Saturday, February 2, 2019

It's Lesnar vs Rollins Folks?

WrestleMania is just a couple months away and with the Royal Rumble over all the talk is who will be in the Main Event. Will this be the first time women headline the biggest show of the year? I’m going to attempt to clear up the confusion; no. Not this year. It’s Lesnar vs Rollins, and I’ll be very surprised if it’s not. The WWE women’s division is better than it’s ever been by far. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Becky Lynch, and the rest have helped change some of the negative perceptions. Myself included and I’ve talked about that here.
Is Ronda Rousey v Becky Lynch a WrestleMania Main Event? Yes, and so is Charlotte vs Asuka 2. I believe any combination of those four is talent wise. In case anyone forgets Asuka vs Charlotte stole the show at Mania last year. I’ve heard people say “this is the year to do it,” or “it’s insane not to do it now”   as if this is the last year there will be good women wrestlers who can Main Event Mania. The last couple Mania Main Events have been less than stellar, so that spot is more of a status position than anything.
The reason this won’t be the year is that Lesnar vs Rollins is a great Main Event too. Rollins has been a guy WWE has built around with Roman Reigns. He’s been in the title picture ever since he returned from his knee injury, and you can’t say Seth hasn’t earned it. The architect is a grand slam Champion, and was the IC and Tag Champion in 2018, again. I also think the WWE has wanted this Main Event. It may have been their plan for WrestleMania 32 regardless of what any experts say. Rollins knee injury ruined what was a near certainty to be the last match in Dallas.

It’s hard for me to believe that they would give the ladies the top spot before Rollins. Not that they haven’t earned it too, he’s been the top prospect for years and WWE has wanted this. Rollins is a massive superstar. Much bigger than Kenny Omega. I wasn’t thrilled when Rollins won the Rumble, but the more I broke it down the more I liked it. Get ready for Lesnar and Rollins and hope they don’t follow the ladies because the crowd will be toast. Don’t want the Main Event to get booed at Mania. It’s a bad look. I would LOVE to see the ladies Main Event Mania and they have been the biggest story in wrestling, but I just don’t think they will this year…

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