Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sefa Fatu Makes First Defense of DCW Gold...

Photo: @realsefafatu
Saturday night April 6th Devotion Championship Wrestling Presents Payment Due in Salt Lake City at the Gateway. BELL TIME 7PM. “The Problem” Sefa Fatu makes the first defense of his DCW Heavyweight Championship, and the first DCW Core Champion will be crowned. This is the fifth event for the Utah promotion which was founded by Manny Lemons last year in his effort to “change Utah wrestling.”
“The Problem” Sefa Fatu won the Devotion Title in a tournament last month to become the promotions first Champ by pinning Lemons in the finals. Fatu, who is also the FSW Nevada State Champ, faces one of Colorado’s top stars in Rocky Mountain Pro Champion Anaya. Both men are strong and prefer tough physical matches that get nasty. Anaya has one of the best finishers in the game and constantly works to set it up. He baited Atiba into the Anayalation to win the Championship after absorbing several chair shots. The Challenger has no problem taking five to give one, and Fatu is the same. Sefa likes the physicality and doesn’t get warmed up until he gets punched a few times.
There will be no “feeling out process” with tests of strength or multiple holds. Nope, they like to get after it. Neither guy wastes offense and every move is executed with dangerous intent. They look to finish fights from the moment the bell rings. A good one.
His cheesiness, Macho Mouse faces another tough Colorado talent in Filter. He got a win recently against Atiba, in a Battle Royal (He hid under the ring), so now he looks to continue his winning ways Saturday night. Sleight of hand and trickery doesn’t work against Filter. "Big Filt Dawg" won’t get caught up in the Mouse’s silliness and will take the fight to him. If everything goes as planned Filter should have no problem, but the Mouse is very cunning.
Shaggy McLovin returns to Utah against Mexican Luchador Misterioso. This one’s a big test for Shaggy as he looks to continue climbing the DCW ladder. Serrano makes her debut against Heidi Howitzer, and DCW will also crown the first Core Champion in a Ladder Match between Echo and Tom Chad.

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