Monday, March 18, 2019

Future Stars of Wrestling MECCA IV Post Fight

Bey Krosses paths with a Killer
MECCA IV at Sam’s Town Live closed out an incredible weekend of Professional Wrestling in Las Vegas Sunday night. Former Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Champion Killer Kross made a triumphant return to the Fight Capital at the expense of current FSW Champion Chris Bey who was on the receiving end of a power slam through a table.
Jack Evans was Bey’s scheduled opponent but was unable to make it to Las Vegas, the Champ issued an open challenge answered by Johnny Morrison (I know, it’s easier) the MECCA Grand Champion. Morrison informed Bey that he would be taken to SlamTown and called out his scheduled opponent Teddy Hart. Teddy responded with choice words for both Bey and Morrison and the match turned into a Triple-Threat.
The Major League Wrestling (MLW) Middleweight Champion Hart stayed outside and let Morrison and Bey collide for a large portion of the match. The strategy worked because Hart got his opportunity and connected on multiple aerial moves, and slams.  Chris Bey got his own offense in and never looked out of his element. He made his Ring of Honor debut this weekend and the stage is never too big for him. During a late match scrum former FSW Champion Killer Kross returned and took out his anger on the current FSW Champion. Kross put “The Ultimate Finesser” through the
aforementioned table and Morrison got the pin.
Kross calmly explained to Bey, “I think the world of you, but there’s a pecking order here.” It’s safe to say the FSW Champ would love to get either man in the ring, but the big money fight is Kross. He’s been the talk of wrestling the past year and a high profile win over Kross would be career defining at this point. Bey has wrestled and beaten Kross before, but it was a different time, different man, and different monster. For Bey to take a fight with this monster he needs to go to that dark place, and it changes people. Look at what happened to Morrison and Valkyrie.
It will be good to see where Bey’s head is at when he returns to the FSW Arena. The stakes have just gotten a lot higher with a Killer in town, but don’t underestimate the man from Virginia. He’s risen to the challenge every time regardless of the opponent’s size, (Shogun), strength (Hammerstone), or speed (James). He’s poses many obstacles in the speed game against a guy who doesn’t possess great footwork, so he can keep him off balance. Inside the ring is the easy part and how he handles the mind games outside of it would be the difference.
One Percent retained their tag team Titles with another impressive win of the Triple-Threat variety over The Rascalz and former FSW Champions Reno Scum. Nelson pinned Dezmond Xavier after they connected on Hush Money. The Champs solidified their position at the top of the heap this weekend against All Elite’s SCU in Fresno and last night. Who’s next for the Champs is tough to project. Either the Scum or Rascalz would be very tantalizing, or another tussle with the Bonus Boyz. No matter who it is they’ll be dealing with a team that’s getting better every time they step in the ring.

Brian Cage won a competitive match with Shane “Swerve” Strickland in what may be the man from Tacoma’s final Indie matches. Strickland is rumored to be going to WWE, or Ring of Honor since they’re the only exclusive companies. Cage returned from his quest to win the IMPACT World Championship to turn in a strong performance. It stuns me how athletic cage is for a man his size. It’s not even the moonsaults and flips. It’s his speed into transitions and the quickness in his move execution that puts him in the right position. “Swerve” had the right game plan and took the “EF’n Machine” off his feet and worked his enormous leg. Unfortunately for him Cage was just too much. Cage is not only the top contender in IMPACT he holds the Warrior Wrestling Title in Chicago and has looked dominant anywhere he appears.

Sinn Bodhi became the special guest referee during Nick Gage and Funny Bones match when referee Cody was unceremoniously knocked out by the two competitors. Bodhi turned the match into a street fight and both men went and grabbed extra tables and chairs under the ring. Sinn turned on his Tag Team partner knocking Bone off the turnbuckle which led to a Gage pile driver through a table to get the pin.
There wasn’t a bad match at the card and the crowd was in it the whole time despite the potentially energy killing intermission. Great weekend and a fun way to wrap it up and FSW is back at the Arena Saturday March 30th. BELL TIME 7PM.

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