Sunday, February 24, 2019

FSW Arena Post Fight...Damian Drake, One Percent and Douglas James with Wins...

It was EZ money for One Percent Saturday Night
The chilly Future Stars of Wrestling Arena hosted a wild night capped off by Damian Drake retaining the No Limits Championship in a hard-fought match with “Superstar” Jake Atlas. Atlas won a 20 man Battle Royal earlier in the evening to earn the Title shot. It was a hard-fought match with Atlas delivering brutal chops, and showing a mean streak that isn’t revealed often. Jake was intent on winning the Championship this time by any means. However, the No Limits Champ was the better man. He finished Atlas off with the same move he beat Matt Vandagriff with; a flying knee to the back of the head when the opponent is on the ropes. The New age Daredevil executes it quick with devastating accuracy. A rematch between these two is very appealing.
Hammerstone vs Bey at MECCA IV?
FSW Tag Champions One Percent made easy coin last night cruising to an easy title defense win against the potentially exciting team of Ice Williams and Lucas Riley. Other than a wild pin save by Royce Isaacs midway through the Champs were never in danger. It’s a great time for Jorel Nelson and Isaacs to be clicking on all cylinders with two big matches coming with SCU in Fresno March 16th at Best of the West 3rd Anniversary, and possibly The Rascalz the next night at MECCA IV here in Las Vegas. This team is ready for big fights. On a serious note, I’m very disappointed Jorel didn’t wear Riley’s bandana at any point during the match. 
Hammerstone returned to the Arena with a vengeance and a miscalculation that cost him. The former 2X FSW Heavyweight Champion grabbed the mic and demanded his return match with Chris Bey for the Gold. Then he interrupted the start of the Battle Royal with a beat down of “Relentless” Douglas James who needed a hero for protection from the jump kick that nearly decapitated him. FSW Boss Joe DeFalco astutely booked the match as a co-main which worked out for DJ…at least in the win column. Other than getting the three count James took a beating. The Business was in a particularly grumpy mood and took it out on DJ. After pulling a pin moments before, Hammer hit Nightmare Pendulum and the contest was over but he pulled DJ up again. This time James rolled him up, gained balance, got the win, and The Business stormed out of the arena. 

Watson vs Bateman
Bateman and Watson was terrific. I’ve already touted Watson and watching the way he competed against the GODDAMNMAN Tyler Bateman I became even more convinced. It was a physical struggle, and Death From Above ended it, but Bateman quietly acknowledged the young prospect from Arizona after a gritty performance.
Matt Vandagriff secured a big win over Owen Travers last night with "Flippy s***" off the top turnbuckle. The “Flip Artist” lost his No Limits Title shot two weeks ago, but taking down Chief should keep him right in the title mix.
“Uptown” Andy Brown also returned against young prospect Mondo Rox. While Rox has a lot of energy and enthusiasm it wasn’t mixed with enough wrestling skill to take out Brown. I asked Brown if he was returning to Vegas after the card and he said, “If you guys will keep having me.” Joe, we’ll keep having him.
We Want Andy!!
Shogun Jones beat the now 33-year-old Suede Thompson who continued his losing streak in an FSW
ring. Shogun looked devastating as usual as he “quietly” climbs back through the rankings. 
Heather Monroe and Bryn Thorn were victorious in a pretty entertaining, and controversial women's match against Sandra Moone teaming with the Vipress who was making her FSW debut. Monroe, who just keeps improving got the pinfall against Moone. However, Vipress was the legal lady. We'll see if Moone and Vipress appeal the ruling to the FSW Competition Committee. In most cases the referees' decision is final. 

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