Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Future is Now in MLW for Alexander Hammerstone...

In a brief promo prior to his Major League Wrestling debut at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia Alexander Hammerstone made it clear that the future has arrived. Then Hammerstone got in the ring and backed it up against Ariel Dominguez. Hammer's opponent was never going to be a threat and it gave The Business an opportunity to try several different things in the ring.

Hammerstone makes MLW Debut - @alexhammerstone
When the bell rang he grabbed Dominguez by the face and pushed him into the corner imposing his 250 pound will on him immediately then connected on a perfect pump kick that nearly decapitated his opponent, and it was cruise control from there. The former FSW Champ displayed merciless slams, strikes then after Hammer tossed Dominguez across the ring the Philly fans chanted "one more time." Unmoved he shook his finger and shouted, "You don't run my match!" Well said Champ.

Ariel had a short rally that ended when Hammerstone blasted him with a forearm as he attempted a springboard. This led to the Nightmare Pendulum and inevitable three count. It was a cookie for Hammerstone as he was never threatened. The competition will improve for him and there are several intriguing matches going forward, so it's interesting to see how he fits in. He can compete with any style of grappler, so the cupboard is full anywhere he goes for potential opposition.

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