Monday, February 11, 2019

Smart Money is on The Wise Guy; Young Stars emerging in FSW

The Wise Guy is ready for the big stage.
Best of the West announced that Wise Guy will face Matt Cross at their 3rd Anniversary Show March 16th. I’m really excited about this untapped talent. He is a hidden gem and I truly believe he would flourish as a top heel. Any company that gives him a platform to create will benefit. He knows how to build real heat (Seen his Border Patrol Promos?) and naturally comes across as a bad guy. He’s cocky, brash, arrogant, and backs all of it up with tremendous talent. The Wise Guy is good looking, has a great physique, and does a standing shooting star press. What’s not to like? His mat game is strong and can hold his own with wrestlers of all sizes and styles. The microphone skills are what put him over the top for me. It’s not easy to build real heat anymore. Let me rephrase that….wrestlers don’t try to build real heat anymore. The Wise Guy doesn’t have that problem. He grabs the crowd by the throat and squeezes.
I really like what I’ve seen from Mondo Dinero. He has a gimmick that’s been used, but he pulls it off. The guy is a big-time banger. He had a great match with Nevada State Champ Sefa Fatu, and veteran powerhouse Big Vig and NEVER looked out of his element. Dinero isn’t afraid to mix it up with tough competition judging by his booking. A fight is fine and he enjoys slugging it out. These are the most dangerous opponents. If I’m a big name I wouldn’t want to see Dinero because he’s close…
Please more Watson. The Arizona Wrestling Federation Arizona State Champion competed in a six-man tag bout with Manny Lemons and Spyder Saturday night. Their team came up short, but Watson was impressive. He delivers a sternum crushing spear and is a tremendous athlete. Watson has charisma and enthusiasm for the sport and is a more than worthy title challenger for Sefa Fatu. Nevada State Champ vs Arizona State Champ?
Another AWF talent coming onto the scene is Ricky Mondo. Whether he brings a weird Voodoo head into the ring or the mirror belt this kid is unique. Despite the oddities, he can really wrestle. He took on AWF Champion Gabriel Gallo recently in Arizona and picked up a win in six-man against the team lead by Watson Saturday night. Mandel certainly has the look even if you’re not sure what he’s looking at.
A young tag team Mondo Roxx and Robbie Lit faced the Bonus Boyz Saturday and were impressive. They hung in with the two-time FSW Champs with a lot of heart, energy, and determination. The size difference was obvious, but it didn’t change the focus. Roxx and Lit were quicker to certain spots, but ultimately just not good enough yet. Hopefully, we’ll see these two work together more often and see where they go as they develop cohesion and chemistry.


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