Friday, February 1, 2019

Notes from Under The Ring 3

  • Dean Ambrose confirmed this week he’s leaving WWE. His character had fallen flat and it was clear he wanted a way out. Now he has it. Would this have happened before AEW? Probably not, but there are plenty of places that would love to have him, and he certainly will not struggle for any bookings. I’m a fan of his and I like what he brings to the ring. He isn’t the most fluid grappler I’ve ever seen and he gets clunky at times, but prior to his injury he always gave 100% to every match. Let’s hope the freedom he seeks will bring the talent and desire back to life.
  • Brock Lesnar was in good shape for his WWE Universal Title bout with Finn Balor. The slight ponch he’s carried around for the majority of his title reigns has nearly evaporated. This leads me to believe the Cormier fight is happening. If Brock loses at Mania expect a DC fight announcement soon after.
  • If the rumors are true, AEW going to TBS makes the most sense. The Cody Rhodes Atlanta connection is obvious, but what’s also obvious is that TBS is a player. TBS is a major sports platform hosting MLB playoffs, the NCAA Final Four, and others. I’ve heard the rumors about the name of the show being “Tuesday Night Dynamite.” It’s not terrible, but I don’t see why they don’t just go with All Elite Wrestling.
  • Dolph Ziggler’s rumored to be leaving again, and supposedly he’s on a handshake deal with WWE. He pulled a swerve and said he was on hiatus but of course showed up at the Rumble. Big deal. I’d like to see him focus 100% on comedy.
  • Jungle Boy swings into AEW and joins the new venture. I applaud this move. Jungle Boy is young, talented, and very green. I’m excited to see him compete against better competition because the young man has all the intangibles.
  • “Relentless” Douglas James is returning to FSW February 9th at the FSW Arena. James was in hot pursuit of the NO Limits Title prior to his injury and now he sets his sights on new Champ Damian Drake. Or will he? James has had success against Chris Bey in the past and may look higher for his next match in Southern Nevada.

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