Monday, April 29, 2019

FSW Arena Post Fight...

Douglas James prior to Round 2

Congratulations to Douglas James for winning the Limitless Tournament. He fought through the pain, to get the win over Damian Drake, Chris Bey, and Matt Vandagriff in the Elimination Final. Overall the tournament had some great matches in it and the field was top-flite. The west coast has an extremely deep No Limits/Cruiserweight Division and there are guys in the division who could make a case to be in the Tournament. Hopefully, this won’t be a one-time concept because FSW and LA LUCHA are on to something.
With the amount of quality No Limits wrestlers out west and not to mention Internationally (Adam Brooks) there is much you could do. I’d love to see qualifiers for months or maybe even some type of tournament pool play. The pieces are there to make this an event that rivals any other tournaments in the country and then folks call you to get in.
The thoroughly unpleasant Mazzerati got another win as she climbs the ladder in the FSW Women’s division. She beat Sandra Moone two weeks ago and this time got the pin against Delilah Doom. About Delilah she is terrific. A bundle of energy and personality not to mention some serious skills, and despite the loss has Championships in her future. So does her opponent. It was a really fun back and forth contest until MK interrupted to talk about FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent when the ladies took him out. At that point, Mazzerati took advantage and rolled up Doom for the 3 count.
A New Hero in FSW?
She’s certainly in line for a shot at Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie, and maybe a match with Heather Monroe could solve the number one contender conundrum.
Speaking of One Percent, Royce Isaacs qualified and went to the Finals of this weekend’s NWA Crockett Cup Tag Tournament in North Carolina. Isaacs and Bram Latimer won the Wildcard Battle Royal and then made their way to the Final match with Women’s legend Madusa managing them. Unfortunately, they lost to Brody King and PCO who also became NWA World Tag Team Champions.
Hero Lu is an impressive young talent. He’s a terrific athlete and recently returned after a knee injury cost him several months on the shelf. His work ethic is stellar and has a terrific attitude. He’s another great prospect out of the FSW School that just continually turns out prospects without the pomp and circumstance that other schools generate. I’m excited to see what this young man can do in the months to come and here’s hoping he stays healthy.

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