough without the threat of the big man at ringside. Rivera still needed to bring out all the tools in the tool box. “Limelight” administered several crisp kicks that he was able to connect with at will, and these did a plenty of damage to the man from Guerrero, Mexico, but it didn’t stop him from delivering his own unorthodox brand of offense. Fidel hit a DDT which Rivera kicked out from, and then a brain buster with the same result. After a reversal almost on instinct Rivera hit a superkick and then the Symbiote DDT to collect the win.  

Ground Zero: The Blueprint: Andy Brown vs Douglas James...

“Uptown” Andy Brown retained the Ground Zero Championship against Tyler Bateman in the much anticipated Title Rematch on January 19th. After Brown won the contest in another war against the Goddamn Man it looked like sportsmanship would prevail. However after Sarah Wolfe implored him, Bateman viciously attacked Brown until Douglas James intervened. The returning James made it clear to Brown that he wanted a shot at the Ground Zero Championship.
“Relentless” Douglas James was one of the favorites going into the Ground Zero: Champion tournament to win the Inaugural Title. Unfortunately an injury curtailed those plans, and James has returned to Imperial Beach to put that plan back on schedule. Brown and James are terrific and ALWAYS have great matches. They had a classic time limit draw in May with FIST Combat, and James won the return bout and that Gold a month later.

Now James wants to pick up where he left off at Ground Zero against his familiar foe. He will get the chance on March 9th in Imperial Beach at Ground Zero: The Blueprint. Brown would like nothing more than to beat James, and prove he is the undisputed Champ. Beating Bateman twice and then James would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind who the undisputed Champ is. This isn’t the same Andy Brown that James saw when he was injured as Brown struggled prior to the GZ Tourney. The tourney invigorated him and he’s found the form he had early in 2018. This is a BIG TIME matchup between two of the best guys on the Indie Scene. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

FSW No Escape Wrap up...

The buzz inside Sam’s Town Live had big fight feel as Rocky T circled the ring doing his usual touch-ups and talking to fans at ringside mostly the little kids. He comes across as this big tough guy (I’m sure he is), but whether it’s at the arena or at STL he always greets and talks to the fans. When the cage went up he was the one that tested its durability. Dude’s literally walking the top rope shaking the hell out of the cage. Love it.
Great night at Sam’s Town with two new Champions crowned, and Royce Isaacs with a different kind of Eddie Guerrero moment at FSW’s No Escape. The Samoan Dynasty was in full force to watch “The Problem” Sefa Fatu capture Nevada State Championship gold. Fatu won the Title with three Super Kicks followed up by a frog splash. Rikishi came to the ring and put in perspective what this win means for the young Fatu, “Let me remind you where this kid comes from, the most prolific family in this industry….and the name is Samoan Dynasty”, the WWE Hall of Famer continued, “Hall of Famers such as High Chief Peter Maivia, Hall of Famers such as Afa and Seka The Wild Samoans, Hall of Famer such as the late Mighty Yokozuna, soon to be Hall of Famer Umaga the Samoan Bulldozer, all the way from the Uso’s, to Roman Reigns, and so when you address this, when you come into this, right here, this…is our yard.” During intermission, Sefa came out for a meet and greet, but first paid respect to the family that lined the back wall supporting him.
Chris Bey retained the FSW Heavyweight Title defeating Shogun Jones in a very entertaining match. Bey showed why he’s Champion and continues to show off his ability to compete with grapplers of any size. His speed isn’t something you can plan for, or simulate in training, and his opponents always end up surprised by it even if they’ve faced him before. He loves being Champion, and after the match, he made sure to talk and take pictures with every kid, and adult that wanted one. The Ultimate Finesser gets it.
Damian Drake jumped out of the Cage and won the No Limits Title after chasing Owen Travers for months. It was a goosebump moment for the hometown kid to finally win singles gold. Drake got the victory in a bout that featured other top west coast stars like Ice Williams, Jake Atlas, Matt Vandagriff, The Wiseguy, and the former Champion Travers. He was swarmed outside the arena by fans after the show. Drake went through a strange period after his loss at Against all Odds Rumble to Owen, but he looked ready and focused Friday night, and he certainly was.
Fun fact: the FSW, No Limits, and Nevada State Champs are all under 25! How’s that for talent development? Kudos to Joe DeFalco, Kenny King, and their whole team.
One Percent successfully defended their tag team titles last night, but that’s not really news. All they do is win Championships. The match started funky with all four men outside the cage and took time to get going. It wasn’t anyone’s fault because the long intermission took the steam out of the crowd, but you can only put the cage up so fast. They had enough people and hustled. Anyway as I started hearing comments of “this is boring” a buzz began and you heard, “he’s busted open.” My buddy tapped me, “Royce is busted open,” he said. I looked and he sure was from a punch by the Bonus Boyz with a big assist from a HEEL four-finger ring. The crowd was back, and so was the match. Royce was inspired by the blood covering him, Jorel flew across the ring, and One Percent finished off the two-time Champions. Isaacs did a victory walk around the ring, and the entire place was going crazy. The emotional night was capped by Johnny MECCA’s win over Hammerstone in the third and final cage match. Enjoy Hammerstone while you can. He’s a very talented athlete who will take MLW by storm. Can’t wait.
One last thing, can we please get swag for Exceptional and Tenacious? They are so entertaining.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Notes from Under the Ring 2...

  • Congratulations to One Percent for winning the DEFY tag team titles against the Amerikan Gunz. These guys just get better and better and keep adding Tag Titles. That's three on the coast now for Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson as they also own the FSW and Best of the West Titles.
  • All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has not hesitated to mine the west for talent. This is great news for the wrestlers getting signed and the new stars ready to step into their place. These visits to Bar Wrestling and DEFY could be recruiting trips as much as promotional appearances. 
  • I'm very excited about Shogun Jones and Chris Bey tomorrow night at FSW No Escape. This is a battle of two of the top stars in the entire company and both are barely in their twenties. It's a dangerous title defense for the Champion, but the Sam's Town Live crowd will likely be firmly behind The Ultimate Finesser.
  • Lot's of big names being rumored for MECCA IV here in Las Vegas, but several have already confirmed like Teddy Hart, John Morrison, Taya Valkyrie and the Rascalz. 
  • Sefa Fatu will be the Nevada State Champion tomorrow night. He is absolutely ready for a Title run and will own the place when he comes down the ramp. WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi will be at the meet and greet and you can guarantee the entire family will too. They showed up en mas to the Rumble and I hope they sit right by me again. Too big a problem for Graves.
  • Different ideas have been discussed for the No Limits cage, but nothing has been confirmed. What will the six be up against in their attempt to win the Title?
  • Super stoked to be going to Los Angeles for Wrestle Summit. I've been wanting to go the Ultratorium in Wilmington and PCW ULTRA will be a great host. Big names have been announced already, and I can't wait. Check it out
  • Shane Strickland being booked at Wrestle Summitt makes me wonder just how close he really is to going to NXT as he's been rumored. Of course Swerve could come off the card, but let's hope that doesn't happen.
  • With Sanjay Dutt heading to the WWE I'm curious to see what IMPACT does with the tryouts scheduled in Las Vegas February 15th.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inside the No Limits Cage Scramble...

The Six-Man Field for the No Limits Cage Scramble at No Escape Friday night is deep. Top stars from California who either don’t compete in Las Vegas often or never before will be on hand for what has set up to be a terrific match. You can make a case for every single wrestler to win this match, but only one will and I’ll tell you who it is.
Here’s a scouting report on all six competitors:
No Limits Champion Chief Owen Travers was narrowly beaten by FSW Champ Chris Bey at the Arena two weeks ago and aside from that he’s been sensational. He beat Damian Drake at Against All Odds Rumble in December in a hard fought grudge match, and picked up a win against Ice Williams. What he may like in overall size he more than makes up with brains. Travers is brilliant at thinking and strategizing his way through a match and is rarely caught off guard with ring awareness second to none. That’s important in a match like this because it’s easy to get smothered, and distracted. Owen has been in these situations before and will not panic. Calling him a veteran is demeaning because Chief is an experienced Titleholder who’s been damn tough to dethrone.
Damian Drake qualified with a win over his “friend” and tag partner Spyder. The two have had a contentious relationship recently following Drakes loss to Travers last month. Drake collected the win that night and comes into this match with a different attitude. That could be exactly what Drake needs for his career. He has never been a singles Champion with his hometown promotion. He would love to take the belt from his nemesis, and this match suits Drake. “The New Age Daredevil” will not hesitate to put his body on the line to win a match, but now he may be more willing to cross the line to do it in the future.
Ice Williams has made it very clear he intends 2019 to be the beginning of the Ice Age in Las Vegas. Williams qualified winning a Triple Threat match that included another top 2018 rookie Shaggy McLovin. Each time I see Ice I become more impressed. This spot won’t be too big for him because he loves the spotlight. He needs to make sure he doesn’t get caught up in any mental games with Travers. Stick to the game plan. Williams has superior athleticism and would be smart to play to his strengths. This will not be the last title match for Williams and it’s great to see the young man get this opportunity on the big stage.
The Wiseguy took advantage of his size and wore down Young Fuego in his No Limits qualifier at FSW Arena to pound out the win Don’t expect anything crazy from him just brute force. Wiseguy likes to grind his opponents softening them up for the multitude of slams and suplexes at his disposal. I expected Quest to qualify until I saw his opponent. This athlete has a legitimate chance to get the win. He has the size advantage and will be difficult for the field to keep down. Here’s your sleeper.
Matt Vandagriff is a prodigy and I’m not sure he knows how good he really is. Aside from the theatrical flips Vandagriff is a strong professional wrestler and just turned 21 last week. He qualified with an upset win against Suede Thompson who many had penciled into their No Limits Cage bracket. The Santino Bros. standout turned a lot of heads in Las Vegas and will certainly hope to turn more Friday. Look to the top of the cage because you can guarantee a highlight reel spot from the “Straight Edge Flip Artist.”
Jake Atlas just won the PCW ULTRA Ultra Light Championship at A2K19, and looks to add another trophy to his ever expanding case. Atlas qualified winning a triple threat against Eli Everfly and Funny Bone. This man is extremely talented and his finisher, the LGBDDT may be the most devastating in wrestling. The move highlights his athleticism with a top rope hand stand into a DDT that you have to see it to believe. He’s not afraid to get into slugfests which fits the cage, and Atlas has wrestled in multi-competitor matches several times in California over the past few months with success. Now that Atlas has tasted gold will the No Limits Title be next?

 I still don’t think we’ve seen the best Owen Travers yet. He has come into his own as the Champion, and I believe he will find a way to do it again. A match like this requires cunning, discipline, and intellect all of which Travers has plenty of. The Chief maintains his stranglehold on the No Limits Title at No Escape with a win in the cage.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Notes from Under The Ring

  • ·         Ice Williams won in Six Man on Saturday night at the FSW Arena. This continued his momentum from two weeks ago when he earned a spot in the FSW No Limits Cage Scramble January 25th. Williams has improved dramatically over the last two months and looks to be a major player in 2019. Winning the No Limits Gold would be a great start.
  • ·         Speaking of Las Vegas, legendary FSW Tag Team, and Two Time Champs, the Bonus Boyz returned to the Arena and attacked current Tag Champs One Percent. After they received their award for Tag Team of the year the Boyz came from the back to challenge the Champions with fists and punches, and it was later confirmed that the Boyz will face One Percent in the third of three Steel Cage Matches at No Escape.
  • ·         Suede Thompson revealed on Twitter a photo of Himself, Chris Bey, and Hollywood Heritage/UWN TV Champ Royce Isaacs. They were joined by manager Jamie Iovine who hopefully spent more time talking about them than himself. This is a great SQUAD that could do serious damage in Hollywood. Double Platinum is the top team in Hollywood, and has a great opportunity to become UWN Tag Team Champions. If this squad collects all the Gold look out!
  • ·         Shane Strickland announced he is officially a free agent. This ends months of speculation regarding his Lucha Underground contract. The Lucha deal was apparently the hold for “Swerve” to go to WWE. If he does it’s a good get. Strickland is a multi-time Champion in the Indies, and has proven himself. Shane is extremely talented, and more than ready to move on. A curious announcement prior to his PCW ULTRA Title defense against Brian Cage this weekend. Cage replaced the injured Matt Sydal.
  • ·         The WWE Womens Tag Team Title match at Elimination Chamber is a terrific idea. There isn’t enough depth yet to have separate eight team tournaments, and this works perfect. I love the Chamber match, and can’t wait for this one.
  • ·         The more I speak to representatives from FSW and L.A. Lucha (LAL) the more I think this partnership is going to go well. CJ Dinero who handles talent and Media Relations for LAL said about the partnership,” It will be a talent exchange and cross promotion program. L.A. Lucha is a hot new  promotion based out of the SoCal region and will be putting together quality shows featuring wrestlers and luchadores from Mexico and the U.S.” The companies piggyback each other with shows January 25th (FSW), and January 26th (LAL) as well as March 16th in LA and the 17th in Las Vegas.
  • ·         I sat next to “Straight Edge Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff’s roommates Saturday night, and nobody could have friends prouder than they are. The prodigious talent’s buddies told everyone sitting around us that they were his roomies, and cheered like crazy when Vandagriff came to the ring and even louder when he upset Suede Thompson. Fun night sitting by those guys.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Who's Going to the No Limits Cage Match at No Escape?

Yesterday Southern California Indie L.A. Lucha announced a relationship with Future Stars of Wrestling. L.A. Lucha has promoted two shows with some of the top talent in the Southwest. Their third show scheduled for January 26th features FSW Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie.
The No Limits Cage Scramble January 25th at No Escape was already deep with Champion Chief Owen Travers, his arch nemesis Damian Drake, and rookie sensation Ice Williams. Then we found out the matchups for tonight’s final three qualifiers, and it isn’t getting easier for the Champ regardless of who wins. This promotional relationship is already bearing fruit with Lucha’s talent added to the card. Matt Vandagriff, Adrian Quest, Eli Everfly, and Jake Atlas have all been booked with the Southern California Company and pose a great threat to Travers Belt.

Suede Thompson vs Matt Vandagriff – The Santino Bros Academy product Matt Vandagriff comes to FSW with plenty of momentum after a strong showing in FIST COMBAT’S King of SoCal defeating Danny Limelight in the quarters, and collecting a win against RJ Santos at Brody King’s Bah Humbug Event in Bell Gardens, California. Vandagriff is a highflyer, but is also not afraid to mix it up if need be. His opponent Suede Thompson has been in this spot before. Two weeks ago he fought and lost a tough bout to his best friend and Tag partner Chris Bey for the FSW Title, but enters this match as the prohibitive favorite. Suede has been a Champion in Vegas and knows what it takes. He’ll have the FSW Arena on his side, and should do enough to get his hand raised.

Adrian Quest vs The Wiseguy –Adrian Quest is only 23, but has been wrestling for 9 years. It’s obvious in his game there is a wealth of experience with Young Fuego, and he returns to Southern Nevada with his eyes on the No Limits Title. He recently qualified for the Percy Pringle Cup, but The Wiseguy will not be impressed. The 191 pounder from Fresno has cut his teeth as a tag team wrestler finding success throughout the West Coast with multiple partners. The Wise Guy will have to deal with the speed of Quest which surprises his opponents that haven’t faced him often. His transitions are dependable and Adrian can create a lot of confusion for the opposition. When Quest gets on a roll it looks like there’s two of him in the ring, so The Wise Guy can’t let that overwhelm him and remain in the pocket.

Jake Atlas vs Eli Everfly – Whoever wins this match is going to be one of the favorite to win the whole thing. Jake Atlas arrives fresh off a Santino Bros. Wrestling (SBW) Championship win over Brody King, and he’s the current Number One Contender for the Light Heavy Gold at PCW ULTRA. This could be the year for Atlas to make the splash many anticipate for the young star, and the same has been said before about his opponent Eli Everfly. The 25 year old from Los Angeles is an aerial attack artist with a variety of offensive weapons at his disposal, and will not hesitate to go deep into the bag to get the win. First Round losses in the King of SoCal to Royce Isaacs and Ground Zero Championship Tournament to eventual Winner Uptown Andy Brown sandwiched a nice Four Way Scramble win at PCW ULTRA in December. Will Everfly get over the top and get the win, or will the ascent to more Gold in 2019 continue for Atlas?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018 FSW Rookie of the Year...

I first want to thank Jamie and the team at for bringing me aboard. It’s been a great ride! The opportunity to work with a really great team of writers has been a blast. I don’t get involved with the conversation much, but I’m always watching and learning. It’s impressive to see the dedication everyone has to creating a great product, and developing a family atmosphere. This is just the beginning.
Saturday January 12th Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announces their 2018 Rookie of the Year at New Year’s Resolution. The Event takes place at the FSW Arena, BELL TIME 7PM, and features three more qualifying matches for the No Limit Cage Scramble at No Escape January 25th @ Sam’s Town Live. So far other than No Limits Champion Chief Owen Travers, Damian Drake, and Ice Williams have qualified.
The 2017 FSW Rookie of the year Chris Bey went on to win championship gold the following year (FSW Championship), and this year may be no exception. Here’s a look at some of the top contenders for this year’s award.
Shaggy McLovin-Raw and talented this youngster had a solid 2018. He has won over the Vegas Valley faithful with gutsy performances in the ring, and some pretty good skate tricks when he enters. He lost a triple threat (Kyle Hawk) to Ice December 29th at Season’s Beatings. This makes it difficult seeing him winning the award. A berth in the No Limits Scramble would certainly have helped his chances.
Ice Williams – This young athlete has a lot of potential and brings a lot of charisma that hopefully will be on display more in 2019. Williams has a chance to start the year right and win Championship Gold. He qualified for the No Limits Title Cage Scramble at No Escape on December 29th.
V.I.P. – This guy grows on you. He’s better as a personality than a wrestler and that has shown up in the loss column. His hair is Main Event, but his skillset is green, but he has good potential going into 2019.
Sandra Moone – She had a tough Title Match loss to Taya Valkyrie and represented herself very well. Valkyrie can make her opponents look real bad and Moone hung in with the Champion, and capped off a very fine Rookie Campaign. Moonepie is going to remain a top contender in FSW’s developing women’s division.
And the Winner Is: Shogun Jones – Ok I don’t know Shogun is going to win, but if he doesn’t then it’s rigged. Just kidding.…..Moving on, Shogun wins the award easily. He was by far the top rookie in Las Vegas and has his eyes on the prize in 2019 after a tough fourth place finish in the Against All Odds Rumble. Jones has superstar written all over him and he’s part of a group of young stars like Sefa Fatu, Royce Isaacs, and Bey. His combination of power and athleticism is unmatched in FSW, and there isn’t anyone on the roster who matches up with him physically. When Shogun does win the Championship it will be a long reign.