Friday, May 31, 2019

Pump Patrol to Face One Percent Saturday for FSW Tag Team Titles...

The last year has truly been the “One Percent Era” in the FSW Tag Team Division. The last few times we’ve seen the Champions has been in squash matches and their “toughest” opponent has been
Photo: Curt Matthews
Exceptional and Tenacious so you have a clear picture of what they’ve dealt with. After speculation and rumors the last few days FSW made it official and announced that Pump Patrol (Jared Wayne & Curt Matthews) are making their Future Stars of Wrestling debut tomorrow night against One Percent for the FSW Tag Team Championship at High Octane Calm before the Storm at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 7PM…
Matthews and Wayne were trained by Luke Hawx and have made a name for themselves competing in Texas with Reality of Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and Wildkat Sports in New Orleans. Wildkat has recently has booked FSW’s Spyder and Owen Travers as well as other west coast talent like “The Equal Opportunity Ass-Kicker” Ruby Raze. The last two years have seen the team expand into North Carolina and Maryland with MCW Pro Wrestling (MCW).
Pump Patrol will be the toughest test the Champs have had in an FSW ring since March against The Rascalz and Reno Scum at Sam’s Town Live. Will One Percent get complacent and possibly look past a team they’ve never faced before? Let’s keep in mind that Che Cabrera and Bad Dude Tito are scheduled and they have a habit of getting involved with matches they aren’t invited to. It’s led to them walking out with Gold before in SoCal, so nothing would surprise us. It’s great we’re discussing the division and actual competition for arguably the best Team in FSW History. The spotlight is on in Las Vegas Saturday night.

FSW Owner Joe DeFalco to Return at Rajah Live Pro Wrestling

Photo: JD3 Studios

Coaches like Joe Gibbs, Dick Vermeil, Jon Gruden, Jack McKeon and Hubie Brown all left the field, diamond or the court only to return years later with varying degrees of success. Some took the risk to have their names dragged through the mud for a few years potentially ruining their legacy and others achieve greater glory. Future Stars of Wrestling Owner Joe DeFalco is doing just that on June 29th as the Coach of Chris Bey’s team at Rajah Live: Team Warfare at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 7PM. DeFalco told me he believes he’s returning as a Coach but made it clear he still doesn’t know all the details. Great coaches always keep their strategies a secret and it’s a nice selection by the FSW Heavyweight Champion. It’s obvious Bey values what the Boss brings to the table intellectually because DeFalco was clear there will be, “No in-ring anything.” Now you would suspect Bey’s best friend Suede Thompson would be high on his list of choices if not number one. However, there is plenty of talent for the “Ultimate Finesser” to choose from.
The last time we saw the FSW Boss was four years ago in a program with Rocky when Kevin Kross was his Personal Assistant. Speaking of Number One the FSW Tag Team Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) were selected by Jack Jameson for his team, and Heather Monroe chose Alison Danger. The night also brings the return of the final team Captain SoCal legend B-Boy who returns to Las Vegas after a three-year absence. His intensity and physicality are a welcome addition to the Las Vegas wrestling scene.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Is a New Wrestling Promotion Coming to Las Vegas?

The United Wrestling Network announced last night that Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) will be debuting here in Las Vegas this Saturday night at 11PM after Ring of Honor (ROH) on MyLVTV. It begins with Coastline Clash and features David Arquette vs “Professional” Peter Avalon and Royce Isaacs vs Bateman among others. CWFH books several top stars from Future Stars
Photo: United Wrestling Network
of Wrestling (FSW)already like Chris Bey, Suede Thompson, Shaggy McLovin (as Sketch), Adriel Noctis, Damian Drake, and the aforementioned Isaacs who was recently Double-Champion while Bey and Suede wore Tag Gold.
What’s the big plan here for UWN Owner David Marquez? Is this just a new market to explore or does UWN have bigger plans in Southern Nevada? Quietly they began Silver State Wrestling which has an Instagram and Twitter account and is profiled as their “newest promotion debuting this summer in Las Vegas.” Are they planning a new promotion here? Rajah News announced they’re holding a second show in town June 29th, and we already have Versus Pro, Big Valley, and very popular Lucha Libre Las Vegas to go with FSW. This wouldn’t be the first time plans for a new promotion haven’t materialized as Championship Wrestling from Louisiana has yet to begin.
 The UWN has a partnership with FSW although outside of talent they do nothing together promotionally, so it’s unclear how deep the relationship actually is. Would it make sense to create competition against yourself, or is it a relationship of smoke, mirrors, and convenience? I reached out to Silver State Wrestling to find out about Live Events and whether or not we can expect any this summer but they have not replied. A source close to the situation indicated to me that nothing is concrete (my words)but that signs point to a whole new promotion in Las Vegas this summer. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cash in The Case Qualifier - Matt Vandagriff vs Adrian Quest

It's the Flip Artist vs Young Fuego as two of SoCal's finest return to the FSW Arena with the winner earning a spot in the Cash in the Case Ladder Match at the FSW Tenth Anniversary Show at Sam's Town Live June 23rd.
Photo: @SantinoBros
Vandagriff has had multiple chances in FSW since his arrival earlier this year, and is no stranger to winning Championship Gold in Las Vegas. He beat Suede Thompson to earn a spot in the No Limits Scramble January 25th that Damian Drake won. Then Vanda dropped a singles match to Drake for the No Limits Championship and then lost in the Final Elimination for the Limitless Tournament that "Relentless" Douglas James eventually won. Now the supremely talented 21-year-old takes on Adrian Quest who has had his own challenges getting his hand raised.
Quest was knocked out in round one of the Limitless Tournament (Eliminated by Jakob Austin Young) but is more than talented enough to qualify and be a legitimate threat to win. He’s a very smart competitor who used clever strategy in Hollywood to advance in the PP3 Cup earlier this year and will need a good one here. He must keep his opponent grounded. If Vandagriff is allowed to use his deadly aerial attack it will be a long night for Young Fuego. However, Quest has an underrated ground game and uses his length to maintain ring control. He maintains position with solid technique and has had success in the past against aerial attacks. The Flip Artist needs space to operate and when he gets it he’s absolutely lethal. There isn’t an aerial weapon he doesn’t possess and can finish matches multiple ways.
Vandagriff will likely have the crowd on his side, but despite being in his early twenties Quest is a seasoned competitor unconcerned with who cheers for him and will be completely focused on his opponent. It’s a big match for both guys with a spot at FSW 10 on the line. Who Ya Got?

Four Way Scramble to Qualify for Cash in the Case...Sort of...

Photo: @Shaggy_McLovin

The Four-Way Scramble Saturday night at the FSW Arena has the same caveat that allowed Mondo Roxx to qualify for the FSW/LA LUCHA Limitless Tournament in April. Two of the four competitors, Remy Marcel, and Ice Williams have already qualified for the FSW Cash in the
Case(CITC) Ladder Match and face Suede Thompson and Shaggy McLovin. If Suede or Shaggy win they will qualify for the match. The winner of the CITC will be able to cash in for a Title shot for ANY Future Stars of Wrestling Championship at ANY time. Graves and Clutch of the Bonus Boyz have also qualified.
Last year’s winner Greg Romero will not be in the CITC match this year with his hands full in the No Limits division, but Shaggy and Suede are two guys who have been going in different directions. Despite being competitive in every match Suede Thompson has had his struggles in an FSW ring since last year and earning a spot in such an important match would be a great way to start a new streak. Shaggy McLovin has recently become a
Photo: @suedethompson
Champion for the first time and wants to keep his momentum going back in the FSW Arena. The Skatepark Scumbag didn’t compete at MECCA IV and would love to get back on a Casino show with a great chance to do it here.
Shaggy has become more confident in his game with a more aggressive attack moving forward taking the fight to his opponents. This change has led to victories and he’s also showing more innovation in his offensive repertoire as he continues to fill out and get stronger. The aggressiveness has carried over into his attitude as he appears less inclined to be the “good guy.” While not a Heel it’s clear at this point in his young career Shaggy wants to win matches. Period. Suede Thompson made his Ring of Honor debut earlier this year and has faced some of the top guys in the company  recently such as Taya Valkyrie/Heather Monroe, Shogun Jones, Andy Brown, and even his best friend, FSW Champion Chris Bey. The former No Limits and FSW Tag Champion is in the best shape of his life and very dangerous.
Or, will Remy Marcel or Ice Williams play spoilers and ruin both guys chance at a spot in the CITC Ladder Match at Sam’s Town Live on Sunday, June 23rd? Who Ya Got?

Monday, May 27, 2019

Raze vs Shotzi vs Ellie at LA Lucha's Appetite for Destruction...

LA LUCHA returns Friday, May 31st with Appetite for Destruction at the Inoki Dojo in Huntington Park, California. BELL TIME 8PM. The Women’s Triple Threat featuring “The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Ruby Raze facing Shotzi Blackheart and “The Dream Girl” Ellie. Raze is looking for revenge after losing a Triple-Threat for the Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) Women’s Title May 18th when Shotzi won the belt from Cheerleader Melissa.
Ruby Raze is a destructive force who beat Watts in a Street Fight to make her LUCHA debut St. Patrick’s Day weekend and she’s one of the most physical and toughest stars in the sport. She isn’t afraid to face anyone including IMPACTWrestling’s Jordynne Grace, Delilah Doom (Check out their FIST Combat Deathmatch), Andy Brown, Bateman, Brody King, and Desi DeRata. Her 2019 results have been mixed with the exception of singles matches where she’s been nearly unbeatable with victories over Sandra Moone, the aforementioned Watts, and Heather Monroe. If Raze isn’t the top women’s wrestler in SoCal then you could argue it’s one of her opponents, rivals, and tag team partners…
During this past weekend, Shotzi Blackheart battled FSW Champ “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey in Las Vegas this past weekend, and now looks to get back to her winning ways in Huntington Park. She recently took home the AWS Women’s Gold May 18th (Raze and Cheerleader Melissa (c)) and the SHINE Nova Title from Aja Perera in Michigan eight days earlier on May 10th. Blackheart has the energy for days and never stops moving constantly changing her offensive attack. Her versatility is her weapon as she transitions beautifully from hand strikes to wicked kicks. Blackheart uses her aerial attack with well-timed precision and takes advantage of her next-level ring awareness. We’ve seen her strategy in the past with Raze to wear her out, but she doesn’t have that luxury in this one. Blackheart and “Chingona” could turn this into a singles match by putting their young opponent out of commission...
“The Dream Girl” comes to town with a tall order attempting to outwit and outlast two of Cali’s top grapplers. Strategy can be critical to stealing a win in what may appear to be less than favorable conditions, and this young lady is very intelligent. An adept counter attacker Ellie will be well prepared for her opponents and with her size, quickness, and anonymity will be used to full advantage stay away from a Shotzi and Ruby collision and time her strikes she could certainly get her hand raised. Scramble matches are a perfect stipulation to get the upset win. Ellie is no stranger to winning big matches winning Titles in Florida with Rival Pro Wrestling.
This is sneaky, sneaky good.
Who ya got?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cody and Dustin, I was Wrong...

Dear Cody and Dustin,
I was wrong. 100% wrong. When I heard that you would be facing each other at Double or Nothing I
Photo: @baronovech
cringed. Cody, I was excited to see who you would be facing and frankly Dustin you weren’t it. Moxley, Page, CM Punk anyone. Didn’t matter. Dustin, I followed you on Twitter and I knew how proud you were of your younger brother when AEW was announced, so there was no animosity. However, now I understand.
Dustin not only were you the right choice I can’t think of anyone who would have come close to what you did. You were in great shape and absolutely delivered. Yes sir, you still got it. It was not only my favorite moment of the night -it was my favorite match. It was absolutely real, and the crowd chanting “Dusty Dusty Dusty” showed they were invested too. You now had me emotionally invested in a match I didn’t even want to see.
My favorite portion of the match was the figure-four in the center of the ring made me think of the classic struggles between your Dad and the “Nature Boy.” It was beautiful to watch as suddenly I was 12 years-old on the edge of my couch glued to the television demanding to see who would win. Also, I only remember one aerial move, (Bad Ass Dustin)and it made sense. Your match improved the show significantly for me at that point. True Story. The hug at the end with Dustin pointing to the heavens gave me serious goosebumps. Outstanding work Gentleman your Dad would be proud.

Thank you,
A Stupid Idiot

Friday, May 24, 2019

Bey Tops Luchasaurus...Kross NEXT


The “Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey was ready for his rematch last night in the place referred to as “Bey’s House” at Rajah Presents: “We Are One” and picked up an impressive win over Luchasaurus at the FSW Arena. Las Vegas is Bey’s adopted home and even though their first bout was here the building makes a difference. Bey used the “Home court advantage” to get his hand raised and even the series  1-1. It was also announced that Rajah was doing another show on June 29th and that would be as good a time as any for the third installment of this sneaky good rivalry.
Luchasaurus shook Bey’s hand in sportsmanship after the defeat and now we must demand a “Rubber Match.” Both these guys would welcome another one and if it was for the FSW Title would be a bonus. That, of course, means Bey gets past former FSW Champion Killer Kross on June 23rd at the FSW 10th Anniversary with the belt. Booking the Green Monster is a perfect prep for him with the similarity in size but he brings the added aerial game. With the victory, the Champion looks ready to fight The Tollman at Sam’s Town Live today. Now that Bey has the rematch over, with a win under his belt he can fully devote to preparing for Sunday, June 23rd and the self-professed “biggest match of my career.”  

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera Return to FSW June 1st...

The FSW Tag Team Division is getting stronger as Future Stars of Wrestling confirmed that Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera will return to Las Vegas on June 1st at the FSW Arena. No word on their opponent at press time. They’ve been one of the top teams in Southern California and faced former FSW Tag Team Champions the Bag Boyz (Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) in the Fight Capital last year. With the announcement days ago that the Soul Burners (Tomaste & Ryan Taylor) were returning and now with these two, One Percent’s (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) schedule just got a whole lot busier. Both are very dangerous opponents for Isaacs and Nelson who have been totally dominant in Southern Nevada since their formation last summer.
Che and Tito are tough nasty guys looking to hurt someone and the game plan works because they’ve won Championships nearly everywhere they’ve been. They’ll have their sights set on the FSW Belts and will stop at nothing to get them. Their snug, physical style is tough enough to prepare for much less endure over the course of a match, and are experts at cutting the ring off with brutal double teams and grinding opponents to bits with surgical efficiency. It’s great to see the Tag Division get a small remodel bringing new opposition for the Champions, and Saturday night may provide a clearer picture of who 1% will face at the FSW 10th Anniversary.

Douglas James Returns to the Ring Facing a "June Gauntlet"...

Limitless Tournament Champion “Relentless” Douglas James returns to Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) on Saturday, June 1st at the FSW Arena. BELL TIME 7PM. James defeated Lucas Riley on
Photo: FSW
night One of the tourney, Eli Everfly and No Limits Champion Damian Drake was put to sleep in the final elimination on night Two to win the trophy. It was a grueling tournament and after some rest, he returns to the ring facing a brutal gauntlet of opposition in June. He even makes his AAA debut to close out May on the 31st.
On June 9th DJ makes his DOA Wrestling debut in Portland, Oregon against the "Baddest Mother F***er in Pro Wrestling" Schaff. The Star from Pennsylvania has found a second home in the Northwest and is as athletic as he is powerful. It's for Shaff's DOA Championship in the place he's dominated since his arrival. While it's certainly a tough out James is no stranger to big opponents and takes on the “GODDAMN MAN” Tyler Bateman the following week in Imperial Beach, California at Ground Zero: Encore on June 15th.  The night before he faces Major League Wrestling’s (MLW) Brian Pillman Jr. with PCW ULTRA. This is in preparation for his match at the FSW 10th Anniversary at Sam’s Town Live against former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins.
After James won the Limitless Tournament Perkins stunned the FSW crowd when he came out to congratulate his future opponent. Perkins makes his return to the Independent scene the week before against Adam “Brooksy” Brooks at ULTRA, so he will have some time to shake off the rust before the Sunday night show in the Fight Capital. I reached out to Douglas and asked about this “June Gauntlet” and his response was fitting for a guy who faces top opposition regularly, “I didn't even realize that, but these are the kind of matches that I want to have,” he continued, “I want to wrestle the best guys from all over. These are all huge matchups for me, for multiple reasons. I'm ready to put up or shut up, and of course, be Relentless.”

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Presents "We Are One"

Photo: Presents “We Are One” on May 23rd at the FSW Arena 6035 Harrison Dr. as there will be a NEXUS (Justin Gabriel/PJ Black & Michael Tarver) reunion and multiple Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Champions in action. BELL TIME 7:30. This Thursday night FSW Heavyweight King Chris Bey, No Limits Champ Damian Drake, and the Tag Champs One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) are scheduled to compete in Rajah’s first Live event to kick-off All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) big weekend in Las Vegas.
Bey gets his long-awaited rematch with Luchasaurus who was recently added to the AEW Casino Battle Royal Saturday and got the win in their first match on IMPACTWrestling in February. It was a contest that was the talk of the weekend and immediately had fans clamoring to see it again and made it happen. “The Ultimate Finesser” has no problem competing with a larger opponent and does a great job utilizing his speed advantage. He gets to spots first and confuses opponents with his ability to work through transitions at a break-neck pace. Luchasaurus is incredibly athletic which gave Bey problems Valentine’s
weekend after facing more stationary big men like Shogun Jones and Major League Wrestling’s (MLW) Hammerstone prior. The Virginia native will want to attack quickly but will need to find an answer this time for his opponent’s athleticism or we will end up with the same result.
Damian Drake faces his former tag partner Mikey O’Shea in what is a decided home-court advantage. As the team Fight and Flight Drake and O’Shea feuded with the Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) and won tag Gold with West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) in Oregon. The 330 pounder fighting out of California wants to control the center of the ring and use his size advantage. However this isn’t the same “New Age Daredevil” O’ Shea has seen as he’s bigger, stronger, and much improved since his younger days. Regardless this is a big challenge in more ways than one as the No Limits Champion Drake hasn't faced larger opponents recently. Drake is a tough kid (ask Hammerstone) and doesn’t shy away from a fight, but he wants to avoid that at all costs because his opponent is not the guy to slug it out with. Drake needs to maintain distance and utilizes a patient, precise aerial attack to keep O’ Shea moving. He can’t allow his former partner to get his feet set and gain ring control. Another good one.
Since it was announced the reunion of Nexus has been all the rage as Justin Gabriel (PJ Black) and Michael Tarver reunite to face the best Tag Team in Las Vegas the One Percent. Nexus was a WWE faction in 2010 that debuted with 8 wrestlers from the original NXT show. Wade Barrett led the group in an attack on John Cena, CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Jerry Lawlor and Matt Striker and continued to attack Superstars on RAW and eventually Smackdown. They sported matching Black and Yellow armbands and were all seeking full-time employment by the WWE. While Nexus has been lampooned as a failure by some pundits has an alumni list strikingly impressive with Wade Barrett, CM Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt (Husky Harris), Jennifer Hudson’s ex-husband and Heath Slater all can claim to be former members. Gabriel/Black was 3X WWE Tag Champion with Heath Slater as Nexus and The Corre and has had a terrific career since leaving WWE. He’s competed all over the world winning several Titles along the way including Lucha Underground King of Trios and TNA’s King of the Mountain. Tarver continues to compete in Florida and recently with Ring Warriors and CHIKARA.
Isaacs and Nelson have been dominant as FSW Tag Team Champions and throughout the Wild West with wins over AEW’s SoCal Uncensored (SCU) (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian), The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier), Reno Scum (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe), and The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) this year alone. Despite the fact Nexus hasn’t teamed in years both guys are very tough and will present One Percent with a great challenge. Black is just a tough nasty dude who can do anything in the ring and Tarver is very powerful. One Percent will want to take advantage of certain rust with their opponents and should be able to get away with the win.

Also scheduled Thursday night:
Jack Jameson w/ Disco Inferno vs Scarlett Bourdeaux
Heather Monroe vs KC Spinelli


Friday, May 17, 2019

Soul Burners Return to FSW against Bonus Boyz...

Photo: @CWFHollywood

One of So Cal’s top teams The Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor & Tomaste) return to Las Vegas and Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) on Saturday, June 1st at the FSW Arena against Two-Time FSW Tag Champs The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown). Ryan Taylor and Tomaste were poised for Tag Team Gold throughout the Wild West when a shoulder injury to Tomaste ended their 2018 campaign. They returned to action with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this past February against one of the Top Teams from the Mid-Atlantic region The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) and got an impressive victory while also taking down FSW’s Shaggy McLovin (Sketch) and Adriel Noctis more recently. Ryan Taylor is easily one of the five best pure grapplers out west and is a decorated Champion with the Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF) and CWFH. He’s competed with FSW in singles action too, but he seems to have found something special with his Soul Burner partner Tomaste. They connected immediately and saw success from the outset while taking on the Wild West’s top teams like Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend), Agents of Chaos (R3 & Evan Daniels), The Rancheros (Raul & Rogelio), and the Four-Time UWN Tag Champions RockNES Monsters 
(Yuma & BHK).
Photo: @SugarBrownKAYO
The Soul Burners re-enter the FSW Tag Team fray at a good time. Champions One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) have virtually cleaned out the division and a win by Taylor and Tomaste against RMB could put them smack dab into a Title shot. They’re a difficult team to prepare for and it could be easy to underestimate them with their Chants and Mantras, but both Burners compete. Tomaste surprises you with his wiry frame and utilizes it to maintain offensive control, while his aerial game is top-notch and rarely takes unnecessary risks. Their double teams are improving and they do a nice job of cutting off the ring which has much to do with Taylor who’s ring control is on another level. It’s critical they don’t give the Boyz any space to operate because these two hit like thunder and it’ll take more than meditation to survive.
Will the Soul Burners be the shot in the arm this tag division needs? One Percent’s domination sent the Bag Boyz (Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) to pair-up in California and Whirlwind Gentleman’s Remy Marcel has returned in Singles. The Reno Scum made an appearance at MECCA and won Gold again in California but it’s uncertain whether they’re returning to Vegas with regularity. Either way, this is a great match that could have major implications within the division.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sefa Fatu vs Hammerstone in Last Man Standing at FSW 10

Photo: FSW

The Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Championship Committee made it official and to no one’s surprise “The Problem” Sefa Fatu accepted the challenge from Hammerstone and will face him in a “Last Man Standing” Match at the FSW 10th Anniversary June 23rd. Fatu will be defending his FSW Nevada State Title against “The Business” in a rematch that we’ve waited for since MECCA IV. The first time these two stars met March 17 at Sam’s Town Live Hammerstone controlled the majority of the match but the young Champion dug deep, delivered a perfect Superkick and was close to getting the victory when Hammerstone took matters, or the belt rather, into his own hands and clocked the second generation star.

After Fatu was awarded an unsatisfying Disqualification victory the two grapplers have met multiple times in the ring since. Hammerstone drew from his Arizona home to bring Gabriel Gallo into the mix to face Fatu, and the son of Rikishi got the victory. Fatu and unexpected partner (and mortal Hammerstone enemy)Graves beat Hammer and Gallo in tag action last time they shared a ring at the FSW Arena, so the Champion has momentum.
That’s where Hammer sets his traps lulling his opponent into a false sense of security. This past Saturday the 602 day FSW Champion dismantled young prospect Hero Lu with a vicious “Nightmare Pendulum” on the big Samoan, and “The Business” has shown no respect for family history and made that clear with Fatu as well as the Hart’s in MLW and more recently the young Von Erich’s.
This is the biggest match of Fatu’s career. Hammerstone is more than a legitimate threat to win he’s the likely favorite. He’s won plenty of Title matches at FSW Casino shows and the brighter the spotlight the better. Fatu started slow at MECCA and can’t afford that again but has experience this time and should have a much clearer scouting report. This match will be terrific. It’s been the Best feud of the first Six Months and a “Last Man Standing” match fits great.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

No Limits Champion Damian Drake comes out Swinging...

Drake at No Escape Jan. 25, 2019
Even though Greg Romero and Nick Bugatti squared off for the Number One Contender spot for Damian Drake's No Limits Championship it was the Steel Chair again that took the spotlight last night at the FSW Arena. We've recounted in this space how often the chair has been in play and last night was no different. This time it was No Limits Champion Damian Drake who interceded and took out both competitors. After the referee was knocked out Drake took the chair from Bugatti and inadvertently connected with Romero. The Champ then took out his frustration with a chair shot for Nick.
The assigned official ruled it a No Contest and a number one contender was not declared. No confirmation yet from the Future Stars of Wrestling Championship Committee on what's next, or whether Bugatti will meet Romero again. All signs point to a Triple-Threat at the FSW Tenth Anniversary Show June 23rd and it seems the logical way to settle this conundrum. It's been a great story so far and looking forward to watching it play out.

Hammerstone Advances in MLW's National Openweight Tournament


Hammerstone advanced to the Major League Wrestling (MLW) National Openweight Championship Match  June 1st at “Fury Road after beating Gringo Loco in the semi-finals last night on MLW Fusion. Loco’s style proved challenging at times for the 240 pounder from Arizona, but it was the former FSW Champion’s pure power that led to his victory. After he sent his Dynasty mates MJF and Richard Holliday to the locker room after multiple intercessions in the match, Hammerstone would catch the Chicago Luchador and deliver a devastating superplex. This led to the “Nightmare Pendulum” which ended the fight. There wasn’t much doubt that Hammer was the Top seed in the brackets and it would have been a significant upset if Loco pulled off the victory.
Now he gets ready for the winner of the other semi featuring his nemesis and Hart Foundation member Brian Pillman Jr. Junior takes on Rich Swann who has developed a new attitude prior to a recent suspension, but is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and could be the slight favorite. Either way Hammerstone will be ready and should leave Milwaukee with his first major Title. He has taken MLW by storm and has positioned himself at the top with Brains, Moxie and Brute Force. Hammer already has a win against Pillman and has proven already that MLW made a great decision signing him because this Beefcastle is a BIG TIME PLAYER. A future contest with Las Vegas’ "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (MLW World Champion) is very enticing.

Phillip Arthur Classic Makes FSW Debut Last Night...

photo @simply_classic

Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) standout and former Unleashed Champion Phillip Arthur Classic
made his Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) debut last night against favorite Hyperstreak. C-Lassic used his typical tactics early gesturing for a handshake but delivering a boot to the mid-section instead. It was probably smart because Hyperstreak has looked really good since returning to the FSW Arena last month. The match was back and forth and there were several moments where it looked C-Lassic would pull off the upset, but it was not to be. Hyperstreak showed that he too is ready to compete in a crowded No Limits division. His opponent didn’t embarrass himself and nobody better sleep on Phillip Arthur or they’ll watch him get his hand raised. It may take some time to get into the No Limits Title picture, but if he gets booked here more he certainly will be a force to reckon with.

Joey Ryan Returns to Las Vegas with Future Stars of Wrestling...

Photo: FSW
Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) announced that the  Joey Ryan will be at Beers & Bodyslams at the Nerd Bar June 13th. BELL TIME 9PM. Ryan recently announced the end of his Independent career and there are strong rumors that he is all but signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This booking is a clear indication he will not be going to NXT or WWE as those rumors have quieted anyway but he would not be able to compete with FSW if he had signed with Vince McMahon and Co. Ryan has been a fixture on the West Coast for nearly two decades and more recently competed with Major League Wrestling (MLW), IMPACTWrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH), FSW, and his own promotion Bar Wrestling. AEW has invaded the aforementioned Bar Wrestling multiple times and Ryan is close with the Young Bucks and others in the company including his friend Peter Avalon who also signed recently with All Elite leading to the increased speculation. Regardless of where Ryan ends up, it’s great to have him back in Vegas.
The B&B event scheduled in April was canceled due to various issues, but this one certainly looks to be in full gear. It’s an important card leading up to the Tenth Anniversary and there is plenty that could happen. Don’t assume because it’s not at the arena or Casino that it’s a stinker. Last October Hammerstone cemented his feud with Johnny Morrison when he kicked his wife and FSW Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie in the face. This ultimately led to their cage match at No Escape in January. There is no word yet on Ryan’s opponent, but it’s certainly something you won’t want to miss. 

Here’s the story from Last Word on Joey Ryan’s original announcement:

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Exceptional and Tenacious Return for Big Valley Gold...

Exceptional & Tenacious get their long-awaited rematch in a 2 out of 3 Falls bout against Fresco-Dinero at Mayday Meltdown Sunday afternoon for the Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) Tag Team Championship at the Sahara Events Center. BELL TIME 2pm. Ricky Triforce Tenacious and
Photo: Big Valley Wrestling
“Exceptional” Alexander Braven held the BVW Titles for 11 months until Primo Pulpo’s boys won the gold earlier this year. The former Champions bill themselves as the "Greatest Tag Team in Las Vegas" despite recently losing to One Percent. They were the best team in Big Valley for nearly a year, but the New Champs are hot. Fresco-Dinero found the right combination to finally wrestle the belts away and look to retain them for a while. Mondo Dinero is one of the Top Prospects in Town and his partner isn't far behind.Fresco- Matic was recently booked with Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) (Dinero pinned Fresco in Six-Man) and both have been regulars throughout the Vegas Valley. As with any Exceptional and Tenacious Match, you will certainly be entertained. Win or Lose they are a lot of fun.

Who’s the Number One Contender for the FSW No Limits Title? The obvious choice would be a match between Nick Bugatti and Greg Romero. Those two along with Champion Damian Drake have been embroiled in a feud that can be traced back to December of last year. Speaking of No Limits Champions, the first one Remy Marcel returns Saturday and may throw his hat into the No Limits mix and brings more than enough FSW clout to warrant a Title shot. Maybe a Triple-Threat?

FSW Champion the "Ultimate FinesserChris Bey gets his rematch with Luchasaurus as Rajah Presents: “We Are One” at the FSW Arena on May 23rd. Bey and Luchasaurus had a terrific match with IMPACTWrestling in February and now they meet in the “Ultimate Finesser’s” backyard. Should be another good one. Next month Bey defends the FSW Title against Killer Kross in a No Rules Match June 23rd at the FSW Tenth Anniversary.

AEW announced yesterday a 21 person Battle Royal at Double or Nothing May 25th and the winner gets a future AEW Title Shot. We don’t know if a Champion is going to be crowned that night also, but you never know. The competitors arrive at the ring at various intervals until a lucky 21st enters last.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

One Percent and Double Platinum Battle by the Bay

On Friday, May 10th in San Francisco West Coast Pro Wrestling presents: Ruthless By Law and features a tag team match between two teams that have a unique relationship together. Double Platinum (aka Bag Boyz)(Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) will face their old rivals from Las Vegas One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) and will take their rivalry to the Bay Area. Last February Suede Thompson won the Percy Pringle III Cup by defeating Royce Isaacs. After the contest, Isaacs would meet Jamie Iovine and would sow the seeds of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH)Double-Championship. Isaacs would eventually become United Wrestling Network TV Champion and Hollywood Heritage Titleholder during the end of 2018.
Thompson went on to have a Title match in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) against MJF but was unsuccessful. He then had a Best-of-Seven Series last summer against Chris Bey. It was a series that was the talk of the summer as “The Ultimate Finesser” took the #InstantClassic at Championship Wrestling from Arizona (CWFA) AZ100 4-3. Once fierce combatants the two men united into Double Platinum/Bag Boyz and won the FSW Tag Belts from One Percent in October last year. They dropped them in December to One Percent at the FSW Arena in Las Vegas. DP beat RockNES Monsters for the vacant UWN Tag Team Titles before dropping them to Reno  Scum. They’ve also been getting booked elsewhere in California, and arrive in San Francisco to face their familiar foes. Bey and Thompson have really begun to gel as a team.
Speaking of cohesion none can match what Isaacs and Nelson have accomplished since last summer. They hold multiple Tag Team Titles including Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW), and Best of the West (BotW) while recently dropping the DEFY Gold to WARBEAST. One percent is the “Frankenstein” of FSW’s Joe DeFalco, and has made it look easy. Isaacs delivers suplexes and Nelson attacks from the sky. Jorel is adept at disguising his whereabouts and executing offense from multiple angles. This past year they’ve faced Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith & Lance Hoyt), The Rascalz (Zach Wentz & Dezmond Xavier), and more recently SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian).
These two teams are certainly familiar with each other, but they’ve both improved significantly since the last time they faced off in December. Double Platinum is a better team now in 2019 than last year for reasons already explained. A win over Isaacs and Nelson means something and a Bay Area victory could put them into position for even higher profile Tag Team contests.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Omega vs Jericho 2 - You had me at...

To be honest AEW, “you had me at Jericho & Omega Interrupted an Indie show in Georgia last night”. This got me interested, and no I wasn’t that into a Jericho-Omega rematch. Now they have my attention with this one and maybe we’re going to be treated to a good solid build. The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros has been great. They’ve attacked each other multiple times and this was already a SuperFight and
photo:Sportskeeda Omega-Jericho I
now has really good heat behind it. As far as the Cody-Dustin Rhodes thing I’m hoping Jon Moxley interrupts it. Or really anyone else, but mostly Moxley.
The Main Event now gets more interesting and I hope Jericho doesn’t soften up on his podcast so I get to remain in Kayfabe Land for a couple more weeks. One thing about Y2J is even when you hear him on the podcast his heel transformations are so complete you can separate the two. One is the podcast host/Fozzy Lead Singer and the other is this latest Heel character which may be his best at damn near 50. He is without a doubt one of the greatest wrestlers in history and his heel characters don’t disappoint.
Kenny Omega is a terrific talent and was ranked #1 in the PWI 500 when he was the IWGP Champion last year, and now will be under a larger spotlight than ever before in New Japan. How will he perform not just May 25th, but going forward? Some pundits thought his IWGP Title run was less than spectacular sans Pro Wrestling Illustrated, so a great run against Jericho will not only push AEW as they go to Television in the fall but also to prove that Omega can is a Number One on a big stage. Make no mistake about it the “One-Winged Angel” is the Top Guy with AEW but his opponent wants to prove that he is too. There were many critics of Jericho’s WrestleMania match with Kevin Owens *raises hand quietly in the back hoping he isn’t seen. One of them was Vincent Kennedy McMahon which we all witnessed to Owens’ chagrin on his 24/7 show on the WWE Network. One reason I believe Jericho joined AEW was to prove to any doubters that he’s still one of the best. Maybe the WWE Chairman is one of them.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Don't Underestimate WWE...

Photo: @WWE

It’s easy to see why wrestling fans in droves are jumping on the AEW hype train. They’ve signed former WWE stars Chris Jericho, PAC (formerly Neville), Billy Gunn (creative), Dustin Rhodes (Goldust), and the AEW Executive Vice-President Cody. They even brought in the greatest Wrestling commentator of this generation Jim Ross to handle the microphone duties when the bell rings here on May 25th. Since the announcement that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE, it’s been rumored that his previous character Jon Moxley would be going to AEW and returning to the Indie scene. The recent Twitter video of Moxley has drawn all the conspiracy theorists out with a variety of opinions of what’s next. I won’t be truly convinced it’s not a Vince McMahon swerve until I see him elsewhere. If that makes me Alex Jones or Jesse "The Body" Ventura then so be it.
WWE’s ratings have been down and with the FOX deal looming in October the pressure is on Vince, Triple H and the rest of the Merry Men and Women to figure things out before the WWE goes the way of the Titanic. However, as ESPN's Lee Corso says, “Not so fast my friend…”

There were many pundits in the 90’s who were convinced that WWE was on its death bed and Eric Bischoff’s WCW renegades were going to bring down the empire. Umm no. The Atlanta based company imploded, primarily because of poor leadership, lack of direction, Corporate Censors and the pressure WWE brought with the Attitude Era. It’s been written in history what Vince McMahon does when threatened and despite poor ratings, and declining fan interest the WWE may not be too concerned yet. At least in my opinion. The proof isn’t on the WWE.
They don’t have to beat AEW and it’s on the newbies to prove they belong. AEW hasn’t had a live weekly show yet. Their PPV will do amazingly well, but let’s not applaud too soon. How will AEW’s ratings do in particular when their talent is allowed to wrestle elsewhere during the off time? This is important because the enthusiasm to see a wrestler compete on TV you just saw live may not be enticing. The ratings will need to increase over time (obviously) and take a chunk from WWE. Will they be able to keep the stories and matches fresh? Will they avoid the same matches each week? Booking for periodic large shows is different than doing live weekly television.
Photo: @SBNation
Another is that nobody AEW signed from WWE was anyone they wanted to keep. Jericho is still good but he was running above mid-card and who was he really going above on the WWE roster? PAC is good, but far from a big name and paid to stay home until his contract ran out, and even Moxley/Ambrose. I’m not convinced they wanted to keep him either.  Again, WWE didn’t want him. Lastly, they thought so much of Cody Rhodes he became Stardust. We have no idea if the American Nightmare Cody, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks will be able to carry AEW. Being the top guys in ROH or New Japan isn’t the same. So far it’s been a lot of signing of buddies and people they’ve worked with for years. 
To assume the WWE is going to fold or go down easy is just crazy. The McMahons have been promoting fights for a century and there is no reason to bet against them yet.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Depth of the No Limits Division is Limitless...

Photo: @DannyLimelight
This past weekend’s Limitless Tournament in Los Angeles and Las Vegas highlighted the top talent in a deep No Limits Division (205). “Relentless” Douglas James took home the trophy after putting current No Limits Champion Damian Drake to sleep in the Four-Man Elimination Final. The vast
majority of this year’s field compete primarily on the West Coast, but there are several other No Limits grapplers who weren’t in the field and their talent level shows just how deep this division is.
Danny “Limelight” Rivera has won Titles throughout the West Coast and successfully defended his Baja Stars Cruiserweight Title on Night One of the Limitless Tournament in Los Angeles. He's competed in Hollywood and Limelight is ready for a bigger stage and just needs the opportunity against the improved competition. His cousin Gino Rivera has been holding it down from the desert in Arizona as the Arizona State Champion, and out to the Rockies with Rocky Mountain Pro in Colorado. Speaking of Arizona State Champions EJ Sparks was Gino’s main rival in pursuit of the AZ Gold and has defended it against the likes of Brandon Cutler, and new AWF Double Champion WATSON. Sparks has a versatile game and is strong on the mat. He showed a lot of toughness against Cutler in Hollywood kicking out of his finisher 3 Times.
Photo: @prowrestlingaz
EJ Sparks isn’t the only Arizona product making waves. The AWF’s Parada and Phillip Arthur Classic have traded the AWF Unleashed Title back and forth getting over with the FanNation. C-Lassic gets good heat without having to do anything to incite the crowd and "Babygirl" Parada may be the most over Babyface in Peoria right now. Rocketboy Wilson has an unorthodox style which makes him very dangerous. He’s competed in SoCal winning Titles with FIST Combat and has been in hot pursuit of gold in the AWF. 
I certainly expected Las Vegas Star Spyder to be in the Limitless Tourney or at least qualify, but we haven’t seen the Masked Marvel since he lost to current No Limits Champion and “friend” Damian Drake earlier this year. However, Spyder has been busy competing in Arizona, New Orleans w/ Owen Travers, and Florida. FSW’s Shaggy McLovin lost his qualifying match to Ice Williams, but rebounded this weekend in a big way at the Level Up Convention. He won the Versus Pro Wrestling (VPW) Level Up Title winning a Wildcard Battle Royal. Shaggy made his debut as “Sketch” in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood recently and now he has gold as the Skatepark Scumbag keeps improving every time out.