Tuesday, April 9, 2019

UWN TV Title: Royce Isaacs vs Tyler Bateman May 13th

Royce Isaacs - Suplex Machine
On Monday, May 13th in Irvine, California Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s (CWFH) Coastline Clash features one of the most anticipated matchups west of the Rockies in 2019. Royce Isaacs, led by Jamie Iovine, will put his UWN Television Title on the line against PP3 CUP Winner “The MAINMAN” Tyler Bateman. The Man by way of Moore, Oklahoma has made it very clear since he won the Cup that he is not hesitating to go after Gold, and the PP3 Cup gives Bateman a Title shot anywhere within the United Wrestling Network which makes him even more dangerous.
Bateman won the PP3 Cup by defeating Brandon Cutler in the semi’s and survived a war of attrition with Adrian Quest to take home the trophy. He’s a former TV Champion, but it’s been a while since he’s carried Hollywood Gold, and that’s seemingly all UWN TV Champion Royce Isaacs has done since he arrived in Tinsel Town. He was the first CWFH Double Champion (Hollywood Heritage) and since dropping the Heritage Strap he’s continued to roll in TV Title defenses against Ryan Taylor, Danny "Limelight" Rivera, Brandon Cutler, and Gentleman Jervis.  

Without a doubt, this is the toughest defense of the TV Title for Isaacs as he matches up with an opponent who can match his power output, and is taller. Will Royce be able to execute his versatile suplex game, or will Bateman’s size, strength, and pinpoint strikes be too much for the Champion? When Bateman won the first match that came to mind was Isaacs. Bateman will be in Isaacs' face from the opening bell as both men will try to gain control of the center of the ring. This is a good one. 

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