Thursday, January 31, 2019

Brandon Cutler and Danny "Limelight" Rivera Impress in PP3 Action.

This week on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH), Brandon Cutler and Danny “Limelight Rivera advanced into the next round of the 2019 Percy Pringle III Cup (PP3)The story of Brandon Cutler is quite remarkable. After garnering success in the tag team division with his brother, he left the sport for seven years. Not wanting to have any regrets, he returned triumphantly in 2018. His new year began with an opening round PP3 contest against Steven Tresario, a fairly rugged opponent as he found out. Cutler’s has a move set that combines power, but also an even better aerial game. In a good way he’s capable of “wrestling smaller” with his high flying ability. Cutler performed a backflip off the turnbuckle early in the match, and baited his opponent to deliver a perfect back body drop.
Tresario took control and showed off impressive power combinations, but this only showed the metal of Cutler. He took several of these power shots including a vicious double-stomp to the back of the head. Once again the size became a factor when Steven inexplicably decided to slug it out with chops and Cutler quickly took over before a picture perfect drop-kick had him on his back again. Unfortunately for Tresario that would be it. Soon after Brandon would connect with a springboard elbow, and transition into a Diamond Cutler for the pin.
Danny “Limelight” Rivera is a very impressive young talent. The young man from New York City returned to Hollywood and qualified for the PP3 with a tag team win (with “D-Man” Dan Parker). His opening round opponent was the unpredictable Fidel Bravo who commentator Dan Joseph expertly pointed out didn’t bring Pinx to the ring. This was acute analysis because Bravo isn’t quite as tough without the threat of the big man at ringside. Rivera still needed to bring out all the tools in the tool box. “Limelight” administered several crisp kicks that he was able to connect with at will, and these did a plenty of damage to the man from Guerrero, Mexico, but it didn’t stop him from delivering his own unorthodox brand of offense. Fidel hit a DDT which Rivera kicked out from, and then a brain buster with the same result. After a reversal almost on instinct Rivera hit a superkick and then the Symbiote DDT to collect the win.  

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