Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018 FSW Rookie of the Year...

I first want to thank Jamie and the team at www.lastwordonprowrestling.com for bringing me aboard. It’s been a great ride! The opportunity to work with a really great team of writers has been a blast. I don’t get involved with the conversation much, but I’m always watching and learning. It’s impressive to see the dedication everyone has to creating a great product, and developing a family atmosphere. This is just the beginning.
Saturday January 12th Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announces their 2018 Rookie of the Year at New Year’s Resolution. The Event takes place at the FSW Arena, BELL TIME 7PM, and features three more qualifying matches for the No Limit Cage Scramble at No Escape January 25th @ Sam’s Town Live. So far other than No Limits Champion Chief Owen Travers, Damian Drake, and Ice Williams have qualified.
The 2017 FSW Rookie of the year Chris Bey went on to win championship gold the following year (FSW Championship), and this year may be no exception. Here’s a look at some of the top contenders for this year’s award.
Shaggy McLovin-Raw and talented this youngster had a solid 2018. He has won over the Vegas Valley faithful with gutsy performances in the ring, and some pretty good skate tricks when he enters. He lost a triple threat (Kyle Hawk) to Ice December 29th at Season’s Beatings. This makes it difficult seeing him winning the award. A berth in the No Limits Scramble would certainly have helped his chances.
Ice Williams – This young athlete has a lot of potential and brings a lot of charisma that hopefully will be on display more in 2019. Williams has a chance to start the year right and win Championship Gold. He qualified for the No Limits Title Cage Scramble at No Escape on December 29th.
V.I.P. – This guy grows on you. He’s better as a personality than a wrestler and that has shown up in the loss column. His hair is Main Event, but his skillset is green, but he has good potential going into 2019.
Sandra Moone – She had a tough Title Match loss to Taya Valkyrie and represented herself very well. Valkyrie can make her opponents look real bad and Moone hung in with the Champion, and capped off a very fine Rookie Campaign. Moonepie is going to remain a top contender in FSW’s developing women’s division.
And the Winner Is: Shogun Jones – Ok I don’t know Shogun is going to win, but if he doesn’t then it’s rigged. Just kidding.…..Moving on, Shogun wins the award easily. He was by far the top rookie in Las Vegas and has his eyes on the prize in 2019 after a tough fourth place finish in the Against All Odds Rumble. Jones has superstar written all over him and he’s part of a group of young stars like Sefa Fatu, Royce Isaacs, and Bey. His combination of power and athleticism is unmatched in FSW, and there isn’t anyone on the roster who matches up with him physically. When Shogun does win the Championship it will be a long reign.


  1. good to know who's up for ROTY when we go Saturday.. all mentioned deserve to be there