Tuesday, April 16, 2019

FSW's Shaggy McLovin Debuts with a "Sketch" in Hollywood...

FSW’s very own Shaggy McLovin made his debut as Sketch against Adrian Quest on Episode 411 on
Shaggy Friday Night FSW Arena
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week. Young Fuego who is competing in the Limitless Tournament next weekend had to be impressed with what his opponent brought to Southern California. The opening was a “feeling out” process and both men tried to find early openings to no avail. A mix of chain wrestling saw Sketch take advantage of his reach to gain control.
Sketch took the fight to Quest and was surprised by the aggressiveness from the youngster. He unveiled a running forearm that nearly decapitated his opponent and executed a Torture Rack Slam. Not even sure that’s what you would call it. They called it the McTwist Slam on the broadcast but even they weren’t sure. It was a great move as he displayed more power than we are used to, and hooked it into a cradle which was the closest he came to getting his hand raised.
Quest gained control with a vicious clothesline that put him on the back of his head. Young Fuego was never in any real danger despite a couple close calls. He gained control after the clothesline to set up Sketch for the “Corner Licker” to finish the fight. It was a strong debut and a great match.
Despite the loss, it was clear that Shaggy/Sketch made a good first impression in Hollywood. The announce team had a lot of positive things to say throughout as his striking game, slams, and move sequences were crisp after early the early match jitters. It’s exciting to see the young FSW star continue to branch out as he’s now competed in Arizona, Utah, and SoCal recently. He may not have qualified for the Limitless Tournament, but there are certainly no limits at this point for the “Skatepark Scumbag.”

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