Monday, April 8, 2019

Drake - Bugatti Rematch Set for April 12th

FSW has granted a rematch to Nick Bugatti and he will face Damian Drake April 12th for the No
Limits Championship. Bugatti punished Drake’s knee last weekend and caused him to leave the FSW Arena on crutches. The injury wasn’t too severe as the Champ competed with AAA in Tijuana on Friday. There’s a caveat to this one though as Greg Romero will be the special guest referee.

Romero helped “The New Age Daredevil” after Bugatti was disqualified by FSW Senior Official Austin Grimes for using a chair. Drake and Romero’s recent history is one of blunder and poor aim which we’ve documented here before, and the special referee stipulation always makes for juicy subplots especially when it happens to be a guy who wants to be Champion also. The Limitless Tournament is just two weeks away, and the Champion needs to weave through this minefield if he wants to go into the 16 Man, Two Night-Two City tournament that begins April 26th in Los Angeles as the Champion.   

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