Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chief looks to be Champ in Arizona...

Former No Limits Champ faces Watson 
“Chief” Owen Travers will step into an Arizona Wrestling Federation ring in Tempe, AZ Saturday night just like he has before. He’s coming off one of the toughest losses of his career January 25th in the No Limit Scramble in Las Vegas. That night his archenemy Damian Drake escaped the cage and won the Title. Fans from the Travers camp would say the Champ never actually lost the title which is true, but he didn’t leave with it either and that’s what counts.  
When a fighter gets beaten they say the best way to get that bad taste out of your mouth is to get back in the ring. Chief did that the next night in Los Angeles and came up short again. Now Travers is in a similar situation in Arizona. It’s not fair to call this a crossroads because Owen Travers is way too young, but it’s a certainly an important moment in his career. He faces the young Arizona State Champion Watson. The only similarity between Watson and Drake is youth. Their styles couldn’t be more different. Watson likes to bang. He’ll take two shots to give one because he believes his one is better. He wants the match to be physical and tries to impose his will on opponents.
The Champion will try to smother Travers and not allow him to set up his offense. Watson wants Travers to use up energy in his attempts to keep him away. Owen likes a slower more methodical pace so he can execute well-timed, coordinated strikes. Travers will try to take down Watson and keep him off his feet to stay away from the devastating spear. Watson works throughout the match to set up his patented finisher and has enough explosive power in small spaces to deliver the kill. Nobody kicks out, but nobody scouts like Owen Travers and the Chief will be prepared.

It’s irresponsible to say that Travers has to win this match. He doesn’t, and he’s more than proven his worth as Champion. Owen Travers thrives with a Title though. It’s when we get the best Chief, and he will need to be at his absolute best to take the Title from Watson in Tempe Saturday night. 

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