Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inside the No Limits Cage Scramble...

The Six-Man Field for the No Limits Cage Scramble at No Escape Friday night is deep. Top stars from California who either don’t compete in Las Vegas often or never before will be on hand for what has set up to be a terrific match. You can make a case for every single wrestler to win this match, but only one will and I’ll tell you who it is.
Here’s a scouting report on all six competitors:
No Limits Champion Chief Owen Travers was narrowly beaten by FSW Champ Chris Bey at the Arena two weeks ago and aside from that he’s been sensational. He beat Damian Drake at Against All Odds Rumble in December in a hard fought grudge match, and picked up a win against Ice Williams. What he may like in overall size he more than makes up with brains. Travers is brilliant at thinking and strategizing his way through a match and is rarely caught off guard with ring awareness second to none. That’s important in a match like this because it’s easy to get smothered, and distracted. Owen has been in these situations before and will not panic. Calling him a veteran is demeaning because Chief is an experienced Titleholder who’s been damn tough to dethrone.
Damian Drake qualified with a win over his “friend” and tag partner Spyder. The two have had a contentious relationship recently following Drakes loss to Travers last month. Drake collected the win that night and comes into this match with a different attitude. That could be exactly what Drake needs for his career. He has never been a singles Champion with his hometown promotion. He would love to take the belt from his nemesis, and this match suits Drake. “The New Age Daredevil” will not hesitate to put his body on the line to win a match, but now he may be more willing to cross the line to do it in the future.
Ice Williams has made it very clear he intends 2019 to be the beginning of the Ice Age in Las Vegas. Williams qualified winning a Triple Threat match that included another top 2018 rookie Shaggy McLovin. Each time I see Ice I become more impressed. This spot won’t be too big for him because he loves the spotlight. He needs to make sure he doesn’t get caught up in any mental games with Travers. Stick to the game plan. Williams has superior athleticism and would be smart to play to his strengths. This will not be the last title match for Williams and it’s great to see the young man get this opportunity on the big stage.
The Wiseguy took advantage of his size and wore down Young Fuego in his No Limits qualifier at FSW Arena to pound out the win Don’t expect anything crazy from him just brute force. Wiseguy likes to grind his opponents softening them up for the multitude of slams and suplexes at his disposal. I expected Quest to qualify until I saw his opponent. This athlete has a legitimate chance to get the win. He has the size advantage and will be difficult for the field to keep down. Here’s your sleeper.
Matt Vandagriff is a prodigy and I’m not sure he knows how good he really is. Aside from the theatrical flips Vandagriff is a strong professional wrestler and just turned 21 last week. He qualified with an upset win against Suede Thompson who many had penciled into their No Limits Cage bracket. The Santino Bros. standout turned a lot of heads in Las Vegas and will certainly hope to turn more Friday. Look to the top of the cage because you can guarantee a highlight reel spot from the “Straight Edge Flip Artist.”
Jake Atlas just won the PCW ULTRA Ultra Light Championship at A2K19, and looks to add another trophy to his ever expanding case. Atlas qualified winning a triple threat against Eli Everfly and Funny Bone. This man is extremely talented and his finisher, the LGBDDT may be the most devastating in wrestling. The move highlights his athleticism with a top rope hand stand into a DDT that you have to see it to believe. He’s not afraid to get into slugfests which fits the cage, and Atlas has wrestled in multi-competitor matches several times in California over the past few months with success. Now that Atlas has tasted gold will the No Limits Title be next?

 I still don’t think we’ve seen the best Owen Travers yet. He has come into his own as the Champion, and I believe he will find a way to do it again. A match like this requires cunning, discipline, and intellect all of which Travers has plenty of. The Chief maintains his stranglehold on the No Limits Title at No Escape with a win in the cage.

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