Thursday, January 31, 2019

Isaacs Retains UWN TV Title against Vanjur Tonight in Denver...

UWN TV Champion Royce Isaacs returned to his hometown of Denver, Colorado tonight and successfully defended the Crown against his old rival “Sugar-Free” Mario Vanjur. The bout took place tonight on RMP Charged which airs live on Twitch TV. It was the first time the United TV Title had been defended in Colorado and could be the beginning of a long relationship between CWFH and RMP.
 Isaacs dominated the match in the outset and looked to be on his way to an easy win. However, a desperate swinging neck breaker by Vanjur turned the tide. The match went back and forth with each landing big moves to no avail. “Sugar-Free” connected with an Insulin Spike only to have the Champion kick out at 2.99. Isaacs landed a power move of his own with a deadlift into a Falcon Arrow with Vanjur narrowly escaping.

In a finish that made the crowd gasp both guys competed in the center of the ring when Isaacs caught Vanjur perfectly in Hush Money, executed it with devastating power, and this time got the pin. It was a great win for Isaacs. This was his first match back in Rocky Mountain Pro and he delivered the goods. In a show of great class and sportsmanship, Royce shook hands and exchanged a hug with his former bitter enemy. That was another day, and maybe another time as this was Isaac’s night in the Mile High City, and you can hang a dollar sign on that.

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