Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Belated Post Fight- Future Stars of Wrestling: Aftermath...

I know this is a little late, and I apologize. Here are the main takeaways from Saturday night at the FSW Arena...Suede Thompson was the MC for the evening's festivities as he played Ring Announcer and was the Producer for the entire show. This was the first time Suede produced an FSW show and it ran without a hitch. Well done sir and hopefully the beginning of many more.

Hammerstone has taken his feud with Nevada State Champion Sefa Fatu up to a different level. Arizona's Hellhound Gabriel Gallo attacked Fatu from behind after his win over WATSON. After Gallo arrived Hammerstone jumped back into the fray. "The Business" has been unimpressed with Fatu and said his name means nothing anymore. During their match at MECCA prior to his disqualification Hammerstone kept taunting Sefa saying, "you're not ready for this."It was a vicious beatdown of the young Titleholder, but he certainly cannot be underestimated. "The Problem" has ripped through FSW and is more than ready for the former FSW Champ. This one is just getting started.

Greg Romero returned to FSW and wants the No Limits Title. He helped Damian Drake from further injury to his knee at the hands of Nick Bugatti but afterward made it clear it wasn't a charity call. Romero wants a shot at the Title and Drake is more than willing. The No Limits Champion had a chance to win the Gold back in December when Romero "inadvertently" threw a steel chair at "The New Age Daredevil" when he was poised to win the match. Drake may have some animosity from that night, and Romero will want to make his return to an FSW ring a memorable one. Another tough defense for the Las Vegan.

Who's gonna beat Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, and One Percent? Me either.

FSW Champion Chris Bey had a different look about him Saturday. It was a much more focused Bey who even shut a fan down for "disrespecting" him during his ring time. I think it's perfect, and as he prepares for the inevitable confrontation with Killer Kross made it very clear that anyone who thinks he's a big underdog in the encounter that he's beaten The Tollman before and knows how to get it done. Bey is a dangerous match-up for any wrestler on Earth. His size, speed, underrated strength and kick strikes keep him in any match. That's before he unleashes the aerial assault. The FSW Champ is ready.

Mondo Dinero got a win in an FSW ring and it was nice to see. I like his style and I kept rooting for him to get one. He's very competitive elsewhere in town, so we shall see if this was the confidence boost up the ladder the young money maker needed.


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