Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Double Platinum Win Tag Titles in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

Congratulations to Double Platinum (Chris Bey and Suede Thompson) in winning the United Wrestling Network (UWN) Tag Team Titles Sunday during the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) TV Tapings. DP beat the RockNES Monsters (Yuma&BHK) for the Titles after losing to Yuma and BHK last month for the previously vacated Gold. This is the first time the duo has won UWN tag Gold and is poised for an extended run with the Titles. 
Bey and Suede were Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Tag Team Champions in Las Vegas last year and clicked as a team after competing in an epic Best-of-Seven series that Chris took 4-3.
As the Bag Boyz they upset One Percent for the FSW Belts last fall, but unfortunately, their run with the straps was a brief one. They dropped the titles to One Percent on December 1st, and then set their sites on the UWN belts.
These two are entertaining in the ring, to say the least. Not to mention talented wrestlers. Suede Thompson is in the best shape of his life at 33 and credits Bey with helping him get there. Chris Bey has been killing it in Las Vegas and still has folks talking about his performance on IMPACTWrestling here two weeks ago. They've improved their double-teams and are much more assertive together which comes with experience. I hope they get a chance to shine under the bright lights of Hollywood. CWFH will not be disappointed.

Monday, February 25, 2019

"Demi-God of Death" Funny Bone to face Nick Gage @ MECCA IV

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announced last night that FSW legend Funny Bone will take on Hardcore legend The King Nick Gage in a match that could end up anywhere around Boulder and Nellis. This match will not be for the faint of heart. Both these guys will put their bodies on the line to give punishment to their opponent and expect no different St. Patrick's Day. This is going to be a fun crazy match. MECCA IV is stacked and this is a match that may be the sleeper pick for match of the night. MECCA IV is Sunday Night March 17th at Sam's Town Live.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

FSW Arena Post Fight...Damian Drake, One Percent and Douglas James with Wins...

It was EZ money for One Percent Saturday Night
The chilly Future Stars of Wrestling Arena hosted a wild night capped off by Damian Drake retaining the No Limits Championship in a hard-fought match with “Superstar” Jake Atlas. Atlas won a 20 man Battle Royal earlier in the evening to earn the Title shot. It was a hard-fought match with Atlas delivering brutal chops, and showing a mean streak that isn’t revealed often. Jake was intent on winning the Championship this time by any means. However, the No Limits Champ was the better man. He finished Atlas off with the same move he beat Matt Vandagriff with; a flying knee to the back of the head when the opponent is on the ropes. The New age Daredevil executes it quick with devastating accuracy. A rematch between these two is very appealing.
Hammerstone vs Bey at MECCA IV?
FSW Tag Champions One Percent made easy coin last night cruising to an easy title defense win against the potentially exciting team of Ice Williams and Lucas Riley. Other than a wild pin save by Royce Isaacs midway through the Champs were never in danger. It’s a great time for Jorel Nelson and Isaacs to be clicking on all cylinders with two big matches coming with SCU in Fresno March 16th at Best of the West 3rd Anniversary, and possibly The Rascalz the next night at MECCA IV here in Las Vegas. This team is ready for big fights. On a serious note, I’m very disappointed Jorel didn’t wear Riley’s bandana at any point during the match. 
Hammerstone returned to the Arena with a vengeance and a miscalculation that cost him. The former 2X FSW Heavyweight Champion grabbed the mic and demanded his return match with Chris Bey for the Gold. Then he interrupted the start of the Battle Royal with a beat down of “Relentless” Douglas James who needed a hero for protection from the jump kick that nearly decapitated him. FSW Boss Joe DeFalco astutely booked the match as a co-main which worked out for DJ…at least in the win column. Other than getting the three count James took a beating. The Business was in a particularly grumpy mood and took it out on DJ. After pulling a pin moments before, Hammer hit Nightmare Pendulum and the contest was over but he pulled DJ up again. This time James rolled him up, gained balance, got the win, and The Business stormed out of the arena. 

Watson vs Bateman
Bateman and Watson was terrific. I’ve already touted Watson and watching the way he competed against the GODDAMNMAN Tyler Bateman I became even more convinced. It was a physical struggle, and Death From Above ended it, but Bateman quietly acknowledged the young prospect from Arizona after a gritty performance.
Matt Vandagriff secured a big win over Owen Travers last night with "Flippy s***" off the top turnbuckle. The “Flip Artist” lost his No Limits Title shot two weeks ago, but taking down Chief should keep him right in the title mix.
“Uptown” Andy Brown also returned against young prospect Mondo Rox. While Rox has a lot of energy and enthusiasm it wasn’t mixed with enough wrestling skill to take out Brown. I asked Brown if he was returning to Vegas after the card and he said, “If you guys will keep having me.” Joe, we’ll keep having him.
We Want Andy!!
Shogun Jones beat the now 33-year-old Suede Thompson who continued his losing streak in an FSW
ring. Shogun looked devastating as usual as he “quietly” climbs back through the rankings. 
Heather Monroe and Bryn Thorn were victorious in a pretty entertaining, and controversial women's match against Sandra Moone teaming with the Vipress who was making her FSW debut. Monroe, who just keeps improving got the pinfall against Moone. However, Vipress was the legal lady. We'll see if Moone and Vipress appeal the ruling to the FSW Competition Committee. In most cases the referees' decision is final. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hammerstone to meet Pillman Jr. in the Windy City...

Two-Time FSW Champ Hammerstone Returns to MLW
Alex Hammerstone knows who his next opponent is with Major League Wrestling and it's none other than second generation star Brian Pillman Jr. of the Hart Foundation. Hammer will face Pillman Jr. at Intimidation Games at Cicero Stadium in Chicago. Pillman with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. have been nothing short of dominant since arriving last year.

The former FSW Champion was impressive in his debut win against Miami's Ariel Gutierrez in Philadelphia February 2nd at the 2300 Arena and looks to add another, albeit much more impressive win this time around. Hammer needs to stay on task with Pillman as any of them may resort to less than heartfelt tactics to secure a win. Big step up in competition for The Business, but this is what Hammerstone's been waiting for.

FSW Lethal Lottery - Battle Royal Preview and who's 1% Facing...

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) hosts the Lethal Lottery Saturday night February 23rd at the FSW Arena 6035 Harrison Rd. Las Vegas, NV. The Main event will be “New Age Daredevil” Damian Drake defending his No Limits Title against the winner of a Battle Royal featuring 20 competitors. The Battle Royal opens the festivities Saturday evening in frigid Las Vegas.
Here’s a breakdown of the six names FSW confirmed yesterday:
Ice Williams – Is there anyone hotter in FSW right now? Ice is undefeated at the FSW arena this year and if that continues then he’ll leave the building with the No Limits Title. The kid is wrestling with a ton of confidence and is not someone I would want to see across the ring right now. Besides the Mo-Mentum Williams has in his corner he presents tons of issues for Drake in the ring. His length creates problems allowing him to keep his distance and Ice can go anywhere the match goes. In fact, Williams prefers a wild and crazy contest. This would be a good one.
Douglas James – DJ returns after his #instantclassic with FSW Champ Chris Bey two weeks ago and looks to get another shot at gold this weekend. James is dangerous in any match he competes in, and this is no different. His superior mat advantage won’t matter as much in a battle royal, but the “Relentless” one is very smart and always finds himself in the right position with top shelf ring awareness. The former No Limits king beat Drake in Hollywood prior to his injury, but the Champ is stronger and much improved since the chop war left him carved up. Note to self: Don’t get in a chop war with DJ.
Matt Vandagriff – “The Flip Artist” surprised some in January (me) when he upset Suede Thompson at the Arena earning a spot in the No Limits Scramble. Vandagriff came up short there, and two weeks ago when he secured a title shot against the Champion. Drake won with a vicious knee to the back of Matt’s head that turned out the lights on his evening. Vandagriff needs to do a better job of keeping his distance in a rematch should he be the last one remaining.
Owen Travers – “Chief” Owen Travers returns to Las Vegas in an attempt to regain his No Limits Title. Travers is one of the most intelligent wrestlers out west and the Battle Royal requires it. This is the guy I’d least like to see if I’m the “New Age Daredevil” because these two know each other so well and the “Chief” is due for one against Drake. Travers may have the best chance to unseat the still freshly minted Champion.
Jake Atlas – The “Superstar” Jake Atlas has been a title-winning machine and may add another Saturday night. Atlas is on a roll and just his pure athleticism makes him a threat in the Battle Royal and he won’t be easy to eliminate. Jake is poised for a breakout year and winning the No Limits gold would push him through the roof. This isn’t the best matchup for Drake for two major reasons; First, Atlas is very strong and welcomes a war, and second, he’s just as capable in the speed game. Very Dangerous.
Spyder – And then there’s this guy. Only Drake’s former tag team partner who he won tag team gold with. Only him. The only one who knows Drake better than Travers is Spyder. They’ve had those conversations on the road, and he knows what makes the Champion tick. The skirmish on the ramp at No Escape was enough to convince me there’s something here. After that incident, their relationship hasn’t been the same, and Spyder would like nothing more than to rip the title away from his “friend”.
The last two wrestlers eliminated from the Battle Royal may not get to face the No Limits Champ Saturday but they will earn the right to wrestle each other. Yep, the last two will compete against each other on the card later in the evening. Any combination of those six would be great and I’m sure there are some strong mystery grapplers up Joe DeFalco’s sleeve.
Tag Team Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) will defend the FSW Tag Team Titles against the winner of a three-team gauntlet match. The teams in the gauntlet will be determined by blind draw after the Battle Royal. No matter how good One Percent has been in Las Vegas and all over the west, these are the most worrisome title defenses. You don’t know who you’re getting and you must be ready for anything with little time to prepare. However, the advantage is that the Champs will be fresh, and right now I don’t think it matters who they face in an FSW ring. You can put a dollar sign on that.

Shogun Jones looks to continue his climb back up the FSW Title rankings against Suede Thompson who needs a win. Don’t write off Suede in this one, but this is a massive challenge against Shogun. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

VIPRESS to make Debut with FSW Saturday Night...

Future Stars of Wrestling confirmed that VIPRESS will be making her FSW debut Saturday night at the Arena. She has wrestled in Southern California with Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF), Millenium Pro Wrestling (MPW), and BLACKCRAFT Wrestling in Pittsburgh, PA where she's part of a formidable duo with Harlow O' Hara. BLACKCRAFT is new but has booked top talents in their young history like FSW women's Champion Taya Valkyrie, Johnny MECCA, Jimmy Havoc, Brody King, and oVe (Jake and Dave Crist).

VIPRESS has the look down, but she can compete too.
She may be small in size but is very intelligent, and methodical in the ring. The daughter of Satan is adept at breaking down larger opponents and particularly keen on going after the legs. VIPRESS has no problem diving at a kneecap or ankle to cut her opponent down to size. Once there she focuses completely on the limb and used that to her advantage in a win recently against the very dangerous Ruby Raze in MPW.

With that win under her belt, VIPRESS arrives in Las Vegas ready to show that she belongs in one of the top Indies in the wild west. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Future is Now in MLW for Alexander Hammerstone...

In a brief promo prior to his Major League Wrestling debut at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia Alexander Hammerstone made it clear that the future has arrived. Then Hammerstone got in the ring and backed it up against Ariel Dominguez. Hammer's opponent was never going to be a threat and it gave The Business an opportunity to try several different things in the ring.

Hammerstone makes MLW Debut - @alexhammerstone
When the bell rang he grabbed Dominguez by the face and pushed him into the corner imposing his 250 pound will on him immediately then connected on a perfect pump kick that nearly decapitated his opponent, and it was cruise control from there. The former FSW Champ displayed merciless slams, strikes then after Hammer tossed Dominguez across the ring the Philly fans chanted "one more time." Unmoved he shook his finger and shouted, "You don't run my match!" Well said Champ.

Ariel had a short rally that ended when Hammerstone blasted him with a forearm as he attempted a springboard. This led to the Nightmare Pendulum and inevitable three count. It was a cookie for Hammerstone as he was never threatened. The competition will improve for him and there are several intriguing matches going forward, so it's interesting to see how he fits in. He can compete with any style of grappler, so the cupboard is full anywhere he goes for potential opposition.

Monday, February 18, 2019

West Coast Stars make IMPACT in Las Vegas...

IMPACT Wrestling had their television tapings here over the weekend and featured several of the west coasts top stars like Best of the West and FSW Heavyweight King "The Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey, FSW No Limits Champ Damian Drake, and PCW ULTRA UltraLight Champion "Superstar" Jake Atlas. The Superstar is on the fast track. He had a WWE tryout in December and time on IMPACT just shows you that folks are taking notice of the SoCal Champion.

I spoke to FSW Owner Joe DeFalco before the opening bell Sunday night and he raved about his FSW Champion. The young star from Virginia gets better the brighter the lights get. He's really been a pleasure to watch. I've said this before about Bey, but his ability to compete evenly with guys much larger than him is going to be the key to his long term success.

Las Vegas' Damian Drake was in action Sunday night after earning the spot during the weekend tryout and came out to a thunderous ovation. What was great to see is a large group of FSW stars standing with his Dad to watch the New Age Daredevil compete. Drake has started to gain muscle mass and strength which is going to help in his development over the next few years.

I was really surprised not to see One Percent this weekend. They've competed in IMPACT previously and with all the buzz around it seemed like a no-brainer. Asked around and nobody had any answers.

With the recent signings of Brody King by ROH, WARBEAST and Hammerstone by MLW the west coast is no longer the red-headed stepchild of Indie Wrestling. The big companies are taking notice of the talent west of the Rockies.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

"Puerto Rican Pit Bull" Gino Rivera is Good...HE TOLD YOU SO

The “Puerto Rican Pit Bull” Gino Rivera is crass, cocky, arrogant, annoying, doesn’t like you, me, his opponents, or anybody else for that matter. He wins a lot of matches and is the first one to let you know it. That’s why he is becoming one of the top heels in the Southwest. It’s become old hat to mention a top prospect as a Santino Bros product. That’s all they churn out of the Cali juggernaut. Many top young stars count themselves as alumni like Brody King, Jake Atlas, Matt Vandagriff, Heather Monroe, Eli Everfly and Douglas James.
The Pit Bull isn’t making his bones on the coast though. Rivera went east to Championship Wrestling from Arizona and became their first Champion, is the current Destiny Wrestling Organization (DWO) Full Access Champ in New Mexico, and competed on 205 Live. Gino Rivera is exceptional at generating heat, and the boos inspire his very strong mic skills.
His ring skill is deceptive. He doesn’t have big power moves, but he is great at gaining leverage utilizing various face slams. Gino uses short quick strikes to keep opponents guessing and has no problem mixing in hair pulls, eye pokes, joint manipulation, or a handful of tights if need be. What he really likes is to grind his opponents to dust. Rivera viciously worked Watson’s arm in CWFA recently bending, twisting and slamming it all over the ring. Watson was visibly uncomfortable following the match despite getting the win. The former CWFA Champion can compete with bigger opponents, and does it without a lot of quickness or aerial moves. Rivera is capable of flying but prefers to punch you in the face regardless of your size. Despite this tendency, he’s smart enough not to get in a slugfest when at a size disadvantage.

Not many people can get under your skin like Rivera. As soon as he gets in the ring he irritates you. That’s what great heels do. He walks to the ring with enthusiasm to piss you off and win Titles.

The Rascalz in Main Event at Lucha 3:16

LA Lucha has made several big announcements for their fourth show on March 16 appropriately titled Episode IV LUCHA 3:16. The Main Event features IMPACT Wrestling's The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz, Dezmond Xavier) against an opponent we will find out tomorrow. Been going through my mind on who the opponent is, but some of the teams I've considered are booked already that night.

A couple nice bouts on the card. Ruby Raze vs Watts is obvious. These two beasts are going to beat the crap out of each other, and anything not tied down will be fair game to use. Stoked for Andy Brown and Teddy Hart. Hart is great to watch and at 39 may be at his best, but so is "Uptown." Brown has been on a roll in SoCal and recently returned to Las Vegas and picked up a win against Suede Thompson. A win March 16th against Hart might put Andy on the fast track.

I'm rooting for LA Lucha. This team has a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the sport with a real determination to do it right. The partnership with FSW is a good building block and could be the way to do business in wrestling for years to come.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chief looks to be Champ in Arizona...

Former No Limits Champ faces Watson 
“Chief” Owen Travers will step into an Arizona Wrestling Federation ring in Tempe, AZ Saturday night just like he has before. He’s coming off one of the toughest losses of his career January 25th in the No Limit Scramble in Las Vegas. That night his archenemy Damian Drake escaped the cage and won the Title. Fans from the Travers camp would say the Champ never actually lost the title which is true, but he didn’t leave with it either and that’s what counts.  
When a fighter gets beaten they say the best way to get that bad taste out of your mouth is to get back in the ring. Chief did that the next night in Los Angeles and came up short again. Now Travers is in a similar situation in Arizona. It’s not fair to call this a crossroads because Owen Travers is way too young, but it’s a certainly an important moment in his career. He faces the young Arizona State Champion Watson. The only similarity between Watson and Drake is youth. Their styles couldn’t be more different. Watson likes to bang. He’ll take two shots to give one because he believes his one is better. He wants the match to be physical and tries to impose his will on opponents.
The Champion will try to smother Travers and not allow him to set up his offense. Watson wants Travers to use up energy in his attempts to keep him away. Owen likes a slower more methodical pace so he can execute well-timed, coordinated strikes. Travers will try to take down Watson and keep him off his feet to stay away from the devastating spear. Watson works throughout the match to set up his patented finisher and has enough explosive power in small spaces to deliver the kill. Nobody kicks out, but nobody scouts like Owen Travers and the Chief will be prepared.

It’s irresponsible to say that Travers has to win this match. He doesn’t, and he’s more than proven his worth as Champion. Owen Travers thrives with a Title though. It’s when we get the best Chief, and he will need to be at his absolute best to take the Title from Watson in Tempe Saturday night. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Smart Money is on The Wise Guy; Young Stars emerging in FSW

The Wise Guy is ready for the big stage.
Best of the West announced that Wise Guy will face Matt Cross at their 3rd Anniversary Show March 16th. I’m really excited about this untapped talent. He is a hidden gem and I truly believe he would flourish as a top heel. Any company that gives him a platform to create will benefit. He knows how to build real heat (Seen his Border Patrol Promos?) and naturally comes across as a bad guy. He’s cocky, brash, arrogant, and backs all of it up with tremendous talent. The Wise Guy is good looking, has a great physique, and does a standing shooting star press. What’s not to like? His mat game is strong and can hold his own with wrestlers of all sizes and styles. The microphone skills are what put him over the top for me. It’s not easy to build real heat anymore. Let me rephrase that….wrestlers don’t try to build real heat anymore. The Wise Guy doesn’t have that problem. He grabs the crowd by the throat and squeezes.
I really like what I’ve seen from Mondo Dinero. He has a gimmick that’s been used, but he pulls it off. The guy is a big-time banger. He had a great match with Nevada State Champ Sefa Fatu, and veteran powerhouse Big Vig and NEVER looked out of his element. Dinero isn’t afraid to mix it up with tough competition judging by his booking. A fight is fine and he enjoys slugging it out. These are the most dangerous opponents. If I’m a big name I wouldn’t want to see Dinero because he’s close…
Please more Watson. The Arizona Wrestling Federation Arizona State Champion competed in a six-man tag bout with Manny Lemons and Spyder Saturday night. Their team came up short, but Watson was impressive. He delivers a sternum crushing spear and is a tremendous athlete. Watson has charisma and enthusiasm for the sport and is a more than worthy title challenger for Sefa Fatu. Nevada State Champ vs Arizona State Champ?
Another AWF talent coming onto the scene is Ricky Mondo. Whether he brings a weird Voodoo head into the ring or the mirror belt this kid is unique. Despite the oddities, he can really wrestle. He took on AWF Champion Gabriel Gallo recently in Arizona and picked up a win in six-man against the team lead by Watson Saturday night. Mandel certainly has the look even if you’re not sure what he’s looking at.
A young tag team Mondo Roxx and Robbie Lit faced the Bonus Boyz Saturday and were impressive. They hung in with the two-time FSW Champs with a lot of heart, energy, and determination. The size difference was obvious, but it didn’t change the focus. Roxx and Lit were quicker to certain spots, but ultimately just not good enough yet. Hopefully, we’ll see these two work together more often and see where they go as they develop cohesion and chemistry.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Who's Next?" in line for FSW Champ Chris Bey?

FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey showed why he is the top guy in Southern Nevada with a hard-fought win against SoCal Stud “Relentless” Douglas James last night at the FSW Arena. Like Goldberg said, “Who’s Next?” It won’t be Bill, but now that Bey’s made another successful defense we can haggle a bit to see who might be next for the “Ultimate Finesser.”

Hammerstone – This is the obvious one. The 602-day champion returns to Las Vegas February 23rd and has yet to get a return match for the FSW Title. Hammer had Bey on the ropes prior to the chaos leading to the Title change and would like nothing more than to come back and rain on the new Champions parade. As I have written before there isn’t more he can accomplish in FSW, but righting a perceived wrong with the “Finesser” may be too tantalizing an opportunity for The Business to pass up.
“Relentless” Douglas James – Umm Why not? He came within milliseconds of winning the strap and certainly deserves consideration from the FSW Championship committee for a rematch. James caused so many problems for Bey by keeping pace with his speed and quickness. James is very strong and nearly went through the Champ with a spear off the ropes early on in the fight.

Andy Brown vs Suede Thompson at FSW Arena
“Uptown” Andy Brown – Andy Brown used brain power and some dirty tricks to get the win over Bey’s running mate and tag team partner Suede Thompson Saturday night. Brown beat Tyler Bateman twice to win and retain the Ground Zero Title, and snatched the Hollywood Heritage Title from Royce Isaacs. Those are very impressive wins, and Brown has had success against the Champion before in Southern California. However, Las Vegas is now Bey’s yard, on a roll himself so maybe it’s time for Bey to go “Uptown” again?
Shogun Jones – Jones proved at No Escape he was more than worthy to compete for the Gold, and despite falling short he didn’t embarrass himself. On the contrary, the big powerful athlete is only going to improve and the next title defense against him will be more perilous than the last. When not if, Bey gets back in the ring with Jones he has to make sure not to get caught slugging it out with him again. Shogun can end a fight with one Big Boot, so that game plan could lead to disaster in a rematch.
Jake Atlas – “The Superstar” returns to Las Vegas after competing for the No Limits Title in the Cage Scramble at No Escape in January. Atlas certainly has the cred to warrant a title shot after winning his second Crown in SoCal by taking home the PCW ULTRA UltraLight Title, January 18th. Multiple problems present themselves for Bey against Atlas. While Bey competes extremely well against bigger opponents, Jake isn’t the norm. Atlas combines fluid movement with explosive power, and is astute and getting out of harm’s way then back into offensive position. He never stays set which could minimize Bey’s speed advantage.
Tyler Bateman – The Smash over Flash practitioner certainly has the resume for an immediate Title Shot and was part of a Four-man Scramble for the Nevada State Championship (Graves retained Title) last month at the Arena. Bateman’ strength, power, and striking ability are legendary, so there are obvious dangers here. The least of which is Tyler’s finisher “Death from Above” which ends fights immediately.
Johnny Morrison – The IMPACT World Champion would be a dream match for Bey. This match would be teacher vs student which has millions of juicy subplots. This match is probably wishful thinking…

“The EF’n Machine” Brian Cage – This one might not be. Cage is a former FSW Champion and would be a great bout for the reigning Champ. Despite Cage’s size Bey has the superior speed and would try to keep this destructive force off-balance.

Friday, February 8, 2019

FSW No Limits Title Preview: Damian Drake (c) vs Matt Vandagriff

Tomorrow night at the FSW Arena in the “Fight Capital of the World” Las Vegas, Damian Drake makes his first No Limits Title defense in his hometown against Southern California’s “Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff @ High Octane: New Blood Rising, 6035 Harrison Dr. Ste. 5 Las Vegas, NV.


This matchup is the first of two between the two young stars as they will have a return bout in Imperial Beach, CA at Ground Zero: The Blueprint on March 9th (no title on the line).
The New No Limits Champion was mobbed outside Sam’s Town Live January 25th after his thrilling Cage Scramble win at Future Stars of Wrestling's (FSW) No Escape and those same fans will pack the house Saturday night to see the New Age Daredevil defend the Title at home. How will Vandagriff handle the decided home-court advantage Drake has? The “Flip Artist” will likely have the same one against Drake when they see each other again a month later on his home turf.

Damian Drake RETAINS the No Limits Title if: He uses his speed. That’s his advantage 9 times out of 10, but unfortunately, he doesn’t always use it. Sometimes he likes to slug it out and this is not the opponent to do that. With the exception of FSW Champion Chris Bey there isn’t anyone in FSW with the speed of Damian Drake. He stays one step ahead of Vandagriff using his speed to keep the challenger grounded and not allow him to climb and jump because we could have a new champ.

  • Drake wants a fast-paced match to set-up and delivers strikes in volumes. He wants to be patient, but not flat-footed because Vandagriff can gain control with a well-timed clothesline or forearm.
  • Drake wants to press and keep Vandagriff off-balance in the corner, and use it to his advantage. He transitions very well in tight space and can deliver any strike with an opponent pressed against the buckles.
  • Drake wants to keep the match in the ring. If the challenger can attach himself to it he’ll jump from it. Keep him grounded.

Matt Vandagriff WINS the No Limits Title if: He wears down Drake to set him up for his lethal aerial attack. Few in the sport of Wrestling can compare with the 21-year-old’s ability to execute an aerial offense. It works by using his surprising power. Vandagriff will bait you into a slugfest and soon after you’re looking in the air for him. Ask Darby Allin. Drake must avoid this.

  • Vandagriff wants to keep his opponent guessing. He can flip and jump from anywhere. This leads to highly effective kicks, punches, and knees. At any point in the match, Vandagriff looks to springboard into action and Suede Thompson learned last time in the FSW Arena how tough that is to defend against.
  • Vandagriff wants to keep his back out of the corner and reduce the volume of offense the Champion likes to generate. The more open space the better and he’s more than prepared to hit a move outside the ring to roll the opponent back in and get a pin.
  • Vandagriff wants to hit the home run. He loves to end matches with highlight reel spots and what a way it would be for him to win the No Limits Title in the Fight Capital. 

Damian Drake is proving he’s a fighting Champion and taking on Vandagriff is a certainly tall order, but he's ready. He’s found his form again and looks prepared for the tough challenge Saturday Night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Triple Threat Grudge Match @ FIST Combat Thursday Night...

Tomorrow night February 7th Jolt’n Joes in La Mesa, CA hosts Fight Combat: Triple Threat. The Main event features a Triple Threat match for the GetFIST’D TV Title between Champion Rocketboy Wilson, Dicky Mayer, and FIST Combat Champion Danny “Limelight” Rivera. This is a grudge match straight and simple. Rocketboy Wilson was in a ladder match against Matt Vandagriff when “Limelight” came to ringside to cheer on the “Flip Artist”. Wilson took exception to it and super-kicked Rivera.
Rocketboy continued the contest and had the challenger out. He climbed the ladder only to be taken down by the FIST Combat King. Rivera climbed the ladder and took the belt setting up the match tomorrow night. Matt Vandagriff was originally booked but confirmed he was no longer on the card. He was replaced by Dicky Mayer who earned his spot in the matchup with a Four Way win against Hunter Freeman, Veinom, and Motrus Jungle. Mayer recently returned from competing in Japan at the end of 2018.
Also on the card the FIST Combat Tag Team Champions the Wolf Zaddies look to continue their path of destruction against Dylan Kyle Cox and Hunter Freeman. The Wolf Zaddies ended True Grit’s FIST unbeaten streak and took the tag titles. Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera are looking to hurt people and Thursday night will be no different.
Get ready for another great night of FIST Combat wrestling at Joe’s where the action comes to you.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

It's Lesnar vs Rollins Folks?

WrestleMania is just a couple months away and with the Royal Rumble over all the talk is who will be in the Main Event. Will this be the first time women headline the biggest show of the year? I’m going to attempt to clear up the confusion; no. Not this year. It’s Lesnar vs Rollins, and I’ll be very surprised if it’s not. The WWE women’s division is better than it’s ever been by far. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Becky Lynch, and the rest have helped change some of the negative perceptions. Myself included and I’ve talked about that here.
Is Ronda Rousey v Becky Lynch a WrestleMania Main Event? Yes, and so is Charlotte vs Asuka 2. I believe any combination of those four is talent wise. In case anyone forgets Asuka vs Charlotte stole the show at Mania last year. I’ve heard people say “this is the year to do it,” or “it’s insane not to do it now”   as if this is the last year there will be good women wrestlers who can Main Event Mania. The last couple Mania Main Events have been less than stellar, so that spot is more of a status position than anything.
The reason this won’t be the year is that Lesnar vs Rollins is a great Main Event too. Rollins has been a guy WWE has built around with Roman Reigns. He’s been in the title picture ever since he returned from his knee injury, and you can’t say Seth hasn’t earned it. The architect is a grand slam Champion, and was the IC and Tag Champion in 2018, again. I also think the WWE has wanted this Main Event. It may have been their plan for WrestleMania 32 regardless of what any experts say. Rollins knee injury ruined what was a near certainty to be the last match in Dallas.

It’s hard for me to believe that they would give the ladies the top spot before Rollins. Not that they haven’t earned it too, he’s been the top prospect for years and WWE has wanted this. Rollins is a massive superstar. Much bigger than Kenny Omega. I wasn’t thrilled when Rollins won the Rumble, but the more I broke it down the more I liked it. Get ready for Lesnar and Rollins and hope they don’t follow the ladies because the crowd will be toast. Don’t want the Main Event to get booed at Mania. It’s a bad look. I would LOVE to see the ladies Main Event Mania and they have been the biggest story in wrestling, but I just don’t think they will this year…

Friday, February 1, 2019

Notes from Under The Ring 3

  • Dean Ambrose confirmed this week he’s leaving WWE. His character had fallen flat and it was clear he wanted a way out. Now he has it. Would this have happened before AEW? Probably not, but there are plenty of places that would love to have him, and he certainly will not struggle for any bookings. I’m a fan of his and I like what he brings to the ring. He isn’t the most fluid grappler I’ve ever seen and he gets clunky at times, but prior to his injury he always gave 100% to every match. Let’s hope the freedom he seeks will bring the talent and desire back to life.
  • Brock Lesnar was in good shape for his WWE Universal Title bout with Finn Balor. The slight ponch he’s carried around for the majority of his title reigns has nearly evaporated. This leads me to believe the Cormier fight is happening. If Brock loses at Mania expect a DC fight announcement soon after.
  • If the rumors are true, AEW going to TBS makes the most sense. The Cody Rhodes Atlanta connection is obvious, but what’s also obvious is that TBS is a player. TBS is a major sports platform hosting MLB playoffs, the NCAA Final Four, and others. I’ve heard the rumors about the name of the show being “Tuesday Night Dynamite.” It’s not terrible, but I don’t see why they don’t just go with All Elite Wrestling.
  • Dolph Ziggler’s rumored to be leaving again, and supposedly he’s on a handshake deal with WWE. He pulled a swerve and said he was on hiatus but of course showed up at the Rumble. Big deal. I’d like to see him focus 100% on comedy.
  • Jungle Boy swings into AEW and joins the new venture. I applaud this move. Jungle Boy is young, talented, and very green. I’m excited to see him compete against better competition because the young man has all the intangibles.
  • “Relentless” Douglas James is returning to FSW February 9th at the FSW Arena. James was in hot pursuit of the NO Limits Title prior to his injury and now he sets his sights on new Champ Damian Drake. Or will he? James has had success against Chris Bey in the past and may look higher for his next match in Southern Nevada.