Friday, February 8, 2019

FSW No Limits Title Preview: Damian Drake (c) vs Matt Vandagriff

Tomorrow night at the FSW Arena in the “Fight Capital of the World” Las Vegas, Damian Drake makes his first No Limits Title defense in his hometown against Southern California’s “Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff @ High Octane: New Blood Rising, 6035 Harrison Dr. Ste. 5 Las Vegas, NV.


This matchup is the first of two between the two young stars as they will have a return bout in Imperial Beach, CA at Ground Zero: The Blueprint on March 9th (no title on the line).
The New No Limits Champion was mobbed outside Sam’s Town Live January 25th after his thrilling Cage Scramble win at Future Stars of Wrestling's (FSW) No Escape and those same fans will pack the house Saturday night to see the New Age Daredevil defend the Title at home. How will Vandagriff handle the decided home-court advantage Drake has? The “Flip Artist” will likely have the same one against Drake when they see each other again a month later on his home turf.

Damian Drake RETAINS the No Limits Title if: He uses his speed. That’s his advantage 9 times out of 10, but unfortunately, he doesn’t always use it. Sometimes he likes to slug it out and this is not the opponent to do that. With the exception of FSW Champion Chris Bey there isn’t anyone in FSW with the speed of Damian Drake. He stays one step ahead of Vandagriff using his speed to keep the challenger grounded and not allow him to climb and jump because we could have a new champ.

  • Drake wants a fast-paced match to set-up and delivers strikes in volumes. He wants to be patient, but not flat-footed because Vandagriff can gain control with a well-timed clothesline or forearm.
  • Drake wants to press and keep Vandagriff off-balance in the corner, and use it to his advantage. He transitions very well in tight space and can deliver any strike with an opponent pressed against the buckles.
  • Drake wants to keep the match in the ring. If the challenger can attach himself to it he’ll jump from it. Keep him grounded.

Matt Vandagriff WINS the No Limits Title if: He wears down Drake to set him up for his lethal aerial attack. Few in the sport of Wrestling can compare with the 21-year-old’s ability to execute an aerial offense. It works by using his surprising power. Vandagriff will bait you into a slugfest and soon after you’re looking in the air for him. Ask Darby Allin. Drake must avoid this.

  • Vandagriff wants to keep his opponent guessing. He can flip and jump from anywhere. This leads to highly effective kicks, punches, and knees. At any point in the match, Vandagriff looks to springboard into action and Suede Thompson learned last time in the FSW Arena how tough that is to defend against.
  • Vandagriff wants to keep his back out of the corner and reduce the volume of offense the Champion likes to generate. The more open space the better and he’s more than prepared to hit a move outside the ring to roll the opponent back in and get a pin.
  • Vandagriff wants to hit the home run. He loves to end matches with highlight reel spots and what a way it would be for him to win the No Limits Title in the Fight Capital. 

Damian Drake is proving he’s a fighting Champion and taking on Vandagriff is a certainly tall order, but he's ready. He’s found his form again and looks prepared for the tough challenge Saturday Night.

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