Saturday, March 23, 2019

Versus Pro Wrestling Press|Start - Vandagriff-Drake III

photo: Versus 
Tonight at the FSW Arena Versus Pro Wrestling presents: Press|Start as “The Flip Artist”
Matt Vandagriff defends his Level Up Championship against “The New Age Daredevil” Damian Drake in the rubber match of their budding rivalry. BELL TIME 5PM Saturday’s Main Event features two of the top young stars in the Wild West as Drake won the first here in Vegas and Vanda got the second in Cali at Ground Zero March 9th. The winner faces Versus Champ Sledge at the Level Up Expo at the end of April.
Not only is this the third singles match, but these two have also competed in multiple scrambles for the No Limits Title, so they certainly know each other. Regardless of who wins tonight where do they go from here? The Limitless Tournament is next month, so it’s possible these two will see each other again, and there are plenty of other contenders for the No Limits belt in FSW. In a short time, Matt Vandagriff has amassed a strong following with his “Flippy shit” arsenal.  
I would like to see both men let it all go as they’ve settled for slugfests in their previous matches. This match settles it….for now.

Another prospect on the card is Kyle Hawk of Arrow Club. He’s one of the young wrestlers who understand what being a heel means. Hawk gets a lot of heat and does nothing to make the fans cheer him. Being a heel is a lost art form. Once I tried to talk to him after a show and he was a complete jerk, then asked me to buy merch. I didn’t, but I was impressed. He was the same way outside the ring and rarely do you see it. Don’t be nice to me at the merchandise table after you flipped me off and called me fat. I expect you to still be an asshole because that’s what I came to see. (Yes I'm comparing them) MJF is the standard bearer for heels in my opinion because he never changes. Neither does Hawk. He’s always in a bad mood and takes great enjoyment in the displeasure of the fans by beating down their Babyfaces. He’s improving in the ring and is winning more often which is obviously good.

Hawk recently got a tag win with Ricky Mandel who faces another fave in Sandra Moone. I forget sometimes that Mandel was Hollywood Heritage Champion five years ago, but he’s still young in the business and has a bright future. He’s become a regular in 2019 with FSW and getting a win over another top prospect in Versus continues the upward trend. With the early success, we may see more of Hawk and Mandel together in the future.

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