Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Notes from Under The Ring

  • ·         Ice Williams won in Six Man on Saturday night at the FSW Arena. This continued his momentum from two weeks ago when he earned a spot in the FSW No Limits Cage Scramble January 25th. Williams has improved dramatically over the last two months and looks to be a major player in 2019. Winning the No Limits Gold would be a great start.
  • ·         Speaking of Las Vegas, legendary FSW Tag Team, and Two Time Champs, the Bonus Boyz returned to the Arena and attacked current Tag Champs One Percent. After they received their award for Tag Team of the year the Boyz came from the back to challenge the Champions with fists and punches, and it was later confirmed that the Boyz will face One Percent in the third of three Steel Cage Matches at No Escape.
  • ·         Suede Thompson revealed on Twitter a photo of Himself, Chris Bey, and Hollywood Heritage/UWN TV Champ Royce Isaacs. They were joined by manager Jamie Iovine who hopefully spent more time talking about them than himself. This is a great SQUAD that could do serious damage in Hollywood. Double Platinum is the top team in Hollywood, and has a great opportunity to become UWN Tag Team Champions. If this squad collects all the Gold look out!
  • ·         Shane Strickland announced he is officially a free agent. This ends months of speculation regarding his Lucha Underground contract. The Lucha deal was apparently the hold for “Swerve” to go to WWE. If he does it’s a good get. Strickland is a multi-time Champion in the Indies, and has proven himself. Shane is extremely talented, and more than ready to move on. A curious announcement prior to his PCW ULTRA Title defense against Brian Cage this weekend. Cage replaced the injured Matt Sydal.
  • ·         The WWE Womens Tag Team Title match at Elimination Chamber is a terrific idea. There isn’t enough depth yet to have separate eight team tournaments, and this works perfect. I love the Chamber match, and can’t wait for this one.
  • ·         The more I speak to representatives from FSW and L.A. Lucha (LAL) the more I think this partnership is going to go well. CJ Dinero who handles talent and Media Relations for LAL said about the partnership,” It will be a talent exchange and cross promotion program. L.A. Lucha is a hot new  promotion based out of the SoCal region and will be putting together quality shows featuring wrestlers and luchadores from Mexico and the U.S.” The companies piggyback each other with shows January 25th (FSW), and January 26th (LAL) as well as March 16th in LA and the 17th in Las Vegas.
  • ·         I sat next to “Straight Edge Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff’s roommates Saturday night, and nobody could have friends prouder than they are. The prodigious talent’s buddies told everyone sitting around us that they were his roomies, and cheered like crazy when Vandagriff came to the ring and even louder when he upset Suede Thompson. Fun night sitting by those guys.

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