Monday, April 29, 2019

FSW Arena Post Fight...

Douglas James prior to Round 2

Congratulations to Douglas James for winning the Limitless Tournament. He fought through the pain, to get the win over Damian Drake, Chris Bey, and Matt Vandagriff in the Elimination Final. Overall the tournament had some great matches in it and the field was top-flite. The west coast has an extremely deep No Limits/Cruiserweight Division and there are guys in the division who could make a case to be in the Tournament. Hopefully, this won’t be a one-time concept because FSW and LA LUCHA are on to something.
With the amount of quality No Limits wrestlers out west and not to mention Internationally (Adam Brooks) there is much you could do. I’d love to see qualifiers for months or maybe even some type of tournament pool play. The pieces are there to make this an event that rivals any other tournaments in the country and then folks call you to get in.
The thoroughly unpleasant Mazzerati got another win as she climbs the ladder in the FSW Women’s division. She beat Sandra Moone two weeks ago and this time got the pin against Delilah Doom. About Delilah she is terrific. A bundle of energy and personality not to mention some serious skills, and despite the loss has Championships in her future. So does her opponent. It was a really fun back and forth contest until MK interrupted to talk about FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent when the ladies took him out. At that point, Mazzerati took advantage and rolled up Doom for the 3 count.
A New Hero in FSW?
She’s certainly in line for a shot at Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie, and maybe a match with Heather Monroe could solve the number one contender conundrum.
Speaking of One Percent, Royce Isaacs qualified and went to the Finals of this weekend’s NWA Crockett Cup Tag Tournament in North Carolina. Isaacs and Bram Latimer won the Wildcard Battle Royal and then made their way to the Final match with Women’s legend Madusa managing them. Unfortunately, they lost to Brody King and PCO who also became NWA World Tag Team Champions.
Hero Lu is an impressive young talent. He’s a terrific athlete and recently returned after a knee injury cost him several months on the shelf. His work ethic is stellar and has a terrific attitude. He’s another great prospect out of the FSW School that just continually turns out prospects without the pomp and circumstance that other schools generate. I’m excited to see what this young man can do in the months to come and here’s hoping he stays healthy.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sinn Bodhi Serves as Guest Coach at WWE Performance Center

photo: Freakshow Wrestling

Las Vegas Pro Wrestling legend and Coach at the Snake Pit Sinn Bodhi had the chance of a lifetime when he was a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center this week in Orlando, FL. Bodhi said on Instagram that he “felt like a kid in a candy store all day.” Anytime you speak to wrestlers that trained here “The Warlord of Weird” is held in high regard.
Sinn Bodhi is two-time West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) Tag Team Champions with Gangrel, and was recently Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) Tag Team Champions with Funny Bone. He's also involved with Freakshow Wrestling and Lucha Libre Las Vegas and is embroiled in a feud with Funny Bone after Bodhi pushed him off the top turnbuckle during Bone's match at MECCA IV. 
All you have to do is look at his character to see the commitment to ring work and his incredible psychology. Bodhi is a master at the mind games and strikes fear in his opponents, the officials, and the fans. Oh wait, that’s just me. Bodhi competed in WWE 2003-2005, but in 2008 he arrived as Kizarny with quite a build-up but unfortunately, it only led to two TV spots and several house shows. He also had an opportunity with TNA in 2013 with the Disciples of the New Church with partner Slash.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

FSW's Shaggy McLovin Debuts with a "Sketch" in Hollywood...

FSW’s very own Shaggy McLovin made his debut as Sketch against Adrian Quest on Episode 411 on
Shaggy Friday Night FSW Arena
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week. Young Fuego who is competing in the Limitless Tournament next weekend had to be impressed with what his opponent brought to Southern California. The opening was a “feeling out” process and both men tried to find early openings to no avail. A mix of chain wrestling saw Sketch take advantage of his reach to gain control.
Sketch took the fight to Quest and was surprised by the aggressiveness from the youngster. He unveiled a running forearm that nearly decapitated his opponent and executed a Torture Rack Slam. Not even sure that’s what you would call it. They called it the McTwist Slam on the broadcast but even they weren’t sure. It was a great move as he displayed more power than we are used to, and hooked it into a cradle which was the closest he came to getting his hand raised.
Quest gained control with a vicious clothesline that put him on the back of his head. Young Fuego was never in any real danger despite a couple close calls. He gained control after the clothesline to set up Sketch for the “Corner Licker” to finish the fight. It was a strong debut and a great match.
Despite the loss, it was clear that Shaggy/Sketch made a good first impression in Hollywood. The announce team had a lot of positive things to say throughout as his striking game, slams, and move sequences were crisp after early the early match jitters. It’s exciting to see the young FSW star continue to branch out as he’s now competed in Arizona, Utah, and SoCal recently. He may not have qualified for the Limitless Tournament, but there are certainly no limits at this point for the “Skatepark Scumbag.”

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Matt Vandagriff Advances in Limitless Tourney, Ice and Rox qualify....

Vandagriff advances in Limitless vs "Dirty" Dom

Due to a schedule conflict for “The Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff the first round of the Limitless Tournament began Friday night at the FSW Arena. “Dirty” Dom Kubrick qualified in Los Angeles and would be his opponent and the 2018 SoCal Rookie of the Year was ready for a fight no matter what it took. It was clear from the intensity in the Qualifier between Ice and Shaggy what this inaugural tournament means.
Kubrick took the offensive early and grounded Vandagriff with a variety of suplexes and kicks, but “The Flip Artist” had a few tricks up his sleeve. A Mysterio inspired 619 nearly ended it, but after a series of great moves in one corner, Vandagriff’s 450 Splash ended it in the other. With the win Vandagriff advances to round 2 in Las Vegas, but if his recent performances are an indicator we’ll be seeing a lot more of “Dirty” Dom in the Fight Capital going forward.
Ice Williams qualified in what might have been the match of the night. Williams came out with his usual fanfare, but the skateboarder Shaggy had a different look about him. Shaggy was ready to get down as soon as his opponent came to the ring. A series of tie-ups were powerful as both No Limits contenders jostled for the upper-hand in this important contest. McLovin controlled the center of the ring early and made the match physical with Williams, but the size and reach advantage began to play a role late in the fight as Ice began to get the best of the exchanges. 
Ice Williams wins a classic vs Shaggy

After what was the best match I’ve seen both men compete in Williams hit the finish and hooked the cover deep to get the three count. A hard fought match was settled with a handshake. As disappointed as Shaggy was after his loss he has plenty to be excited about. He makes his Championship Wrestling from Hollywood debut on Fite.TV tomorrow at 4pm.
Mondo Rox got the biggest win of his FSW career and advanced to the Limitless Tournament. Originally there was only one qualifier slated, but this surprise came during the evening. Rox is quick on his feet and has a solid aerial attack. He shows a lot of heart, and even one of his opponents Suede Thompson made a point to congratulate the young star afterward leading the crowd in chants of Mondo! Mondo! Mondo!. It was nice to see.
The Limitless Brackets come out today.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Chris Bey's First 119 Days...

One of the last, but certainly not the least surprising announcement for the Limitless Tournament was that Future Stars of Wrestling Champion Chris Bey would be in the bracket. He is the likely number one overall seed and goes in as the favorite. Despite the FSW Championship not on the line he still has the target because a win over “The Ultimate Finesser” would almost guarantee a future Title shot except there’s a reason he’s the likely fav…beating him isn't easy.
Chris Bey at MECCA IV
 He got "the keys to the city" on December 14th when he won the “Against All Odds Rumble” for the second straight year, and won the Belt against Hammerstone in the Main Event that night. Bey has been the Champion for 119 days on April 12th and looked dominant in the process.

Let’s take a peek at his run so far…
The 23-year-old from Virginia has become the most popular wrestler in FSW during this time and it’s not just because of what he does in the ring. Of course he's a tremendous talent, thrilling to watch and has one of the most versatile air attacks In. The. Game. Period. He’s also very accessible to fans and always has time for photos with kids, and adults or just a quick chat. Thanks Chris.
 After a successful first defense in Las Vegas against brother, best friend, and tag partner Suede Thompson, he was viciously attacked by another young star Shogun Jones who made it clear he wanted to win the Heavyweight Title. Then he beat No Limits Champion Owen Travers at the Arena in preparation for Shogun although the two aren't similar at all, no one in FSW is like Shogun Jones. On January 25th at No Escape he prevailed with a decisive win. The FSW Champion had a beautiful gameplan to combat Shogun's size by smartly moving in and out and utilizing the ropes to stay out of the big man's grasp. Jones looked confused throughout and it was clear the Gold wasn't going anywhere for a while.

Bey has also been successful in Hollywood winning UWN Tag Gold with Thompson as Double Platinum (Bag Boyz in FSW). With his confidence level at an all-time high took down returning nemesis Douglas James in a Match of the Year caliber contest at the chilly FSW Arena February 9th.
Chris is also getting opportunities with bigger companies facing Luchasaurus with IMPACT Valentine's Day Weekend and faced fellow FSW Star Damian Drake with Ring of Honor on March 16th at Sam’s Town Live. Bey is having the kind of year that can get you to the next level. He was preparing for Jack Evans at MECCA IV, but his opponent never made it to Las Vegas and ended up in a Triple-Threat with John Morrison and Teddy Hart. Thankfully for Bey, it wasn’t for the FSW Title St. Patty's night because former FSW Champ Killer Kross made his return and put him through a table that led to Morrison getting the win. Bey’s next chapter will be dealing with The Tollman, a Pecking order, and the Heavyweight Title but first, he has his eyes on winning the Limitless Tournament.

The field for the 2 Night 2 City Tournament is deep. It includes FSW No Limits Champ and recent Ring of Honor foe Drake, PCWULTRA Ultra Light Champion “Superstar” Jake Atlas, Australian star Adam Brooks, “Relentless” Douglas James, PP3 CUP Finalist “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest, Matt Vandagriff, “Chief” Owen Travers, Funny Bone, Eli Everfly and 2018 SoCal Rookie of the Year “Dirty” Dom Kubrick. Any of those athletes can beat each other on any given night and a Number One seed guarantees you nothing. However, the FSW Heavyweight Champion needs no guarantees or help from a higher seed and from what we've seen with "The Ultimate Finesser" is that he's handling this title reign fine all by himself.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

UWN TV Title: Royce Isaacs vs Tyler Bateman May 13th

Royce Isaacs - Suplex Machine
On Monday, May 13th in Irvine, California Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s (CWFH) Coastline Clash features one of the most anticipated matchups west of the Rockies in 2019. Royce Isaacs, led by Jamie Iovine, will put his UWN Television Title on the line against PP3 CUP Winner “The MAINMAN” Tyler Bateman. The Man by way of Moore, Oklahoma has made it very clear since he won the Cup that he is not hesitating to go after Gold, and the PP3 Cup gives Bateman a Title shot anywhere within the United Wrestling Network which makes him even more dangerous.
Bateman won the PP3 Cup by defeating Brandon Cutler in the semi’s and survived a war of attrition with Adrian Quest to take home the trophy. He’s a former TV Champion, but it’s been a while since he’s carried Hollywood Gold, and that’s seemingly all UWN TV Champion Royce Isaacs has done since he arrived in Tinsel Town. He was the first CWFH Double Champion (Hollywood Heritage) and since dropping the Heritage Strap he’s continued to roll in TV Title defenses against Ryan Taylor, Danny "Limelight" Rivera, Brandon Cutler, and Gentleman Jervis.  

Without a doubt, this is the toughest defense of the TV Title for Isaacs as he matches up with an opponent who can match his power output, and is taller. Will Royce be able to execute his versatile suplex game, or will Bateman’s size, strength, and pinpoint strikes be too much for the Champion? When Bateman won the first match that came to mind was Isaacs. Bateman will be in Isaacs' face from the opening bell as both men will try to gain control of the center of the ring. This is a good one. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

VIDEO: Nick Bugatti Punishes Damian Drake

Drake - Bugatti Rematch Set for April 12th

FSW has granted a rematch to Nick Bugatti and he will face Damian Drake April 12th for the No
Limits Championship. Bugatti punished Drake’s knee last weekend and caused him to leave the FSW Arena on crutches. The injury wasn’t too severe as the Champ competed with AAA in Tijuana on Friday. There’s a caveat to this one though as Greg Romero will be the special guest referee.

Romero helped “The New Age Daredevil” after Bugatti was disqualified by FSW Senior Official Austin Grimes for using a chair. Drake and Romero’s recent history is one of blunder and poor aim which we’ve documented here before, and the special referee stipulation always makes for juicy subplots especially when it happens to be a guy who wants to be Champion also. The Limitless Tournament is just two weeks away, and the Champion needs to weave through this minefield if he wants to go into the 16 Man, Two Night-Two City tournament that begins April 26th in Los Angeles as the Champion.   

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sefa Fatu Makes First Defense of DCW Gold...

Photo: @realsefafatu
Saturday night April 6th Devotion Championship Wrestling Presents Payment Due in Salt Lake City at the Gateway. BELL TIME 7PM. “The Problem” Sefa Fatu makes the first defense of his DCW Heavyweight Championship, and the first DCW Core Champion will be crowned. This is the fifth event for the Utah promotion which was founded by Manny Lemons last year in his effort to “change Utah wrestling.”
“The Problem” Sefa Fatu won the Devotion Title in a tournament last month to become the promotions first Champ by pinning Lemons in the finals. Fatu, who is also the FSW Nevada State Champ, faces one of Colorado’s top stars in Rocky Mountain Pro Champion Anaya. Both men are strong and prefer tough physical matches that get nasty. Anaya has one of the best finishers in the game and constantly works to set it up. He baited Atiba into the Anayalation to win the Championship after absorbing several chair shots. The Challenger has no problem taking five to give one, and Fatu is the same. Sefa likes the physicality and doesn’t get warmed up until he gets punched a few times.
There will be no “feeling out process” with tests of strength or multiple holds. Nope, they like to get after it. Neither guy wastes offense and every move is executed with dangerous intent. They look to finish fights from the moment the bell rings. A good one.
His cheesiness, Macho Mouse faces another tough Colorado talent in Filter. He got a win recently against Atiba, in a Battle Royal (He hid under the ring), so now he looks to continue his winning ways Saturday night. Sleight of hand and trickery doesn’t work against Filter. "Big Filt Dawg" won’t get caught up in the Mouse’s silliness and will take the fight to him. If everything goes as planned Filter should have no problem, but the Mouse is very cunning.
Shaggy McLovin returns to Utah against Mexican Luchador Misterioso. This one’s a big test for Shaggy as he looks to continue climbing the DCW ladder. Serrano makes her debut against Heidi Howitzer, and DCW will also crown the first Core Champion in a Ladder Match between Echo and Tom Chad.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Damian Drake Makes Debut with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide...

Future Stars of Wrestling No Limits Champion Daredevil" Damian Drake was chosen by Konnan at a tryout in Las Vegas to make his debut in Tijuana this weekend with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA). The Champ has been on fire since winning the Title at No Escape January 25th at Sam's Town Live. His opportunity came Saturday before his MECCA IV Scramble win on St. Patrick's night. The New Age Daredevil was in a brutal battle with Nick Bugatti Saturday night at the FSW Arena where he retained the Strap by Disqualification.
No confirmation on his opponent in Mexico.
AAA was founded by Antonio Pena in 1992 with Konnan among others when they Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre (CMLL) to start their own brand while pursuing more creative freedom. Still going strong the company has working relationships with IMPACTWrestling, Major League Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.

Congratulations to The New Age Daredevil

Belated Post Fight- Future Stars of Wrestling: Aftermath...

I know this is a little late, and I apologize. Here are the main takeaways from Saturday night at the FSW Arena...Suede Thompson was the MC for the evening's festivities as he played Ring Announcer and was the Producer for the entire show. This was the first time Suede produced an FSW show and it ran without a hitch. Well done sir and hopefully the beginning of many more.

Hammerstone has taken his feud with Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu up to a different level. Arizona's Hellhound Gabriel Gallo attacked Fatu from behind after his win over WATSON. After Gallo arrived Hammerstone jumped back into the fray. "The Business" has been unimpressed with Fatu and said his name means nothing anymore. During their match at MECCA prior to his disqualification Hammerstone kept taunting Sefa saying, "you're not ready for this."It was a vicious beatdown of the young Titleholder, but he certainly cannot be underestimated. "The Problem" has ripped through FSW and is more than ready for the former FSW Champ. This one is just getting started.

Greg Romero returned to FSW and wants the No Limits Title. He helped Damian Drake from further injury to his knee at the hands of Nick Bugatti but afterward made it clear it wasn't a charity call. Romero wants a shot at the Title and Drake is more than willing. The No Limits Champion had a chance to win the Gold back in December when Romero "inadvertently" threw a steel chair at "The New Age Daredevil" when he was poised to win the match. Drake may have some animosity from that night, and Romero will want to make his return to an FSW ring a memorable one. Another tough defense for the Las Vegan.

Who's gonna beat Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, and One Percent? Me either.

FSW Champion Chris Bey had a different look about him Saturday. It was a much more focused Bey who even shut a fan down for "disrespecting" him during his ring time. I think it's perfect, and as he prepares for the inevitable confrontation with Killer Kross made it very clear that anyone who thinks he's a big underdog in the encounter that he's beaten The Tollman before and knows how to get it done. Bey is a dangerous match-up for any wrestler on Earth. His size, speed, underrated strength and kick strikes keep him in any match. That's before he unleashes the aerial assault. The FSW Champ is ready.

Mondo Dinero got a win in an FSW ring and it was nice to see. I like his style and I kept rooting for him to get one. He's very competitive elsewhere in town, so we shall see if this was the confidence boost up the ladder the young money maker needed.


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

WARBEAST Bringing Danger Back...

Had an opportunity to speak to WARBEAST Friday at WrestleSummit in LA and I said their
Major League Wrestling (MLW) debut "took me back." As I said it Almighty Sheikh (Josef Samael) exclaimed, "It was dangerous, we're bringing danger back." His partner "The Samoan Werewolf" Jacob Fatu laughed alongside him. "There were points," I told them, "When I had to look away, but I was still cheering watching them on my computer."
Sheikh said, "Because it was dangerous. We're making wrestling dangerous again." It's exciting to see them bust the boundaries of acceptability the other direction. Wrestling in some areas has gotten softer and this is a much-needed change. Family friendly live events and shows are great. It's importantt he business can bring in new fans and if their parents won't allow them to watch then it hurts the long game.
 Do these matches have to happen every time, no? Then you have the opposite effect and burn out the fans. I loved what they did and I'm very happy I had a chance to cover WrestleSummit and see them in action.
Fatu said, "We're glad you were clapping at your computer, and we're gonna bring some danger tonight too." With that said, the Sheikh laughed and smacked the enormous chest of his partner. They won the DEFY Tag Team Titles Friday winning a Triple Threat "All Violence Is Legal" Match against One Percent and Sent 2 Slaughter. They've never lost in an ULTRA ring and it'll be a while before they lose in MLW too.