Monday, March 4, 2019

Fresco-Dinero Win Big Valley Wrestling Tag Titles; The Tank retains...

Leon Hater stops Frank "The Tank" Sunday in BVW
To the disappointment of Vitamin C lovers everywhere the “King of the Lemonade Stand,” Manny Lemons was unable to make it to the Fight Capital Sunday to face Big Valley Champion Frank “The Tank” at Sahara Events Center. Instead, the “Chain on a Pole” match was contested between Frank and Leon Hater who ended up in the match after interfering with Kevin Ducqets’ destruction of masked luchador Mismatch #2. Ducqets returned the favor and helped Frank retain the title against Hater, but Leon challenged his mortal enemy again putting his career on the line against Ducqets at the Cauliflower Alley Club in April at the Gold Coast. Date TBD.
Exceptional Alexander Braven and Ricky Triforce Tenacious Tag Team legacy in Big Valley wrestling were secured before they entered the ring Sunday afternoon attempting to hold the BVW
New BVW Tag Team Champs Fresco-Dinero
Tag Titles for one year. Tenacious sang a heartfelt tune to his tag team partner in what proved to be a premature victory celebration as the number one contenders Fresco-Dinero finally won the Championship in a hard-fought competitive match. Fresco had to dig deep as the tag team champions worked on his left knee throughout the fight, and it was clear their game plan was to slow down Fresco and try to survive Dinero’s power. At one point in the bout, Exceptional went to the other corner to take shots at the knee when Tenacious and Dinero were the legal men.

The biggest problem the Champions had yesterday was staying out of their own way. Five different times in the match they collided with each other destroying any momentum they gained as the pressure of the moment may have gotten the best of them. Fresco-Dinero missed the first two, but third times the charm as their patented double-clothesline ended it. The new Big Valley Tag Kings are young, hungry, and poised for a good run.  

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